This is the third meeting of the UKTeam, starting at 21:30 GMT and finishing at 22:32 GMT


To Aid with Attendance in and IRC log it may suffice to enter present at the start of the meeting to ensure we are all clear who is online and paying attention. However we had 37 members (including sleepers and bots) during the meeting and those involved actively were mentioned below in the logs.

Chaired and generally Co-Erced by NikButler


Feel free to add your own agenda items but please attend the meeting if you do.

  • UKTeam approval position, reported by NikButler

  • UKTeam Local Loco meetings : Are these working
  • Project lists on Main page, activity monitoring and prune or preen.
  • Ubuntu Buddies.
  • Wiki and IRC and Maillist awareness
  • Charity Work


Approval Application. Nik Butler informed the team that the Community Council meeting had been postponed and that the Approval Application would be delayed until the next meeting of the community Council. A brief discussion about Ubuntu member candidates was put forward and discussed later in the meeting. it was agreed however that a number of existing UKTeam members would commit to the process of becoming a Ubuntu Member and that this would be journaled on the Wiki.

UKTeam Loco Local Meetings In general the Loco Team for the UK has been meeting online for several weeks and the concept of localised, county based Loco team meetings has not progressed. AlanPope has provided a clear list of LUGs and Communities in the UK to which UkTeam members can affiliate themselves as a Ubuntu UKTeam contact within that community. This also serves the purpose of working with other groups.

Projects on the Main Page. The UKTeam main page has been a work in progress and has at every moment matched the requirements for information and community communication. as the UKTeam are now coming together and focusing on results it was agreed to split the project page into Longterm and Current ( Short ) term projects. Short Term projects which have a defined goal such as ApprovalApplication, UbuntuMembers, Education write to your MP would be better suited to the front page. Long term or completed projects would be pushed to second page and available as a link from the main site. DeanSas suggested a number of activities to help promote awareness and actions within those projects which appear to be stagnant.

Ubuntu Buddies The concept of a defined role in which a UKTeam member provides support or mentoring to a completely new Ubuntu user was considered redundant since much support is already provided in many areas, which was further discussed below.

Wiki, IRC and Mail list Awareness Increasing awareness of where the UKTeam can be located and enabling new users and members to get co-ordinated and directed support is a concern. A few new members in the meeting expressed that locating the Team was not one step process. AlanPope recommended using graphical pins on forums, mail lists and blogs to provide a clear indication of where UKTeam are and where help and support and direction can be gained. NikButler and DeanSas both discussed re-approaching the developers to get Loco Team contact sections stored in System->Help.

Charities. Following the success of the Auction for the Tshirt and Book it was agreed that we should have a clear minimum list of support charities for which money can be raised and donated as part of UKTeam activities. It was agreed that this needs to be discussed fully on the Mailing list and X3N and DeanSas are looking at voting mechanisms. NikButler will arrange with X3n and DeanSas and AlanPope to define a clear structure with which such decisions can formalised given the free form nature of this community.

The Meeting concluded with the agreement that Charities would be on the agenda for the next meeting which will be at 21.30hrs on 19th December 2006.

Any Other Business

Guide Lines

The chairman of the meeting should endeavour to ensure that key points are discussed in an appropriate time. Key Topics from the Agenda should be tabled in the channel using a market such as [ TOPIC ] or * TOPIC * Followed by the agenda item. Where Suggestions or Ideas are put forward and considered as acceptable to the group then it should be noted by the Chairman as [ IDEA ] or * IDEA * . Where a concept is discussed and agreed the use of [ AGREED ] or * AGREED * should be defined by the chairman and should signify the topic is discussed and the meeting is to move on. Be clear on the channel when the meeting is concluded and how and when the minutes will be posted.


21:31:27  <LoudMouthMan> Well Im LoudMouthMan, NikButler and I sort of set the Date for this Meeting so if we all present and accounted lets begin.
21:32:08  <LoudMouthMan> [TOPIC] Approval Application.
21:32:23  <LoudMouthMan> We submitted the application https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/ApprovalApplication/ to Jono back onthe 13th .
21:32:26  *** tsmithe is now known as tsmithe-afk
21:32:45  *** frederific is now known as frederific_
21:32:55  <LoudMouthMan> Since then the Ubuntu Communit Council cancelled its meeting of the 17th and we dont know when the next one is due ( as of 17:00 tonight that was ! )
21:33:43  <LoudMouthMan> I am aware than the Canonical/Ubuntu Interface is changing and uprgading/updating many aspects of the community interface and so believe we are currently waiting on that to complete.
21:33:49  <LoudMouthMan> in the meanwhile
21:34:45  <LoudMouthMan> [SUGGESTOIN]   can those of us not Ubuntu Members whom would be suitable candidates arrange to discuss / plan applications, and who in the group is a Ubuntu Member ?
21:34:56  <LoudMouthMan> theres 5 minutes for this : please discuss.
21:35:03  <LoudMouthMan> oh and is someone logging please ?
21:35:11  <popey> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NewMemberHowto is useful here
21:35:24  <dsas> LoudMouthMan: The logs are autologged by LoCoBot
21:35:39  <LoudMouthMan> cool well okay .
21:36:07  <dsas> I dunno whether or not I would be suitable. I'm a member of the QA team, have submitted some doc patches and wibble on in here.
21:36:28  <dsas> LoudMouthMan: You're an obvious candidate to go for membership though.
21:36:44  * LoudMouthMan blushes...
21:36:46  <popey> i am planning mine too
21:37:01  <LoudMouthMan> smiffeh would you liekto repeat yuor question to me here as well ?
21:37:09  <X3N> is this membership of the ubuntu team it's self ?
21:37:14  <LoudMouthMan> popey and dsas are to me candiates as well.
21:37:19  <Smiffeh> by ubuntu members, do you mean like the ones who can post on the main planet and stuff?
21:37:36  <dsas> Smiffeh: Yes.
21:37:37  <popey> "Membership of the Ubuntu community means recognition of a significant and sustained contribution to Ubuntu and the Ubuntu community. Contributions in all areas are welcome, from support to advocacy, from programming to artwork and documentation, from LoCoTeams activities to core packaging."
21:37:45  <LoudMouthMan> I believe so Smiffeh it gives you access to the planet ( lug radio comments aside ) and other internal launchpad perks...
21:38:12  <dsas> Smiffeh: You get to vote for the community council, and some other perks too. It's just a recognition of your contribution to Ubuntu.
21:38:33  <LoudMouthMan> so [ SUGGESTION] should one of our projects be the progression of core UKTeam individuals towards Ubuntu Membership ?
21:38:41  <Smiffeh> definatly!
21:38:46  <Gizmo_the_Great1> sounds good
21:38:48  <Narrf> absolutely
21:39:06  <Smiffeh> its definitely something to shoot for
21:39:12  <Narrf> then maybe those that get membership first can mentor others later
21:39:18  <X3N> how can a team progress and individual ?
21:39:19  * frederific_ nods
21:39:29  <LoudMouthMan> Narff good point.  X3N .. mentoring ?
21:39:41  <LoudMouthMan> its about the team work I guess..
21:39:44  <LoudMouthMan> right so can I say agreed?
21:39:53  <Gizmo_the_Great1> yes
21:39:55  <Narrf> yep
21:40:00  <GazzaK> no
21:40:02  <frederific_> yeppers
21:40:04  <GazzaK> erm yes
21:40:19  <dsas> +1 fromme
21:40:22  <LoudMouthMan> [AGREED] UKTeam members to progress towards Ubuntu Membership to be added to projects list. as ongoing aim.
21:40:24  <LoudMouthMan> next topic
21:40:30  <LoudMouthMan> [ TOPIC ] UKTeam Local Loco meetings : Are these working
21:40:45  <Gizmo_the_Great1> forgive me - what r they?
21:40:45  <dsas> None have happened, I don't think we have the numbers in most areas yet.
21:40:52  <LoudMouthMan> 10 minutes to discuss.
21:41:06  * Narrf agrees with dsas 
21:41:06  <dsas> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/LocalMeetings
21:41:27  <Smiffeh> I'm not even aware of LoCo properly myself, are they meant to be in "competition" lugs, or a subgroup thereof?
21:41:34  <GazzaK> I'd host a loco meeting in my new place when I move, or the local pub, but no-one seems to be about North Essex
21:41:40  <dsas> no, we're seperate to lugs, we complement them.
21:42:03  <C_Mooney> Maybe the best idea is just to organise a date, time and place. To get the ball rolling?
21:42:07  <andy101> Do we not have a map of Ubuntu-ul members, would make it easier to see where is a viable place for a meeting.
21:42:15  <Narrf> I do think we need to keep the idea alive and try and promote them
21:42:19  <C_Mooney> I agree andy101
21:42:28  <GazzaK> google maps do locations thingys like that
21:42:28  <dsas> Smiffeh: There's a page somewhere on the wiki that describe our relationship with LUGs.
21:42:39  <LoudMouthMan> andy101 . nice point . we have a members gallery . possibly  a frappr something might be useful.
21:42:52  <Gizmo_the_Great1> frappr would work i fancy
21:42:54  <Smiffeh> dsas: i really should have read more before this.
21:43:00  <LoudMouthMan> dsas. if weve lost that already ! <grin>
21:43:05  <dsas> Smiffeh: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoWorkingWithOtherGroups
21:43:13  <X3N> maybe we should try and encourage a designated ubuntu representitive in a lug
21:43:15  *** tsmithe-afk is now known as tsmithe
21:43:23  <popey> agreed X3N
21:43:23  <LoudMouthMan> smiffeh . .dont worry this is the 2nd meeting and dsas . well done.
21:43:29  <popey> i typed that into the agenda then backed it out :)
21:43:36  <LoudMouthMan> X3N .. ironically I put my self forward as the Ubuntu Posterboy <grin>
21:43:47  <X3N> heheh
21:43:47  <LoudMouthMan> popey no itsa good idea.
21:43:47  <Narrf> X3N and popey : won't that be seen as trying to take over tho?
21:43:49  <popey> no
21:43:59  <popey> one member per lug type thing
21:44:16  <popey> not if all you are doing (as one person) is representing ubuntu-uk to the lug
21:44:20  <LoudMouthMan> Narff Idont feel so . since the lugs wont see it as anything other than a distro declaration : like when sussex say Use Debian !
21:44:31  <Narrf> ok
21:44:37  <dsas> For those in LUGS, we just need to make it known that you're a member of ubuntu-uk, you'll quickly become the go to for Ubuntu stuff. Probably.
21:44:39  <X3N> we do need to be careful not to step on the ground of lugs, it wouldn't be productive for either the lug or ourselves
21:44:57  <Narrf> X3N: agreed
21:44:59  <LoudMouthMan> okay lets bench the Lugs issue for now .. and discuss it at the next meeting.
21:45:15  <popey> I think we should get a list of LUGs
21:45:21  <LoudMouthMan> so should we also bench the loco-county memebers .
21:45:25  <popey> and each person put their name next to each one
21:45:35  <LoudMouthMan> in favour of Lug Members on the Gallery or similar page
21:45:49  <LoudMouthMan> popey : agreed I had been wondering about that but also backed uot.
21:45:52  <dsas> popey: That sounds like a plan. We're not stepping on any toes if we just make a list of who's in which groups for *our* use.
21:45:58  <popey> exactly
21:46:03  <Narrf> like that popey
21:46:13  <popey> i have a list of all UK lugs handy :)
21:46:15  <LoudMouthMan> hmm okay well that seems like a consensus:
21:46:16  <popey> well, most of them
21:46:18  <LoudMouthMan> suprise suprise ...
21:46:34  <popey> http://www.lug.org.uk/lugs/all.php is as good a start as any
21:46:37  * Narrf looks for his Popey for President poster........
21:46:42  <popey> shut it you
21:46:44  <popey> :)
21:47:01  <LoudMouthMan> so if the president ^H^H^H^H^H^ if the popey wants to populate a wiki page for lugs then we can add ourselves to those lists ?
21:47:06  <C_Mooney> Could the information be used later on to organise a proper meet up?
21:47:10  <LoudMouthMan> bugger <grin>
21:47:34  <LoudMouthMan> okay so are we agreed to drop the loco-county idea infavour of Ubuntu-LugCandidates ...
21:47:34  <X3N> a list of who's in which groups for ubuntu-uk's use sounds like the best idea
21:48:05  <X3N> it should also be exteneded to other groups, e.g gnome-uk, kde-uk etc etc
21:48:09  <dsas> LoudMouthMan: Yes.
21:48:13  <LoudMouthMan> C_mooney I dont see why not . and it helps promote intr LUG activity by diseminating Lug awareness across the distro!
21:48:31  <X3N> "intercommunity connectivity"
21:48:35  <LoudMouthMan> BINGO!
21:48:52  <dsas> X3N: Good plan, we can probably use the same page for all of this stuff.
21:49:04  <X3N> (just to prove every idea can have buz word ;) )
21:49:10  <dsas> if only the entire world used LP :)
21:49:12  <LoudMouthMan> [AGREED] remove the Loco-County wiki pages in favour of a List of ?Active? lugs underwhich UkTeam members can acknowledge participation.
21:49:48  <LoudMouthMan> [TOPIC]Project lists on Main page, activity monitoring and prune or preen.
21:50:25  <dsas> I think we should see if anyone is willing to step up to the projects which aren't happening. If not, prune.
21:50:29  <LoudMouthMan> is it time to consider the projects more sharply in favour of projects with shorter more achievable goal. and push long term projects into links/topics ?
21:50:35  <dsas> on a project by project basis.
21:50:54  <X3N> or maybe make a long term projects page ?
21:50:59  <LoudMouthMan> Good , who wants to do the ring/email round to check on them ?
21:51:04  <X3N> or on going
21:51:06  <LoudMouthMan> X3N . .yeah my thought also
21:51:22  <LoudMouthMan> a sort of 3000, 5000 and 10,0000 ft view on these projects
21:51:33  * LoudMouthMan said grinning as Dsas gets the reference.
21:51:56  <LoudMouthMan> but lets refrain from calling them wishlists ...
21:52:12  <Smiffeh> who is going to maintain this page?
21:52:23  <LoudMouthMan> well Dsas is doing a great job so far.
21:52:31  <dsas> LoudMouthMan: We can assign Next Actions too!
21:52:31  <popey> it's a wiki, anyone can
21:52:33  <LoudMouthMan> but everyone has wiki access
21:52:35  <popey> don't forget that
21:52:44  <LoudMouthMan> dsas that woudl be a BLOODY marvelous idea
21:53:08  <LoudMouthMan> seriously a good idea [SUGGESTION] next actoins on the project table .
21:53:33  <LoudMouthMan> btw anyone can say [SUGGESTION] or [IDEA] if they want to make sure I can catch it later <Grin>
21:53:43  <Narrf> and maybe a target date for next action also
21:54:19  <LoudMouthMan> okay well lets not get bogged down, but yeah if we can select a finish date ( just like we did for this meeting ) then lets do that. but im not looking to push GTD on anyone <grin>
21:54:42  <LoudMouthMan> but Narff its a valid point , dsas im sure is taking notes.
21:54:56  * dsas prods LoCoBot
21:55:00  <LoudMouthMan> so we are agreed we need to prune and review the projects section of ourt page .
21:55:19  <Narrf> agreed
21:55:19  <LoudMouthMan> ourt ? our maybe ... im getting all northern sorry ..
21:55:25  <C_Mooney> Would it be worth discussing now which projects to preen?
21:55:50  <dsas> It's probably better to mail the list with the action, and see what has happened by the next meeting.
21:55:56  <LoudMouthMan> [AGREED] Prune the projects page to contain shorter term goal projects and move long term projects into seperate page. include column to note next action or expecteddate.
21:56:06  <dsas> people may step up and revitalise projects that way.
21:56:23  <LoudMouthMan> dsas. well between you and I i suspect we can set a good example on moving this forward .
21:56:30  <LoudMouthMan> but yes absolutely .
21:56:58  <LoudMouthMan> [TOPIC] Ubuntu Buddies. Shall we define these or drop them ?
21:57:14  <popey> what was the concept?
21:57:21  <Narrf> Define them - loosely
21:57:34  <LoudMouthMan> I know I offer a Ubuntu buddy service to brand new Ubuntu users which consists of 1 hour of my time to guide them infinding where to get help and get going forward.
21:57:56  <X3N> is that in person ?
21:58:00  <Gizmo_the_Great1> LoudMouthMan: that is very generous of you
21:58:00  <Narrf> The concept is simply to take a noob under your wing and assist them to use Ubuntu and become part of the comunity
21:58:05  <LoudMouthMan> popey the concept I think could be loosly defined as Ubuntu mentoring for completely new Ubunutu/linux users ..
21:58:23  <Smiffeh> yeah, thats very generous of you LoudMouth, can you devote that much time to it though?
21:58:25  <popey> ok
21:58:27  <Narrf> X3N: or via email/irc - don't matter how
21:58:27  <binary2k2> (adopt a noob) :P
21:58:41  <Narrf> binary2k2: exactly :p
21:58:48  <LoudMouthMan> Smiffeh one new person a week is 1 hour a week . .thats one episode of Stargate atlantis ! .. I think I will live.
21:59:05  <Smiffeh> its not just 1 hour though.
21:59:13  <binary2k2> no, i can't miss Stargate atlantis!!
21:59:16  <Smiffeh> People will keep coming back i'm sure.
21:59:19  <LoudMouthMan> X3N not exclusively . I feel Popey is everyones Ubuntu Buddy with his tutorials.
21:59:23  <binary2k2> maybe I'll jusr shy+ it tho
21:59:34  <Gizmo_the_Great1> how often do they come back and 'pester ' you though?
21:59:36  <popey> thing is LoudMouthMan has a different motivation than others I think
21:59:50  <Smiffeh> depends on the user i guess.
21:59:51  <popey> if you are self employed it pays you to invest an hour in a newbie
21:59:56  <VooDoo> hello all
21:59:56  <X3N> he has no friends ?
21:59:57  <X3N> :p
21:59:59  <LoudMouthMan> popey sure .. but themotivation is the key surely <grin>
22:00:09  <LoudMouthMan> X3N har de har . .but lets get back on topic .
22:00:11  <andy101> wouldn't writing an introduction be better, anyone can read it and learn from it then?
22:00:26  <popey> but others don't have the same drive to use an hour of their *own* time and not their *businesses* time to do this
22:00:30  <Narrf> hang on - isn't helping noobs simply the 'ubuntu' thing to do? not how often they pester you
22:00:34  <Gizmo_the_Great1> andy101: but for the noob - its finding documents like that
22:00:35  <binary2k2> sometimes you need 1 on 1 help
22:00:35  <LoudMouthMan> I think we need many roads to lead to Ubuntu
22:00:53  <LoudMouthMan> Narff.. wow you got my point of view .. im really blessed..
22:00:56  <LoudMouthMan> cheers mate
22:01:28  <dsas> I just help anyone who pops up and ask questions. I occasionaly go through the lp support tracker too, and people who post to the wrong list.
22:02:09  <C_Mooney> Could there be a list of those willing to help? And a person looking for help just chooses a name?
22:02:11  <LoudMouthMan> okay I think therefore we should drop the Ubuntu Buddy concept for now then and move to ensure we are all clear how to assist new members and new users .. dsas I think I had you email me something about this a week ago.
22:02:23  <Narrf> dsas: that to me is a large part of it, but i've had two blokes mail me direct (after getting my addy off the wiki), I've managed to talk both of them through what they wanted to do
22:02:29  <C_Mooney> Or just randomly giving out a name and contact details to those who need help? Those willing to give help just sign up with name and contact details?
22:02:31  <andy101> more information on how to 'get involved' would be helpful, some things take way too much work upfront to tackle straight off
22:02:33  <Narrf> both were irc/maillist phobic
22:02:36  <LoudMouthMan> I do however feel we need to make it easy to find help in every format.
22:02:52  <LoudMouthMan> where format goes from people to screencasts to doc and wikis and irc.
22:03:26  <Gizmo_the_Great1> as a relative noob, i have found irc to be one of the best forms of help.
22:03:30  <X3N> we don't have any links with contractual support yet do we ?
22:03:33  <binary2k2> helping in #ubuntu #kbuntu etc... is sorta the same as the Ubuntu Buddy concept, in a way
22:03:43  <LoudMouthMan> X3N . well theres the marketplace and im also on that.
22:04:02  <LoudMouthMan> so are we agreed to say  we should drop the Ubuntu Buddy concept for now then and move to ensure we are all clear how to assist new members and new users .. dsas I think I had you email me something about this a week ago.
22:04:05  <popey> https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+tickets is also very valuable
22:04:18  <LoudMouthMan> and yuor score popey <grin>
22:04:20  <popey> I'd say we drop ubuntu buddy as a concept, but we continue to do what a buddy does
22:04:26  <Gizmo_the_Great1> maybe we should all add this irc channel to our signatures on ubuntuforums.org to publicise the channel and we can help from within the channel
22:04:28  <popey> support in various ways etc
22:04:34  <dsas> popey: +1
22:04:43  <LoudMouthMan> Gizmo thats a great idea.
22:04:48  <popey> and try to motivate people to continue to do that
22:04:50  <dsas> Gizmo_the_Great1: That's a good idea, you may want to link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam in there too
22:04:50  <C_Mooney> Gizo - bacng on
22:04:56  <constrictor> are you thinking about formalising the support people get on irc channels?
22:04:58  <popey> let people know that there are ways they can help
22:05:09  <LoudMouthMan> [AGREED] Drop Ubuntu Buddies concept in favour or better educatoin of channels of support ?
22:05:13  <popey> there already is an official support channel #ubuntu
22:05:15  <LoudMouthMan> is that correct ?
22:05:22  <popey> agreed
22:05:37  <dsas> is that education of the team, or education of the uhm, helpees?
22:05:38  <LoudMouthMan> wow im getting better at this diplomacy stuff <grin.
22:05:47  <LoudMouthMan> both !
22:05:48  <popey> everyone I guess
22:05:52  <popey> anyone can help
22:05:56  <dsas> ok. Cool.
22:05:59  <LoudMouthMan> [TOPIC] Wiki and IRC and Maillist awareness
22:06:08  <LoudMouthMan> Gizmo kinda just touched on this .
22:06:23  <Gizmo_the_Great1> yes there is ubuntu irc, but it gets VERY busy. uk specific users might prefer a more local irc ubuntu channel for helpo
22:06:32  <LoudMouthMan> but my thoughts are how to ensure new people know what to expect .. certainly our IRC channel conversatoin the other day reflected thatwith master ninja
22:06:49  <LoudMouthMan> okay 5 minutes on this one I feel .
22:07:10  <dsas> one idea may be to reorganise the front wiki page, our contact details are the bottom. which looks nice, but how many "newbies" read that far down.
22:07:31  <LoudMouthMan> It seems we are getting "better" at being aware of new users but as dsas just typed we do need to catch eyeballs earlier.
22:08:11  <LoudMouthMan> when we have a critical mass of new I suspect that educatin of awareness will be less required since it will be a meme or social network thing .
22:08:30  <andy101> It took me quite a while to find out about Ubuntu-uk, and I was only really looking because I was having a problem with Ubuntu, we need to get people aware of Ubuntu-UK before they have problems.
22:08:57  <LoudMouthMan> I like your idea though dsas and gizmo I also like the sig comment . Andy101 your point is my concern so I want to table this as a project I guess.
22:09:02  <dsas> if there's no complaints I'll reorganise the front page slightly sometime tonight unless someone beats me to it. Remember it's a wiki, you're all free to save me the work ;)
22:09:14  <LoudMouthMan> dsas none here.
22:09:14  <Gizmo_the_Great1> from my experience, i only found the uk tyeam by looking in the 'community teams' bit on ubuntu web site. I did not find it looking for help, but rather as a way to join in. Noobs need help so our 'banner' needs to be more public in the places they linger, which i feel is in thr fourms
22:09:36  <Narrf> [IDEA] Could we approach the UK Linux Mags to see if they'll plug us in the news bits?
22:09:38  <LoudMouthMan> [SUGGESTION] can we get a LOCO team contact banner in the HELP of the next release of Ubuntu ?
22:09:45  <popey> maybe we need a banner ad?
22:09:51  <LoudMouthMan> something based on your keyboard or language selection ?
22:09:54  <popey> or a pin or something to add to our blogs?
22:10:03  <LoudMouthMan> popey .. bloody good idea that !
22:10:10  <Narrf> popey: like the pin idea
22:10:15  <dsas> popey: I think there's ubuntu pins somewhere on the wiki, we can repurpose those.
22:10:17  <LoudMouthMan> okay i'll let this run a couple more for the ideas.
22:10:30  <dsas> LoudMouthMan: In the system-> help menu ?
22:10:35  <LoudMouthMan> dsas yeah.
22:10:48  <Gizmo_the_Great1> definately
22:10:52  <LoudMouthMan> wed beat so many other operating systems to the punch on that one .
22:10:56  <dsas> I *think* that was there, or at least mooted during the dapper development cycle.
22:11:06  <Gizmo_the_Great1> if tghey select uk for keyboard etc then we should appear. good idea
22:11:11  <LoudMouthMan> okay so .. shoudl we add this as a project ?
22:11:16  <dsas> There were complaints about help having two many menus.
22:11:30  <dsas> LoudMouthMan: Ok, we probably need to see what the desktop team say about that.
22:11:37  <LoudMouthMan> dsas . okay lets bench the issues.. but lets repress the value.
22:11:55  <LoudMouthMan> well we exist to help upstream understan local awareness.
22:11:59  <LoudMouthMan> so ..
22:12:20  <C_Mooney> [IDEA] Integration with the distribution : Not just our Loco, but all. If a user sets locality where there is a LoCo group then in the help section they should be informed of contact information
22:12:45  <LoudMouthMan> [AGREED] A Project to define who we will extend awareness of UKTeam and Ubuntu Support in other sectors such as Maillists, IRC, Forums and Wikis and especially BLOGS.
22:13:03  <LoudMouthMan> C_Mooney yeah my thoughts exactly .
22:13:05  <LoudMouthMan> nice one .
22:13:16  <LoudMouthMan> okay last topic .
22:13:36  <dsas> C_Mooney, LoudMouthMan: Ok, the value is good. I can point to who to talk to around those issues, we'll need buy-in from devels, other locos and stuff, it's likely a long termer
22:13:58  <Narrf> do we need a little sub-project to design and commission a banner/pin/button for out blogs?
22:14:00  <C_Mooney> dsas As long as its considered by those who can make a difference I don't care
22:14:19  <LoudMouthMan> [TOPIC] Charity Work. We did well on the TShirt . I like Children In need for its diversitty and internationalisatoin but should we do more or less  nationally as a group .
22:14:44  <LoudMouthMan> oh MadDog sends his congratulations to everyone on the TShirt by the way.
22:15:03  <LoudMouthMan> ten minutes on this one !
22:15:08  <C_Mooney> What was the children in need idea
22:15:26  <Narrf> [IDEA] should we adopt a charity or two each year and concentrate on those
22:15:28  <popey> are we talking raising funds for chairty?
22:15:34  <dsas> Helping charity is a good thing. Selfishly thinking, it got the team publicity on the fridge too.
22:15:36  <popey> or going and helping with their IT?
22:15:47  <binary2k2> C_Mooney: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/CharityWork/ChildrenInNeedTShirt
22:16:02  <C_Mooney> Oh right, now i remember
22:16:13  <LoudMouthMan> popey raising funds/donations is my idea
22:16:29  <LoudMouthMan> kinda like Comic Relied or CIN. its a two way thing with this.
22:16:38  <LoudMouthMan> you raise the funds and the charity bigs you up.
22:16:41  <C_Mooney> Are we going to take up the BugFix idea?
22:16:47  <GazzaK> [IDEA] Could we get involved in trying to help local youth clubs, most now have a IT Setup of some sorts and Ubuntu or Edubuntu could be great for that [/IDEA]
22:16:54  <popey> [IDEA] in time for feisty we get an iso burned to a gold disc - like record companies do.. and get it autographed, etc, and auction it
22:17:03  <popey> in a frame
22:17:05  <popey> you know the thing
22:17:11  <LoudMouthMan> Popey : fecking gold dust that one I love it !
22:17:13  <frederific_> popey: nice!
22:17:17  <frederific_> :)
22:17:22  <LoudMouthMan> all in favour say Heck Yeah !
22:17:26  <LoudMouthMan> heck yeah !
22:17:31  <JonRob> Heck Yeah!
22:17:33  <frederific_> Heck Yeah!
22:17:35  <andy101> Heck Yeah !
22:17:35  <popey> :)
22:17:39  <Narrf> heck yeah
22:17:42  <Gizmo_the_Great1> yeah baby yeah
22:17:47  <LoudMouthMan> okay so thats the next thing we do .. whose the charity ?
22:17:47  <Smiffeh> heck yeah!
22:17:47  <GazzaK> Heck No, I mean Yeah
22:17:48  <C_Mooney> OOOOOOOOoooo Yeah
22:17:58  <GazzaK> NSPCC?
22:17:58  <popey> amnesty international?
22:18:01  <popey> anyone really
22:18:14  <C_Mooney> Amesty International gets my vote
22:18:14  <popey> NSPCC is a good call
22:18:15  <LoudMouthMan> i'll move on that for you popey and and Amnesty if fine
22:18:17  <JonRob> amnesty would be good - about freedom etc
22:18:19  <Gizmo_the_Great1> sorry - whats feisty?
22:18:19  <GazzaK> NSPCC Please - personal reasons :-)
22:18:25  <popey> Gizmo_the_Great1: next release
22:18:32  <frederific_> Bill Gates Foundation?
22:18:34  <Narrf> Why don't we have a nomination and vote process
22:18:38  <popey> ok, we should vote at a meeting for the charity
22:18:40  <LoudMouthMan> hmm okay .. well heres my feeling doing it for the kids is a great winner since we need to win their freedoms.
22:18:40  <popey> yeah
22:18:49  <dsas> popey: wonderful idea.
22:18:58  <LoudMouthMan> popey good point . okay lets table thatone for the next meeting but we have time for it <grin>
22:19:00  <andy101> Do we know any big charities using Open Source/Free software (or Ubuntu)?
22:19:19  <JonRob> on the subject of charities etc, has any one considered using wiki/ubuntu-uk as a "pressure group"...
22:19:21  <LoudMouthMan> well not christian aid ! oops sorry .. lets stay on topic .
22:19:29  <JonRob> ...kinda like what happened with the edm on the mailing list recently
22:19:49  <LoudMouthMan> okay so we are agreed we want to set a defined lis of Charities for whom we will raise money for and agree these at the next meeting.
22:20:01  <C_Mooney> Agreed
22:20:03  <popey> or vote on the list or whatever
22:20:08  <JonRob> sounds good
22:20:09  <LoudMouthMan> everyone can raise a case on the wiki page and sign their interest onthe page I guess.
22:20:11  <Narrf> LoudMouthMan: ask for nominations on the mail list for next meeting
22:20:37  <LoudMouthMan> Narrf. yeah I'll work with dsas and we will get the Wiki working for us on that through the lists and the forums.
22:20:52  <popey> I'd suggest keeping the gold disc idea a bit quiet
22:21:00  <JonRob> as a surprise?
22:21:04  <Narrf> very quiet
22:21:08  <Narrf> :d
22:21:12  <C_Mooney> on a public IRC??
22:21:13  <popey> yeah, not publicly logged in irc :)
22:21:18  <LoudMouthMan> nice one . okay so we have the next goal .. and I will chat to Jono and see if we can get it into Marks mind .
22:21:20  <popey> well, not all over our wiki page
22:21:28  <LoudMouthMan> agreed.
22:21:53  <LoudMouthMan> okay well I think we coveredthat one better than I hoped.
22:22:25  <LoudMouthMan> [AGREED]  Add to the agenda of the next meeting the charatie(s) for which we will raise money when opportunities arise .
22:22:49  <LoudMouthMan> Okay well are we concluded or is there any other business ( 2 mins to raise them )
22:22:53  <dsas> X3N: Can you setup polls on LP? We can use that to allow team members to vote, once we have nominations.
22:23:13  <X3N> yeah i think so
22:23:14  <popey> do it on the mailing list
22:23:19  <popey> that way people can have their say
22:23:24  <popey> it can be discussed properly
22:23:37  <andy101> but then someone has to count everything by hand
22:23:38  <binary2k2> or, do both
22:23:42  <popey> then take the vote at the meeting
22:23:47  <popey> but discuss on list
22:23:47  <dsas> I was thinking we can do the nomination process on the list, whittle it down to X nominees, and then do the final poll on LP. But I'm easy.
22:23:49  <popey> needs to be inclusive
22:23:50  <LoudMouthMan> popey I have in mind a way to make sure everyone can have a say  .if thats okay .
22:23:54  <popey> agreed dsas
22:24:03  <popey> go on?
22:24:28  <Narrf> Picking up on the point that JonRob just made about pressure groups - should we have a WiKi page with links to theyworkforyou.com etc, and tips for writting to your MP?
22:24:30  <Gizmo_the_Great1> LoudMouthMan: do tell
22:24:35  <LoudMouthMan> popey .. gods thats to long for here let me sort it with dsas, X3N and you and Publish from their. e will add it to the project list though.
22:24:58  <popey> I still think you're going to have to pull a very large rabbit out of a hat to beat discussing it on the mailing list
22:25:02  <popey> but go ahead
22:25:19  <popey> that is what it's for
22:25:21  <LoudMouthMan> popey I also read J B Bobo <grin>
22:25:31  <popey> I have no idea what you're talking about
22:25:44  <Seeker`> welcome to the club
22:25:46  * dsas points back to the meeting
22:25:56  <dsas> (for the record, me neither)
22:25:59  <LoudMouthMan> Narff. yes we should but if we are going to do that then we should have a focus and a clear message and a direction .
22:26:03  <andy101> I also agree with the 'pressure group' idea
22:26:32  <chaddy> popey: J B Bobo is a prestidigitator
22:26:37  <X3N> i think it would be better to focus effort on publicity rather than pressure groups
22:26:37  <LoudMouthMan> right wel other than Narffs comments on Pressure groups any other business.
22:26:58  <Gizmo_the_Great1> not from me
22:27:06  <X3N> making people want to change through knowing about something is going to be more effective than pressuring change
22:27:18  <dsas> X3N: But who better than us to inform our MPs?
22:27:22  <Narrf> X3N: not for politicians
22:27:54  <dsas> This room, and canonical employees are basically the Ubuntu Experts in this country...
22:27:56  <JonRob> X3N: pressure group doesn't mean "to pressure" literally, it simpy means to let our politicians, the bbc etc know what we want
22:28:01  <JonRob> to know about what we want
22:28:04  <LoudMouthMan> can I [SUGGEST] we table that for the next meeting and focus on a short term project on gathering MPs and groups whom shouldbe made aware of Open Source answers ?
22:28:22  <LoudMouthMan> right last question ?
22:28:29  <LoudMouthMan> When should we 37 meet again ?
22:28:56  <dsas> As well as the date, is the time ok for everyone?
22:28:58  <X3N> sounds romantic
22:29:02  <Gizmo_the_Great1> sooner rather than later - for familiarity with each other if nothing else
22:29:11  <GazzaK> awww, so romantic
22:29:12  <Seeker`> 19th december?
22:29:24  <Narrf> ....don't know where, don't know when, but I know we'll meet again some sunny dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
22:29:27  <Narrf> :d
22:29:33  <Seeker`> before everyone has to start doing "family" stuff for christmas?
22:29:39  <GazzaK> sunny???  it's the UK we live in...
22:29:50  <LoudMouthMan> why does the 19th ring bells ?
22:29:53  <dsas> I'd say in two or three weeks time, we don't want to be scheduling things over xmas
22:30:04  <Narrf> sunny in my special little world! :P
22:30:07  <GazzaK> xmas???  eeek
22:30:12  <frederific_> 11th?
22:30:14  <Gizmo_the_Great1> 19th looks good
22:30:23  <GazzaK> what day is the 19th?
22:30:24  <Seeker`> dsas: I'd be careful who you call an expert
22:30:31  <Gizmo_the_Great1> tues
22:30:36  <dsas> Seeker`: It is quite frightening.
22:30:47  <GazzaK> I'm an expert
22:30:56  <dsas> Most of the populace have never heard of Ubuntu though.
22:31:14  <LoudMouthMan> okay so the 19th ?
22:31:16  <dsas> ok, can we come to an agreement on this?
22:31:20  <Narrf> 19th good here
22:31:26  <Gizmo_the_Great1> same here
22:31:28  <GazzaK> 19th good here
22:31:30  <Seeker`> anyone strongly against the 19th?
22:31:30  <dsas> ditto
22:31:31  <Smiffeh> same
22:31:31  <JonRob> 19th ok
22:31:37  <popey> ++
22:31:45  <frederific_> yeah, looks good (last day of my mock GCSE too :D )
22:31:47  <AdamBagnall> 19th is fine
22:31:53  <dsas> is 21:30 a good time again?
22:31:55  <LoudMouthMan> seems good alround.
22:31:57  * Seeker` will try to be present for more than deciding the date of the next meeting next time
22:32:02  <frederific_> suits me
22:32:05  <Narrf> 21:30 good
22:32:18  <GazzaK> yep
22:32:20  * AdamBagnall copies Seeker` 
22:32:47  * Seeker` looks at his clone
22:32:48  <dsas> no objections to 21:30 ?
22:32:53  <Gizmo_the_Great1> no
22:32:55  <LoudMouthMan> right then I declare this meeting closed and we will post the logs and comments on the irc  ( cheers DSAS) and thank everyone for taking part and popey has  kindly reminded me I may have missed a point earlier on on which we did not agree so .. sorry Popey .. lets review it in post


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