UK-specific Hardware Information (for more general information see HardwareSupport).

Please include where and when you bought a particular piece of hardware, and if you know how to do it, include lsusb or lspci -n information for USB and PCI devices. If you're experimenting with something share your ideas at UKTeam/HardwareExperiments.

Products that DO work

Personal Audio/Video Entertainment Devices - OGG compatible

Samsung YH-J70

Samsung YP-U2QB - This is a USB mass storage device and hence works very well under Ubuntu. I (Nickg3) bought mine from Amazon in August 2006. Running lsusb gives the following: Bus 003 Device 005: ID 04e8:5050 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

iRiver IHP-100 Series (iHP-120 and iHP-140) - now known as H100 seires.

iRiver T30 (1GB) - You can get a good deal on eBay. Many only allow you to transfer files to the device through Windows Media Player (they only use Microsoft's proprietary MTP protocol out of the box). However, you can change the firmware by downloading an updater from iRiver and changing to firmware which uses UMS (USB Mass Storage). The updater will only run on Windows, but once you've switched the firmware, the T30 functions just like any other removable USB device.

JVC Car Stereos - play OGG

After some research I have found 1 brand of car stereos that I can confirm support OGG Vorbis format. The JVC range. I have tried the following while on show in Halfords: JVC KD-G721 JVC KD-SH1000

Both of these models allow USB, and played an OGG track from my USB pendrive straight away.


The PC Line W310 is available for £10 from PC World and works out of the box with Ubuntu Dapper Drake 6.06 LTS (using the spca5xx kernel module). This camera is also branded as the Mustek WCAM 300A. A cheap way to try Ekiga!

Philips PCVC740K "Toucam" webcam works well out of the box on ubuntu using the pwc driver

Logitech Quickcam Communicate STX works perfectly out of the box on Ubuntu Feisty

Wireless Networking

Wi-Fi (IEEE802.11a/b/g)

TL-WN510G - TP-Link Wireless PCMCIA 54M 802.11g available on eBay.co.uk. Cheap and cheerful, but works with Dapper straight out of the box.

All Wireless/Wired ADSL Networking Routers will work with Ubuntu as long as you have a compatible network card/ wireless network card. You need to ensure that they have an internal Adsl modem.

Examples of Wireless Networking routers that work with UK ADSL lines include Wanadoo livebox and Netgear DG 834G.

If you are using Cable Broadband(or Homechoice) you need only purchase a standard Ethernet router. In the case of Homechoice, they can provide you a Netgear wireless router which is compatible with ubuntu.

An example of a Wireless/Wired Network router thats works with UK cable Broadband is the Sweex LW140.


The Belkin Bluetooth 33ft/100m USB adapter F8T012UK (£20.30 from Ebuyer) works out of the box and is identified (with lsusb) by vendor/device IDs 0a5c:200a.

GlennjiMason asks: do all bluetooth devices "just work"? dmesg shows only Bluetooth: HCI USB driver ver 2.9 for the above device, which seems generic rather than device specific.

Devices should follow the USB spec for bluetooth devices, some don't but they're uncommon these days. Check Expansys for various cheap dongles.

Products that work after some tweaking

Belkin Wireless G Desktop Network Card (F5D7101uk) - Available for £24.50 from PC World. The card uses a Broadcom chip - which just needs a little bit of work to get working. The Ubuntu wiki has great information here. Also, this forum post includes a great way to get it working without the need to use a command line.

Products that DON'T work

* Hauppauge WinTV Nova-TD-500 - Watch out, this product comes in identical packaging to the Nova-T-500, which works fairly well. Many online retailers (Ebuyer and Lamba Tek, for example) sell the Nova-TD-500 and advertise it as the Nova-T-500. As explained on the LinuxTV wiki, products with the "Diversity" sticker will not work. I (Nickg3) bought a Nova-TD-500 in error from Lambda Tek in July 2007 and had to send it back. However, I also bought a Nova-T-500 from PC World in Croydon shortly afterwards. There were about five left in stock at the time, if anyone is looking for one.

Linux/Ubuntu-friendly Vendors

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