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Key Details


This group is for anyone in the United Kingdom who uses or is interested in some flavour of Ubuntu, whether it's Ubuntu, Kubuntu or any others. This group is for people of all technical abilities from I've-never-heard-of-linux all the way to I'm-an-Ubuntu-Master. Some key items discussed have been.

  • Screencasts - To create effective tutorials detailing routines and procedures a new Ubuntu user may need to know.

  • Ubuntu Buddies - To locate volunteers who are able to commit to mentoring and assisting new users.

  • LUG Awareness - Ensuring that Ubuntu complements and enhances local Linux User Groups.

  • Developer Mentoring - Offering a path for possible new developers to begin to contribute code and ideas to the community.

  • Community Integration - Helping new users to understand what they can achieve and offer within the Ubuntu Community.



  • Screencasts: X-Chat, Update Manager - A series of informative demonstrations available as video tutorials in which new users can gain understanding of the Ubuntu philosophy.

  • BCF Fairs - Increasing awareness of Linux for Human beings by providing information and education about Ubuntu to both visiting members of the public and trade vendors.

  • Expos - Ensuring a constant presence and active contribution of content and materials at national and local technical and business events, the UKteam are maintaining constant awareness of their Local Support Community presence.

  • Education - Promotion of Ethical Software usage within educational establishments.

  • Small and Medium Sized Businesses - Promotion of the value of Ubuntu to Business in the Small and Medium enterprise market.

  • Meetings - A Defined agenda for the integration of Ubuntu LocoTeams within established Linux User Groups in an already establish community, as well as an active online community who meet to discuss UKTeam progress.

  • Disc Duplication - Extending the reach of Shipit and the value of quality production of Ubuntu Marketing materials which enables rapid deployment of current release candidates.

  • Ticket Response - By providing considered and synergistic responses to end user requirements to resolve outstanding tickets.

  • Inclusiveness - Delivering on the open and free exchange of ideas within a community without a defined heterogenous hierarchical structure.


  • Screencasts: X-Chat, Update Manager An excellent stepping stone on getting started on this project and as a result more members have taken part in producing more information and details.

    Screencasts Howto build screencasts

  • BCF Fairs Computer Fairs At the Worthing Computer Fairs Ubuntu CDs are provided to more experienced or second visitors who are interested in an Open Source Desktop.

  • Expos Linux World Expo Saw the first UKTeam outing to the UK Linux community and the next two planned national events are Lugradio Live and Guadec.

  • Education UKTeam/Education Currently a few members are concerned with the education of Tutors and Coursework maintainers over the ethical issues of "encouraged" piracy, and instead are demonstrating Ubuntu as a socially responsible alternative.

  • Small and Medium Sized Businesses Members are responsible for the promotion and usage of Ubuntu within the commercial market and continue to utilise the community to promote a sense of acceptance and value

  • Meetings

    • Linux User Groups Linux User groups within the UK are possibly the liveliest and most active discussed. As a result the Ubuntu UKTeam are keen to ensure a measured and responsible approach to their integration with other groups Loco teams working with other groups

    • Recent IRC Meetings The UKTeam meet twice weekly on IRC to discuss progress and agree direction for the team as can be seen in the recent link which progressed this Approval.

  • Ticket Response


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