Meeting Guidelines

The Ubuntu Code of Conduct will apply throughout all meetings.

The agenda will be prepared in advance and can be found on the wiki at

The minutes of the last meeting will be available at

All attendees should familiarise themselves with the agenda in advance - please do not add agenda items to the meeting while it is in progress.

The first item on the agenda will be a review of action points from the previous meeting, or carried forward from earlier meetings, this topic will always be assigned to the chair. The chair will paste in each action point (starting with the [PROGRESS REPORT] command) and the person assigned the action can report progress. If someone else has been delegated to speak on behalf of the assignee then they may do so. Other people should not speak at this time unless the chair calls for an open discussion.

The meeting is divided into various topics, these will be announced during the meeting by the chair pasting in the topic line from the agenda.

The agenda is in a wiki, anyone with a Launchpad account can edit it and add items, please do add anything you want to discuss. Agenda items should follow this format

[TOPIC] nick - subject

  • Opening statement
  • [LINK] optional links to more information
  • [ACTION] optional proposed actions
  • [VOTE] optional proposed votes - "This LoCo believes that . . . "

The chair will paste in the topic (putting the IRC nick in the topic highlights the person who proposed the topic), then the person responsible for the topic will paste in their opening statement and may say other things. Interruptions during this time are bad form and are unlikely to be responded to. When the proposer indicates they have completed their introduction of the topic (which might be very short) there will be an open discussion, which the chair may call to a close by assigning actions or calling a vote. The text of actions and votes are to be decided by the chair during the meeting, they do not have to be the same as the proposed actions and votes from the agenda.

The chair may use the [AGREED] command to record the consensus of opinion without the need for a vote.

Topic Changes

  • As soon as the next topic is announced all discussion of the previous topic should cease.
  • If you are in the middle of typing something when the topic change happens you may complete what you are saying in a single line and have your final word on the topic.
  • Do not respond to other people after the topic has changed. If you respond to someone talking after the topic change, or if you say more than one line after the topic change, then you must have started typing it after the topic closed.
  • The chair should try to ensure that everyone is satisfied that the topic is fully discussed before moving on, but ultimately the judgement call of when to move on is the responsibility of the chair.
  • Discussions may continue after the end of the meeting.

Private Messaging

You may /msg the chair at any time during the meeting without asking in channel first. Avoid having private discussions with others during the meeting because it causes confusion.


The minutes of the meeting will be collected from the Mootbot logs and a minutes page added to the wiki along with a copy of the agenda of the meeting. Actions carried forward should be added to the next agenda.

The redirect at should be pointed at the new minutes page and the chair should email the link to the minutes to the mailing list.

The date of the next meeting should be set at should be updated with the link to the minutes moved down to the previous meetings section and a link to the new minutes added (which will be an empty page at this point.)

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