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Meeting summary

LINK: is our agenda for today (AlanBell, 20:01:24)

  • The Chair - review of action items from last meeting
  • Christmas Party
  • Installfest/Nexus 7 Flashparty

LINK: is a possible venue (AlanBell, 20:08:09) ACTION: AlanBell to check with firebox about December availability and set up doodle poll (AlanBell, 20:18:08)

  • CD Distribution

LINK: is how they are being distributed so far (AlanBell, 20:21:04)

LINK: (AlanBell, 20:27:17)

  • The Next Happy Hour(s)

LINK: (AlanBell, 20:41:27)

  • Removing unused team resources

LINK: is there and has a bunch of feeds on it (AlanBell, 20:48:52)

LINK: (AlanBell, 21:00:12)

LINK: (popey, 21:01:18)

ACTION: popey to turn off and leave a static XML file with a "this has been turned off" post in it (AlanBell, 21:02:54)

LINK: (AlanBell, 21:04:30)

ACTION: popey to turn off (AlanBell, 21:07:21)

ACTION: brobostigon to look at doing pisg logs (AlanBell, 21:09:49)

  • The Chair - Any Other Business
  • Date of next meeting.
  • Chair for next meeting

Meeting ended at 21:17:26 UTC.


Action items

  • AlanBell to check with firebox about December availability and set up doodle poll

  • popey to turn off and leave a static XML file with a "this has been turned off" post in it
  • popey to turn off

  • brobostigon to look at doing pisg logs

Action items, by person

  • AlanBell

  • * AlanBell to check with firebox about December availability and set up doodle poll

  • brobostigon
  • * brobostigon to look at doing pisg logs
  • popey
  • * popey to turn off and leave a static XML file with a "this has been turned off" post in it
  • * popey to turn off

People present (lines said)

  • AlanBell (143)

  • popey (32)
  • brobostigon (31)
  • BigRedS (21)
  • czajkowski (20)
  • bigcalm_xoom (10)
  • meetingology (7)
  • einonm1 (4)
  • Jo_ (2)
  • kurtisb (1)
  • SuperEngineer (1)

Full Log

  • 20:00:57 <AlanBell> #startmeeting

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    20:01:01 <AlanBell> evening all

    20:01:12 <brobostigon> evening AlanBell

    20:01:24 <AlanBell> is our agenda for today

    20:01:45 <BigRedS> g'morning

    20:02:04 <AlanBell> everyone sitting comfortably?

    20:02:14 <brobostigon> with beer topup, Smile :)

    20:02:22 <AlanBell> I have an empty coffee

    20:02:26 <brobostigon> Sad :(

    20:02:39 <AlanBell> might sort out a full beer shortly

    20:02:43 <AlanBell> [TOPIC] The Chair - review of action items from last meeting

    20:02:51 <popey> ooh

    20:03:30 <AlanBell> action items from last time related to sorting out happy hours and investigating a Bletchley visit

    20:03:38 <AlanBell> which we didn't get round to sorting out

    20:03:51 <AlanBell> but it would be nice to do that at some point

    20:04:28 <brobostigon> i was thinking, a good day for it, is remembrance day, considering the work that was done there and why.

    20:05:23 <AlanBell> missed that Smile :)

    20:05:31 <brobostigon> yes.

    20:05:43 <AlanBell> anyhow, lets move forward with some other stuff

    20:05:47 <BigRedS> wouldn't there be an expectation that visitors that day are there for a service?

    20:05:57 <AlanBell> [TOPIC] Christmas Party

    20:06:05 <BigRedS> Aha!

    20:06:18 <AlanBell> yay, lets sort out a christmas meetup of some kind

    20:06:21 <AlanBell> what do people want to do?

    20:06:40 <brobostigon> curry night. ?

    20:06:44 <AlanBell> nom 20:06:47 * BigRedS votes pub

    20:06:49 <AlanBell> turkey curry \o/

    20:06:52 <BigRedS> but I normally do...

    20:07:03 <popey> somewhere cheap

    20:07:03 <AlanBell> pub is good

    20:07:28 <AlanBell> now one thing I was contemplating was doing some kind of London based installfest event, followed by pub

    20:07:39 <AlanBell> [TOPIC] Installfest/Nexus 7 Flashparty

    20:07:44 <AlanBell> lets combine these topics

    20:07:53 <BigRedS> flashparty? oo-er

    20:07:55 <AlanBell> or split them up and talk around them Smile :)

    20:08:09 <AlanBell> is a possible venue

    20:08:25 <AlanBell> it is a nice newly decorated cafe, with a downstairs area

    20:08:49 <AlanBell> they are up for doing private events for not much money

    20:09:14 <AlanBell> and that could be a good pre-pub venue for doing geeky stuff

    20:09:33 <BigRedS> good for public transport, too

    20:11:07 <AlanBell> czajkowski: hullo

    20:11:23 <AlanBell> czajkowski had a cool idea about doing a hack and talk kind of event

    20:11:50 <AlanBell> which I thought might work well at as a bit of an installfest/pre-pub geeky thing

    20:11:53 <czajkowski> aye yes

    20:12:00 <czajkowski> but not sure it may happen before december

    20:12:05 <czajkowski> it'd be nice if it did though

    20:12:14 <czajkowski> the idea being they hapen every 3-4 months in different locations

    20:12:27 <AlanBell> so kind of kick it off like that combined with a christmas event, then the hackntalk thing carries on from there

    20:13:07 <czajkowski> nods

    20:13:14 <czajkowski> so maybe 2 talks and a demo

    20:13:26 <czajkowski> folks can tinker away on stuff like take apart AlanBell computers Smile :)

    20:13:26 <AlanBell> yup

    20:13:32 <AlanBell> indeed Smile :)

    20:13:53 <AlanBell> I would be interested in some nexus 7 flashing

    20:14:09 <bigcalm_xoom> It's LUG night and I'm here somehow. Have I missed much?

    20:14:10 <brobostigon> i would be interested in dualbooting,

    20:14:16 <AlanBell> hi bigcalm_xoom

    20:14:31 <bigcalm_xoom> Ello Smile :)

    20:14:57 <AlanBell> so when would be a plausible date to pencil in for such an event?

    20:15:14 <czajkowski> December 7th ?

    20:15:24 <czajkowski> gives enough notice for all involved

    20:15:27 <czajkowski> maybe/

    20:15:28 <AlanBell> can't do that day

    20:15:51 <AlanBell> 14th?

    20:16:19 <czajkowski> work xmas do on the 13th

    20:16:30 <BigRedS> hah, so's ours

    20:16:42 <czajkowski> 2 nights in London good job other half will still be here.

    20:16:45 <bigcalm_xoom> What;s the event?

    20:16:51 <popey> doodle it

    20:16:52 <BigRedS> I've no idea when I'm free/busy in december yet so I can't really help here

    20:16:56 <AlanBell> bigcalm_xoom: geeky stuff, followed by beer

    20:17:00 <bigcalm_xoom> yay

    20:17:10 <czajkowski> also depends on the location and what dates are avilable there

    20:17:13 <AlanBell> popey: good suggestion, if we have some options

    20:17:18 <AlanBell> I can talk to the venue tomorrow

    20:17:19 <czajkowski> maybe check ther and see what is what and then chose from that via doodle?

    20:18:08 <AlanBell> #action AlanBell to check with firebox about December availability and set up doodle poll

    20:18:08 * meetingology AlanBell to check with firebox about December availability and set up doodle poll

    20:19:48 <AlanBell> any other thoughts around that plan?

    20:20:10 <popey> wfm

    20:20:19 <popey> one suggestion

    20:20:26 <popey> actually I will leave it for AOB

    20:20:31 <AlanBell> ok

    20:20:35 <AlanBell> [TOPIC] CD Distribution

    20:20:41 <AlanBell> I have a bunch of CDs

    20:20:44 <AlanBell> of 12.10

    20:21:04 <AlanBell> is how they are being distributed so far

    20:21:21 <AlanBell> I will be passing a box to Alan Cocks at some point soonish

    20:21:29 <AlanBell> need more ways to get them out to people

    20:22:00 <AlanBell> I have so far sent out maybe 6 or so, plus a box of 20 to zleap

    20:22:16 <AlanBell> I get more requests for them from India than from the UK

    20:22:29 <brobostigon> wow, interesting.

    20:23:19 <AlanBell> yeah, I have been trying a bit to encourage the India Loco team to get themselves organised so they can get approved and get a shipment, but that is another issue altogether

    20:23:36 <Jo_> What about getting in touch with local pc/laptop shops?

    20:24:03 <AlanBell> hi Jo_ yes, I would love people to do that!

    20:24:14 <AlanBell> if anyone wants a heap of them for a shop they can certainly have them

    20:24:51 <AlanBell> probably has to be independent shops rather than PC World and other big chains

    20:25:03 <AlanBell> people can sell them too

    20:25:22 <czajkowski> or unis/computer socieies

    20:25:40 <czajkowski> the college down in wales does a massive open source program down there

    20:25:41 <AlanBell> £4.71 in the canonical store

    20:25:42 <kurtisb> putting then on fleabay @ nominal charges to cover the listing costs?

    20:25:46 <BigRedS> problem with shops is they may not like the implication of support

    20:26:14 <AlanBell> I took some 12.04 ones to the London Hackspace

    20:26:53 <Jo_> I will talk to you later about some for the Cardiff hack space

    20:27:03 <AlanBell> excellent

    20:27:17 <AlanBell>

    20:27:20 <AlanBell> interesting

    20:27:43 <czajkowski> yup

    20:27:50 <czajkowski> so they take about 20 students each year to FOSDEM

    20:28:00 <czajkowski> but also their college actively enourages and promotes FOSS

    20:28:06 <czajkowski> in the lectures and methods

    20:28:15 <brobostigon> also, me and mark anc chris, are talking about, meeting up, at that welsh OSS thingie. to do some planning.

    20:28:56 <AlanBell> that is cool, last time I tried to contact Uni computer societies they were all dead

    20:29:37 <einonm1> brobostigon: which welsh OSS thingie is that?

    20:30:59 <brobostigon> einonm1: haciaith.

    20:32:00 <einonm1> Ah,ok. Language stuff?

    20:32:24 <AlanBell> there was a heap of work done on the welsh translation of Ubuntu

    20:32:28 <brobostigon> einonm1: i dont fully understand it, i only have gone by what mark and chris jave told me.

    20:32:56 <AlanBell> it would be really good to get that more known to schools in Wales

    20:33:08 <brobostigon> AlanBell: yep, this is why we need to get together, and do some planning.

    20:33:42 <AlanBell> I would kind of like welsh language teachers (non geeky) to get involved in the ongoing translation effort

    20:33:45 <brobostigon> and are planning a plan, to meetup. and have al;ready done a g+ video thingie.

    20:34:46 <brobostigon> AlanBell: ok, you give chris a shout, and i will make a note, and it can be worked on.

    20:34:54 <AlanBell> will do

    20:35:01 <AlanBell> any other CD distribution ideas?

    20:35:02 <brobostigon> ok, Smile :)

    20:35:44 <AlanBell> ok, moving on

    20:35:46 <AlanBell> [TOPIC] The Next Happy Hour(s)

    20:35:58 <AlanBell> we need more happyness \o

    20:36:32 <AlanBell> does anyone want to have a happy hour near them?

    20:36:41 <popey> yup!

    20:36:43 <popey> Smile :)

    20:36:43 <AlanBell> just needs someone to nominate a pub, and commit to turning up

    20:36:53 <AlanBell> and it can be anywhere you like

    20:37:06 <brobostigon> yes. several ideas, just need to work out viability.

    20:37:52 <AlanBell> I think it would be good to plan one for January

    20:38:34 <AlanBell> London and Surrey are good reliable areas, but it would be good to have them happening further afield

    20:39:42 <brobostigon> i had a couple of places in oxford in mind.

    20:39:57 <AlanBell> I think I will remind the mailing list and various social networky things about the happy hours

    20:40:02 <brobostigon> more research required.

    20:40:08 <AlanBell> oxford would be great

    20:40:14 <AlanBell> also some south coast places

    20:40:21 <AlanBell> and maybe south wales

    20:40:38 <einonm1> how often do the happy hours happen?

    20:40:54 <AlanBell> einonm1: as often as you like Smile :)

    20:40:59 <AlanBell> we were aiming for monthly

    20:41:09 <AlanBell> and bouncing about the country randomly

    20:41:22 <brobostigon> AlanBell: that can maybe be combined with a cymru team, planning meeting, yes.

    20:41:27 <AlanBell>

    20:41:50 <einonm1> AlanBell: thnx

    20:42:20 <AlanBell> there is a map on that page of places we have been so far, I did have thoughts about planning them in such a way as to draw a picture of a bunny or something nsfw on the map

    20:42:59 <AlanBell> but I think that would be a bit too challenging, and I would settle for just lots of points

    20:43:23 <AlanBell> ok, lets go on to the next thing

    20:43:32 <AlanBell> [TOPIC] Removing unused team resources

    20:43:36 <AlanBell> pruning!

    20:43:42 <AlanBell> Added by AlanPope. I propose that we pare down (decommission) our unused or little used community resources which are little-used or provide no additional value to the community or team. This would include (but not be limited to) the Ubuntu UK etherpad, wordpress install on the website, planet ubuntu-uk, irc stats. These would be replaced by a semi-static home page which links to all the places we really do use, including the mailing ...

    20:43:48 <AlanBell> ... list, irc channel and loco directory (for events).

    20:43:58 <AlanBell> any thoughts on pruning our stuff?

    20:43:59 <popey> I have nothing more to add than I put on the wiki and list

    20:44:29 <AlanBell> I went through the wordpress install on and removed all the dated pages

    20:44:41 <bigcalm_xoom> I'm in a agreement

    20:44:59 <AlanBell> so it just has stuff that is timeless and generally works

    20:45:14 <AlanBell> like the map. happy hour, irc links and free cds page

    20:45:16 <BigRedS> yeah, looks good

    20:45:51 <AlanBell> I would be inclined to keep it running wordpress as that is quite flexible and easy

    20:46:05 <AlanBell> just not use it as a blog, but as a simple CMS

    20:46:24 <BigRedS> yeah, seems the least-faff route

    20:46:41 <AlanBell> it was never intended as a blog, but having out of date "event" and "news" stuff there made it look dead

    20:46:47 <brobostigon> and is also easy and simple to maintain and upgrade etc.

    20:47:02 <AlanBell> ok, so other things for the chop

    20:47:21 <AlanBell> anyone really really want to keep:

    20:47:23 <AlanBell> etherpad?

    20:47:44 <BigRedS> that was there in lieu of a 'proper' ubuntu one wasn't it?

    20:47:45 <AlanBell> (I kind of like it)

    20:48:05 <AlanBell> it was BigRedS

    20:48:23 <popey> which now exists, Daviey runs and has said he wants to shut it down

    20:48:52 <AlanBell> is there and has a bunch of feeds on it

    20:49:04 <AlanBell> it is the old branding and should be updated or binned really

    20:49:11 <popey> i propose bin

    20:49:28 <AlanBell> the main site is for Ubuntu members it is mildly interesting that we can run a uk planet for anyone

    20:49:36 <BigRedS> do the logs suggest anybody is downloading the feed?

    20:49:52 <AlanBell> however I am not entirely convinced we need a "UK" focused reading list

    20:50:03 <brobostigon> i have both in rss, on GReader.

    20:50:08 <popey> i haven't checked the logs tbh

    20:50:51 <bigcalm_xoom> Is the pad open source?

    20:51:09 <popey> yes, its etherpad

    20:51:11 <AlanBell> bigcalm_xoom: it is, and that is an old version based on java, the new one is node.js

    20:51:26 <bigcalm_xoom> Good to know, thanks

    20:51:34 <popey> -rw-r

1 www-data adm 470K Nov 14 20:49 access_log

  • 20:51:36 <BigRedS> wow. from one bad idea to a worse one...

    20:51:36 <popey> -rw-r

1 www-data adm 669K Nov 11 05:36 access_log.1

  • 20:51:39 <popey> so not many hits

    20:52:06 <AlanBell> looks like the only person blogging on this month who isn't on is liam proven

    20:52:47 <AlanBell> oh and possibly Michael Wood (X3N)

    20:53:10 <brobostigon> sparse thrn.

    20:53:14 <bigcalm_xoom> I'm not on, yet I do appear on the u-u one now and then. just not a big blogger

    20:53:15 <popey> the planet currently kills the box when it runs

    20:53:59 <BigRedS> just nice it into oblivion Smile :)

    20:54:50 <AlanBell> ok, how about I have a look for a wordpress plugin that does something interesting with the list of feeds it has

    20:54:52 <popey> no, it OOMs

    20:54:53 <AlanBell> then we turn it off

    20:55:05 <BigRedS> oh

    20:55:06 <popey> meh

    20:55:09 <popey> I'd just kill it

    20:55:27 <popey> nobody posts to it, nobody reads it, it consumes time and resources to maintain

    20:55:48 <BigRedS> yeah, I'd go for binning it

    20:59:01 <bigcalm_xoom> Can't say I've ever read it

    20:59:28 <bigcalm_xoom> I do like to see the notifications in irc though

    21:00:12 <AlanBell>

    21:00:35 <AlanBell> ok, that has saved the list of people on it in case we want to do something with that

    21:00:43 <AlanBell> lets turn it off

    21:00:59 <popey> the list was already saved on the wiki Smile :)

    21:01:06 <AlanBell> true

    21:01:15 <AlanBell> maybe a final post to it, or something in the xml to say it is turned off rather than broken?

    21:01:18 <popey>

    21:01:41 <popey> we can make it a static xml page

    21:02:16 <AlanBell> cool

    21:02:27 <popey> gimmie an action to do that

    21:02:54 <AlanBell> #action popey to turn off and leave a static XML file with a "this has been turned off" post in it 21:02:54 * meetingology popey to turn off and leave a static XML file with a "this has been turned off" post in it

    21:03:27 <AlanBell> irc stats doesn't get looked at

    21:04:12 <AlanBell> I can't even remember the URL for it

    21:04:21 <brobostigon> i have an irc stats thingie, on my server, so could modify it, for out stats.

    21:04:23 <SuperEngineer> I hope someone will remember to notify the "Ubuntu Podcast from the UK LoCo (feed)" people Smile :)

    21:04:30 <AlanBell>

    21:04:52 <popey> its in the /topic of #ubuntu-uk

    21:04:56 <AlanBell> "AlanBell is either insane or just a fair op, kicking a total of 1 people!"

    21:05:04 <popey> again, nobody looks at it

    21:05:48 <brobostigon> i do, Smile :)

    21:05:57 <BigRedS> I do, too

    21:06:02 <BigRedS> but it stopped updating ages ago didn't it?

    21:06:18 <BigRedS> " Statistics generated on Sunday 26 August 2012 - 22:55:06 "

    21:06:23 <popey> see

    21:06:26 <brobostigon> wow.

    21:06:43 <AlanBell> lets just turn it off then Smile :)

    21:06:53 <popey> action me up

    21:07:01 <popey> if someone else wants to make a stats thing, knock yourself out

    21:07:09 <AlanBell> I would kind of like someone to do some interesting data mining of all of

    21:07:21 <AlanBell> #action popey to turn off

    21:07:21 * meetingology popey to turn off

    21:07:32 <AlanBell> is there anything else to prune?

    21:07:47 <brobostigon> i have functioning pisg on my server, so could run it, ?

    21:08:06 <AlanBell> brobostigon: sure, and if you want to send a bot into the channel to do that then fine

    21:08:27 <brobostigon> AlanBell: it runs atm, directly from my irssi logs.

    21:08:37 <AlanBell> ok, great

    21:08:42 <AlanBell> brobostigon is the bot Smile :)

    21:08:47 <brobostigon> Smile :)

    21:09:07 <brobostigon> AlanBell: ok, let me set that up, and give you a shout.

    21:09:49 <AlanBell> #action brobostigon to look at doing pisg logs 21:09:49 * meetingology brobostigon to look at doing pisg logs

    21:10:13 <AlanBell> [TOPIC] The Chair - Any Other Business

    21:10:17 <AlanBell> popey: you had something?

    21:11:55 <popey> no, I'll bring it up on the list

    21:12:16 <AlanBell> anything else from anyone?

    21:12:43 <brobostigon> nope

    21:13:06 <AlanBell> [TOPIC] Date of next meeting.

    21:13:30 <AlanBell> probably January really

    21:14:15 <AlanBell> I think we had the meetings too frequently and ended up with nothing to discuss and stopped for too long

    21:14:28 <AlanBell> how about Wednesday 9th January?

    21:15:36 <AlanBell> in the absence of any disent . . .

    21:15:49 <AlanBell> #agreed Wednesday 9th January as the date of the next meeting

    21:15:53 <brobostigon> sounds good. thursdays are a no go, beer and quiz and curry night,

    21:16:02 <AlanBell> [TOPIC] Chair for next meeting

    21:16:23 <AlanBell> any volunteer? or shall we pick on someone nearer the time?

    21:17:11 <popey> sure, I'll do it

    21:17:22 <AlanBell> #agreed popey to chair the next meeting

    21:17:26 <AlanBell> #endmeeting

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