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Ubuntu-UK Marketing Team

The Ubuntu-UK Marketing Team consists of volunteer members of ubuntu-uk concentrating on marketing Ubuntu within the UK. There is a launchpad page organising current activities here:

Making sure that you're registered with the ubuntu-uk-marketing group on launchpad will ensure that you are emailed when any new information is added to projects.

Copy for publications

This page is for storing text for an article for local magazines. Feel free to use it for submission to your own local magazine.



Linux World London 2006

Software Freedom Day

Software Freedom Day is on 16 September 2006. Take a look to see if your area is represented. If not, and you feel like doing anything for it - no matter how small-scale - why not create a page on SFD for your area! Sometime soon they will be accepting requests for promotional materials.

LUGRadio Live

Contact: JohnLevin

LUGRadio Live is on 22-23 July 2006.

Obtaining CDs to Hand Out

  • TheOpenCD - Windows Free/Open Source Software

  • Ubuntu ShipIt - Request Dapper compact discs and have them shipped to you for free. Requires launchpad registration.

Draft List of Locations for Install/Launch/Webcast/Podcast Parties


  • Active Internet Connection

London (Outside Congestion Zone)


Location Type


Nearest Tube

Internet Connection




Finchley Road

Finchley Road



Please feel free to add to this list!

Task List

  • Creation/obtaining of Ubuntu 6.06 Marketing Powerpoint presentation/video in order to use as valuable sales tool. If there isn't any available from Ubuntu, we should start creating the text and layout here--> UKUbuntuPresentation.

GeemanUK: Btw guys listen to this- perfect backing track to any video/presentation about ubuntu..

SteveSmith: Cool music, is it free content? As in, are we allowed to add it to something and re-upload it? Also the Nelson Mandella video that comes up on the live CD might be quite good to show some of the spirit behind Ubuntu.

GeemanUK: I think its a creative common license so we are all ok to put it in presentations etc. Ubuntu has some presentations on the wiki already here: We should look to create our own one, however these should serve as a good basis. Please can you guys look through them and decide which would be the most appropriate to use for sending to press and which would be most appropriate for marketing to education authorities.

SteveSmith: By sending to press, do you mean as in sending out press-release type things? If so, is a presentation really the best thing? Wouldn't a single A4 sheet be more appropriate?

GeemanUK: A single A4 sheet is only part of the equation. With Press Releases you always have supporting material. Most reporters, will usually need more information. I think if we create a localised UK version of the presentation, it will be really useful to getting the point accross to them.

SteveSmith: Ah, I see. Still, would a busy reporter really bother putting a disc in a computer or would it be better for that "presentation" to be paper-based?

GeemanUK: Lets give them the following options: 1. Paper based(or PDF download) 2. Cd Based(may incure shipping charges, so no sure) 3. Hosted on website in flash(I have software that turns powerpoint into flash) 4. Google video hosted on googles site:(I can turn ppt into avi and upload) We only need one powerpoint paper presentation and can generate the rest from it really easily.

SteveSmith: I like the idea of web-based: e-mail them the link and it's there, and I think that is what we're doing with UKTeam/GetUbuntu. I'm not a big fan of Flash; beautiful as it can be, if you haven't got the plug-in you see nothing, it eats bandwidth and correct me if I'm wrong but screenreaders will read nothing for it! Despite my (possibly unhealthy :-P ) obsession with Google I'm not convinced Google Video is the way to go; if we have too many multiple formats of the same file then if we want to change anything we'll have to be careful to keep everything up to date. If we create an OpenDocument factsheet that we can print, with the same information as UKTeam/GetUbuntu but formatted nicely for paper. Word-processed would be best in my view; presentations are meant for full-screens and as such don't read as well and look as good squashed onto paper.

GeemanUK: Steve - Agree with Flash point.... Like the web idea. We will stick to web based with download capability so they can "copy and paste if required!" Agree with word processing however it must be in word -compatible format Look at the UKUbuntuPresentation page, I have looked at some other presentations and added some brainstorming ideas in. Please can you (or anyone contribute) I would love to have the presentation done and dusted before 20 July 2006.

SteveSmith: Sounds good to me! I'm busy this week so will look at presentation when I get the chance. Why don't we create in OpenDocument, storing it on here for anyone in the UKTeam to modify, but then publish it to the world at large as a PDF? Anyone can open it, copy and paste it, but can't accidentally change anything in it.

SteveSmith: I just realised - I've never actually asked what you're planning to do with it once it's made! Send it off to newspapers etc, or have it as a resource ready for when we need it, or what? I've had a thought - what about the first part being a non-techinical part (with everything needed for popular media), with all the details about Debian, etc. in a technical details part afterwards; that way it won't confuse/put people off.

  • Find at least 5 seperate places we can use to host webcast/podcast/launch/press parties.

GeemanUK: Come on guys there must be some places: we can find! Ask your local when you are next in for a pint!!!

SteveSmith: Could you give more details of what you invisage for these parties? Are we really at the stage where we can be making webcasts, etc? Wonderful as that would be in the longrun!

GeemanUK: Agreed, we are a long way away. However it is useful to have the contacts ready for when we do reach the stage. Have a look at the section regarding install parties/launch parties on the wiki.

SteveSmith: Could you post a link, I can't find it.

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