This is the Second meeting of the UKTeam and the first online meeting of the UKTeam. This meeting was called by NikButler to focus on the ApprovalApplication and its completion subsequent to its presentation to the Community Council on the 17th. The Meeting Agenda is below and the guide for IRC Meetings is suggested also.


To Aid with Attendance in and IRC log it may suffice to enter present at the start of the meeting to ensure we are all clear who is online and paying attention. However we had 33 members during the meeting and those involved actively were mentioned below in the logs.


  • UK Team Approval


  • The discussion covered various aspects of Approval though specifically the Projects and Achievements areas were under consideration and to this end the application has now been updated to reflect comments in the logs. The meeting concluded at 22.30 and was accepted as satisfactorily completed by those involved. A date was agreed and amended to the IRC topics for the future meeting of the Team.

Any Other Business

  • Following up on the Approval Application , success or failure.
  • Linking and Catogorisation of Wiki Links
  • Better formatting and notification fo Project pages

Guide Lines

The chairman of the meeting should endeavour to ensure that key points are discussed in an appropriate time. Key Topics from the Agenda should be tabled in the channel using a market such as [ TOPIC ] or * TOPIC * Followed by the agenda item. Where Suggestions or Ideas are put forward and considered as acceptable to the group then it should be noted by the Chairman as [ IDEA ] or * IDEA * . Where a concept is discussed and agreed the use of [ AGREED ] or * AGREED * should be defined by the chairman and should signify the topic is discussed and the meeting is to move on. Be clear on the channel when the meeting is conculuded and how and when the minutes will be posted.


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<LoudMouthMan> here we go https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UkTeam/MeetingNotes/20061113Meeting?action=show
<LoudMouthMan> thats the basic agenda and guidelines for people .
*** LoudMouthMan changes topic to "Welcome to #ubuntu-uk! | Edgy Upgrade: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EdgyUpgrades | FAQ: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CommonQuestions | Home: http://www.ubuntu-uk.org | https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/Gallery/Members add your picture | https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UkTeam/MeetingNotes/20061113Meeting meeting in progress"
<LoudMouthMan> Right good evening everyone its 9.30 and before we all get rolling on this meeting , can I ask that if you have any other points that you either 1) add them to the wiki page or 2) msg me privately. will the be okay and clear for everyone ?
<LoudMouthMan> finally if we have any latecomers or new members who drop in on the meeting lets jus let them know that we will get to them asap.
<LoudMouthMan> so if this is okay can we begin, ? i guess a yes/okay/yep is useful here.
<dsas> lets roll
<mafitzpatrick> yup
<anti-net_> Yes
<binary2k2> yep
<LoudMouthMan> oh and can others please log this in case something fscks up on my end <grin>
<anti-net_> I am logging
<binary2k2> don't LoCoBot log?
<LoudMouthMan> Well as you know we had a great show at the Linux World Expo and that Jono is keen to see the UK join the list of Approved Teams.
<LoudMouthMan> binary2k2 .. probably but lets keep this easy <Grin>
<LoudMouthMan> Now I was suprised to admit that I thougth Jono would be in charge and it turns out his in charge of all things Locoteam world wide.
<LoudMouthMan> So its up to us to produce something which enables Jono to take a fair and measured view of the proposal of the UKTeam to become approved.
<popey> ola
<LoudMouthMan> I have already asked Melissa Draper to assist in mentoring and I have read a few other applications and lets just say that whilst we have the experience in the group we just need to write about it more.
<LoudMouthMan> So . Id like to hand this over to every one to talk about the following
<LoudMouthMan> [ TOPIC ]
<LoudMouthMan> UK Team Approval , what do we need to add to experience and what can be demonstrated that we can add. Should we add more to the road map ?
<LoudMouthMan> so . over to the channel for the next 10 minutes... can we talk about experience and what could be added ? I'll keep the timer running and keep notes.
<LoudMouthMan> over to you !
<mafitzpatrick> Is it possible to see other teams applications, or was this a one-off privelege?
<mafitzpatrick> (P.S. Thanks for the intro)
<LoudMouthMan> it is possible, but I lost those likes. It wasnt clear as to the "position" on that though.
<LoudMouthMan> s/likes/links/
<popey> personally I don't think we need bother with other loco teams applications
<popey> our application will stand on its own merit
<mafitzpatrick> I agree, it's more than I'm not entirely clear at this point /what/ we should be including in an application. It's more a question of form over content.
<dsas> mafitzpatrick: They're on the wiki, search for ApprovalApplication
<LoudMouthMan> but this is the example that Jono holds up as a standard [ https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam ]
<popey> I think we should put forward what we have done honestly and see what happens
<gord> I have always thought that we are in a unique position as the uk team, not so much about the standard translating and grass roots promotion that other teams go though, more of the promotion to businesses and getting open standards out there in the wild (like at the bbc). is there anything we can show off in that direction?
<popey> ok, so copy/paste that and modify to suit?
<mafitzpatrick> Perhaps a list of achievements to date - much in the same way that we have plans for the future?
<popey> agreed
<LoudMouthMan> so. Merits/Evidence of Deliveryand Achievements.
<mafitzpatrick> I guess we have this in one format currently with the Projects list on the current wiki (although this could be perhaps be tidied up to hilight active & productive projects vs. ideas). Things such as the current screencasting are highly valuable & real group achievements, coming out of a collaborative team effort.
<gord> it might be nice to see more detail in our plans for the future as well, right now we just have a general description on the wiki with people assigned (or not) to it. what about having the people that are assigned to different plans giving a brief report on what they have done and how they plan to achieve the rest?
<mafitzpatrick> As you say gord, the BBC stuff is all good. Even down to letters people have published making FLOSS a talked-about subject in the media.
<mafitzpatrick> When you start thinking about it, there really has been a lot of action in various places. All that (however small) should be shouted about.
<mafitzpatrick> Good point gord. I think the current "projects" are that in little more than name at the moment. A sort of thing that is being done.
<mafitzpatrick> * rather than a more defined thing (I realise that made no sense)
<mafitzpatrick> Is the Wiki the main point for organising this (vs. the website)?
<LoudMouthMan> okay so ten minutes ( about ) and what we are considering is .Projects and Evidence of Achievements.
<LoudMouthMan> mafitzpatrick : yes I would like to think so .
<LoudMouthMan> the wiki is the best point for the team so far.
<popey> best "point"?
<LoudMouthMan> so if I can I would like to break down the topics
<popey> best achievement?
<LoudMouthMan> heeh mi getting there
<mafitzpatrick> Good, good. ("best point of contact?")
<popey> ah
<mafitzpatrick> Go ahead.
<LoudMouthMan> so We need to discuss two things I feel 1) Projects as Experience and things we are doing.
<LoudMouthMan> then .
<LoudMouthMan> 2 ) Achievements and results as they relate to those project.
<LoudMouthMan> in turn this creates the Experience page better.
<LoudMouthMan> at this point I realise it gives me more to put into the Application and it shows our contribution to the English wiki which is a LocoTeam thing to do.
<LoudMouthMan> so . lets break this down before we put it back to gether if I can.
<LoudMouthMan> [ TOPIC ] Projects. Can we/people here/ please consider the Projects on our Wiki and any other projects they feel that should be added and discuss them here for the next 5 minutes ?
<LoudMouthMan> over to you .. cheers
<mafitzpatrick> Well, taking the first on the list (LinuxWorldExpo). There is an opporunity there for write-up/reflection of the event. In effect that is now on hold til next year(?) and it would be good to show we've learnt something from the event.
<anti-net_> I think Education is a good way to go, mainly becuase of my fushtrations of having to use closed applications, and the legal issue, At my college piracy is encoured due to the high price of applicatons, it is a great area to bring Open Source (imo)
<popey> LWE taught is that there is a great value in talking to the public
<popey> answering questions
<popey> and giving out CDs
<mafitzpatrick> Get that on the Wiki! heh.
<dsas_> Personally I've ordered a few cds hoping to give them out to the linux advocating lecturers to hand out in their programming classes.
<dsas_> Not sure whether or not that counts as something for the future.
<anti-net_> dsas_, i did the same, tho some got used as frisbies :(
<mafitzpatrick> It's stuff like this that I think is worth noting on the Wiki where possible - if it comes from the group. I guess we also need to include explicit encouragement to request support from the group in doing this. Information / experience sharing again.
<LoudMouthMan> okay .. so anymore Projects.. ?
<gord> perhaps another project might be to educate small businesses on the virtues of floss and obviously ubuntu, along with getting floss in education I have always felt that for floss to get into every day use it has to be used by the small businesses, dropping their reliance on the overly expensive (for them) proprietary software
<mafitzpatrick> There is the Screencasting / How-to making that is going on a lot now (a big plus for us I feel)
<anti-net_> how about trying to get a UK-based PC vendor to sell PC with Ubuntu pre-installed, Just an idea off the stop of my head
<mafitzpatrick> Now *that* would be an achievement
<AdamBagnall> already done, www.linuxemporium.co.uk
<LoudMouthMan> okay .. any more ?
<gord> they are mostly locked into microsoft, but talking to the government about the issue might help (talk to your local mp) and talking to the smaller local pc shops
<mafitzpatrick> Should we be concentrating on current achievements at this point (creating application) or is listing ideas acceptable for this?
<LoudMouthMan> both
<gord> also shouldn't the ? next to the localisation project get resolved? ie: who's doing what?
<mafitzpatrick> Media Coverage is a worthy goal (as a means to an end, rather than end in itself). I remember someone on the list had success there.
<apokryphos> nice
<LoudMouthMan> gord before I cal ltime can you expand on that please ? and matfitzpatick i think thats very important inthe uk especially ..
<dsas_> the localisation for commonwealth english is being done by the ubuntu-l10n-gb team on LP
<dsas_> as far as I know, no-one is handling welsh
<LoudMouthMan> okay so .. next point . and thanks for the points above . I will use the projects page
<LoudMouthMan> specifically pointing to LWE/Edu/SME
<gord> the welsh localisation LoudMouthMan, its flagged as active but has a ? next to the members, for someone who might want to for example help they wouldn't know who to contact
<LoudMouthMan> gord. okay so lets add that to roadmap [ IDEA ] and see if we can find a Welsh Ubuntu advocate.
<LoudMouthMan> so onwards
<LoudMouthMan> [ TOPIC ] Achievements, reflecting on the previous point what can we point to as achievements either fromthe projects or as indivdual contributions.
<LoudMouthMan> we have 5 minutes no this again <grin>
<gord> the screencasts obviously, might be worth a mention for the mailing list as an avenue of support for some people
<mafitzpatrick> LinuxWorld2005, Screencasting, How-tos, Media Coverage, LUG involvement (ISTR)
<mafitzpatrick> That's true - I think we're fairly welcoming for a mailing list.
<LoudMouthMan> can I ask if anyone can be more specific to post here on on the wiki then , cheers. .Nik the lazy.
<AdamBagnall> T-shirt signing for children in need
<LoudMouthMan> [IDEA] can we be more supportive of a charity or 5 ? .. discuss later in any other points.
<mafitzpatrick> I think it's difficult to pick a particular charity to focus on, although we could choose 1 per year I guess. I am in favour of something sort of related to what we're doing but with a human edge.
<LoudMouthMan> mafitzpatrick.. okay but lets save that for later .
<mafitzpatrick> Oh sorry. I didn't see the discuss later :)
<LoudMouthMan> no worries.. any other achievements.. ?
<popey> the support tickets?
<LoudMouthMan> good point .. please .. give me more to eloborate onin the text though.
<mafitzpatrick> Looking through the lists I see lots of helping people (is that what you're referring to popey?)
<gord> I think the formation of a lively community willing to help is an achievement worth mentioning, we ain't just 5 people and a dog
<mafitzpatrick> LMM I'll help to expand on any of this text after meeting is over if you want? Pad things out where possible.
<popey> members of ubuntu-uk take time to answer support tickets via launchpad ?
<mafitzpatrick> gord: Good point.
<dsas_> maybe it's worth adding next to the "irc details" the fact that we usually have 20 people minimum idling?
<LoudMouthMan> popey , cheers, any links maybe .. heehehh
<mafitzpatrick> I didn't know that you could use support tickets on launchpad. Hm. Most is mailing list - perhaps we could do more using launchpad though. (Q for later: Can you assign credit to the team or individually?)
<mafitzpatrick> https://launchpad.net/support has launchpad support tickets it seems!
<LoudMouthMan> [ IDEA ] Screencast : where to post your buglist or problems to get the best response .
<LoudMouthMan> [ IDEA ] mafitzparick suggested can team credits be assigned ?
<dsas_> mafitzpatrick: No.
<LoudMouthMan> okay so .. 10 mintues is up ... and blimey
<LoudMouthMan> I can see from those 20 minutes we can run up 2 pages of stuff just to talk about in terms of experiences.
<popey> LoudMouthMan: https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+tickets
<popey> is the ticket system
<dsas_> mafitzpatrick: LP support stuff is all individuals.
<LoudMouthMan> dsas _ idling ? please elborate, popey thanks ,
<popey> https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+topcontributors shows dsas and me in the top 10 of contributors
<popey> :)
<LoudMouthMan> Popey ... showoff.. I KNOW .. .
<LoudMouthMan> anyway moving on.
<popey> well, you did ask
<LoudMouthMan> before we head towards 10 mins...
<LoudMouthMan> can I ask is there any other business.. please put it forwards as [IDEA]then your business. I'll allow 2mins
<LoudMouthMan> go.
<mafitzpatrick> [IDEA] Rearranging Wiki to clarify information available / what is being done
<mafitzpatrick> [IDEA] List achievements more clearly on Project pages (e.g. list of Screencasts, articles/letters in media)
<popey> [IDEA] Audit all our pages so we can easily link to them
<dsas_> to expand on popeys idea, just pop everything into CategoryUKTeam to keep everything indexed.
<LoudMouthMan> okay well those Ideas will be notes and tabled for the next meeing along with any outstaning actions of this meeting. thank you guys. really . thank you .,
<anti-net_> no problem :-)
<LoudMouthMan> so . the next meeting online well be 27th November 2006 and in thislocation.


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