Welcome to the UDS Wiki Page. This page is a workspace for UDS, use it to coordinate stuff. The main UDS page is at: http://uds.ubuntu.com

ATTENTION PLENARY SUBMITTERS: The schedule at UDS can be quite fluid. Please have your talk prepared before you attend UDS, as we might need to move you around on the schedule.

Plenary Submissions



Graphics rendering in Unity

Jay Taoko

Something law related. Smile :)

Amanda Brock

Cloudfoundry Server deployments using Ensemble

Brian Thomason

How OpenStack integrates Launchpad and Continuous Integration

Monty Taylor

Web Testing and Continuous Integration

Corey Goldberg

Collaboration with Debian - a few years later


Something about App Development

Steve George

Ubuntu Community Growth

Jono Bacon

Ubuntu Friendly programme: What it is and how it works

Ara Pulido

Something about Ubuntu One

Stuart Langridge or John Lenton

Ubuntu and UEFI Secure Boot

Jeremy Kerr

OPA, a new compiled web programming language


Overview of user namespaces



See the following page: http://uds.ubuntu.com/tracks/

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