Meeting opened by popey at 20:00

  • <popey> Hi. Welcome all to the Ubuntu UK Meeting

    <AlanBell> o/

    <popey> I'm Alan, your chair for this evening. Please let us know you're present with a o/

    <popey> Please keep chit-chat to a minimum whilst we hold the meeting.

    <cps> o/

    <funkyHat> ô/

    <MichealH> o/

    <lee_cow> o/

    <gneel> o/

    <popey> The agenda can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeamMeetingAgenda please take a moment to open that up

    <Yorvyk> o/

    <DJones> o/

    <popey> First item on the agenda..

    <czajkowski> o/

    <popey> [TOPIC] popey - review of action items from last meeting

popey - review of action items from last meeting

  • <popey> [PROGRESS REPORT] People who have achieved something in July, please place it in the report

People who have achieved something in July, please place it in the report

  • <popey> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/TeamReports/10/July

    <popey> if you've done anything to do with Ubuntu this month, please add it to the above page

    <MichealH> popey: Do we need this as it is the middle of July?

    <popey> yes

    <popey> other team report months will not really be suitable for July Smile :)

    <MichealH> I thought we did it at the start of every month

    <gneel> I guess it could be updated until the end of the month though.

    <popey> we remind people all the time every month

    <popey> it can be updated at any time

    <popey> \o/ Wikis!

    <popey> moving on..

    <MichealH> Ooops Sorry popey

    <popey> [PROGRESS REPORT] Daubers update on support guidelines

Daubers update on support guidelines

  • <popey> daubers isnt around, I believe he was unable to make the meeting due to other commitments

    <popey> so we can defer that

    <popey> next..

    <popey> [PROGRESS REPORT] popey to determine testing methods for ISO testing

popey to determine testing methods for ISO testing

  • <popey> I mailed the list about this.. which was my action item from last time, and so far I've had one volunteer who has offered to take this on

    <popey> other volunteers welcome too!

    <gneel> Eek!

    <MichealH> popey: I volenteer!

    <popey> great! see me after the meeting!

    <gneel> Phew! It's not just me then?

    <MichealH> Not at all gneel

    <popey> awesome, having multiple people help with that will be really useful!

    <gneel> Absolutely.

    <popey> ok, next up..

    <popey> [PROGRESS REPORT] popey to to mail the list and blog about non-technical events

popey to to mail the list and blog about non-technical events

  • <MichealH> Geeknick?

    <popey> MichealH: I'm on top of the agenda, don't worry

    <MichealH> No waut thats tech realted... Just forget it :S

  • brunogirin was in wrong room

    <popey> I mailed the list, blogged and we covered this on the podcast, so I think thats that action item initially covered

    <MichealH> Yes

    <gneel> Is it worth a follow-up when we've got a list of event types?

    <popey> but happy to hear (via the list or my blog or feedback to the podcast) about any other non-tech events that people might want to pimp ubuntu at!

    <popey> sure, we can certainly do that

    <popey> we have a wiki page to track this Smile :)

    <gneel> Smile :-)

    <MichealH> popey: Oh...

    <MichealH> Yay!

    <popey> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/NonTechEvents

    <popey> these are suggested events that the LoCo might want to consider attending

    <MichealH> Moving on...

    <popey> please.

    <MichealH> Okay... issyl0 and ascenseur isnt here

    <popey> no, please don't I mean.

    <MichealH> well we could try a ping

    <popey> please be patient

    <MichealH> Oh sorry

    <popey> I am not finished

    <popey> we can discuss this more on the list, will add a progress report item again for the next meeting, as I only posted to the list very recently and the podcast wont come out until later this evening

    <popey> so discussion can certainly carry on for a while about that subject.

    <MichealH> I agree

    <popey> Ok, moving on...

    <popey> [TOPIC] ascenseur & issyl0 - Geeknic

ascenseur & issyl0 - Geeknic

  • <popey> issyl0: poke!

    <popey> I know Joe sent a mail to the list recently, so anyone interested in coming along to the London Geeknic, please do sign up, and let Joe know!

    <MichealH> popey: I know I cant!

AlanBell - Review of the Ubuntu In Business Event

  • <popey> AlanBell: over to you..

    <brunogirin> popey: there is just one question: where? Hyde Park is big

    <MichealH> brunogirin: I expect there will be a map

    <popey> brunogirin: perhaps ask on the list?

    <MichealH> A google map?

    <MichealH> brunogirin: Or ask in #geeknic

    <brunogirin> popey: I did, Joe said he would sort that out

    <AlanBell> ok, so the Ubuntu in Business event was held on the 13th

    <popey> I'd rather it was on the list so everyone could see it

    <AlanBell> I think a great time was had by all

    <popey> but lets move on to the next item with AlanBell

    <danfish> congrats to AlanBell and all

    <AlanBell> there were a number of presentations and demos conducted by members of the community and various partner organisations

    <AlanBell> The Ubuntinis were an interesting drink

  • danfish would love to see an ubuntu in the public sector event and would be happy to help :0

    <AlanBell> it generated some press coverage, somewhere on ITpro that I don't have a link for right now

    <MichealH> AlanBell: Thats great!

    <AlanBell> we are having a followup call with the Canonical half of the organising team tomorrow

  • <popey> http://www.itpro.co.uk/625159/is-open-source-ready-for-business-prime-time

    <AlanBell> and will be discussing stuff to do better at the next one Smile :-)

    <AlanBell> thats the one

    <MichealH> Smile :)

    <Thingymebob> danfish: that sounds sensible with the NHS just ditching MS contract

    <AlanBell> so yes, one with more of a public sector focus might work well

    <AlanBell> any other comments from people who attended?

    <AlanBell> there are a few articles on http://blog.canonical.com/ about it too

    <popey> We need to look for more venues

    <popey> the venue was.. quirky

    <popey> both quirky good and quirky bad

    <AlanBell> it was

    <brunogirin> I agree, in particular there wasn't enough space around the tables for the demos

    <MichealH> popey: Maybe on up north?

    <popey> we can have them wherever people are willing to organise them

    <popey> north, south, east or west

    <MichealH> Smile :)

    <MichealH> Okay... So...

    <lee_cow> question: was any of the material shown at the event available elsewhere for review?

    <AlanBell> lee_cow: presentations and things you mean?

    <brunogirin> ah yes, I had the same question: is there a way to have access to the presentation material?

    <popey> i have a copy of all the presentations

    <lee_cow> could the presentations be added to wiki?

    <popey> not sure how useful they'd be without the chat

    <MichealH> I agree

    <AlanBell> I can put my presentation up somewhere

    <popey> but I can certainly put them online

    <lee_cow> comments understood, merci

    <AlanBell> sounds like an action

    <popey> [ACTION] popey to put the presentations online from UiB

popey to put the presentations online from UiB

  • <danfish> Talking about the NHS MS contract being ditched, my PCT are looking for alternative virtualisation schemes - an area for me to action?

    <AlanBell> ok, think I am done on the UiB area

    <popey> danfish: want to add it as an agenda item for next time or bring it up as AOB?

    <popey> next item..

    <popey> [TOPIC] danfish - Distributed Backup proposal

danfish - Distributed Backup proposal

  • <popey> over to you danfish

    <danfish> ta

    <danfish> A discussion was had a few weeks ago on distributed backup and how it would be a rather attractive addition to ubuntu(-uk?)

    <danfish> Essentially with distributed backup you sacrifice some of your own storage to gain offsite storage.

    <danfish> I've done some googleinging and have looked at existing projects

    <danfish> popey in fact came up with a good example in the proprietary wuala (http://www.wuala.com)

    <danfish> but the 'overhead' is fairly steep

    <danfish> there is an similar project from MIT called Distributed Internet Backup System (DIBS)

    <popey> a guy in hampshire lug also has one called DIASER

    <popey> which is open source

    <danfish> the licence on the site looks pretty much linux friendly and permissive

    <danfish> popey: ok not seen that one

    <danfish> Is this idea worth pursuing in people's opinions, or too ambitious/unrealistic/dumb?

    <gneel> Is there a way to set a schedule for uploads/downloads? I'm on metered broadband with an unmetered period.

    <popey> gneel: those are kinda implementation details

    <popey> each is different

    <gneel> OK, I'm not familiar with either.

    <popey> maybe danfish could go away and review a few and maybe we could build a little team of people who want to take part?

    <danfish> gneel: the idea is you could allocate a specific time/volume ratio

    <popey> me neither gneel Smile :)

    <MichealH> It seems a good Idea but how are we supposed to temp host if lets say the host rejects it... The backup is there... but useless?

    <popey> there is no concept of 'rejection', its a system for distributed backups which is usually encrypted

    <popey> so people dont know what they're storing or even who for

    <danfish> I would be happy to do that popey - would me setting up a wiki page to explore further be an idea?

    <popey> you give over a chunk of your disk to the scheme

    <MichealH> Ahh I didnt know what it was I thought it was a "backup"

    <popey> danfish: yeah, and review each one maybe?

    <popey> ask for volunteers to help?

    <danfish> popey: yup, happy to do that :0

    <MichealH> danfish: I would volenteer

    <popey> me too

    <funkyHat> I might be interested in this too

    <popey> great!

    <danfish> I expect it's a long term project tho!

    <popey> sounds great danfish

    <MichealH> No matter I have over 200 GB to spare Smile :)

    <MichealH> Well 360 GB

    <popey> [ACTION] Danfish to document distributed backup solutions and call for volunteers on the list

Danfish to document distributed backup solutions and call for volunteers on the list

  • <popey> okay?

    <danfish> yup

    <popey> great!

    <cps> Smile :)

    <MichealH> Agreed

    <popey> anyone else got any points about that before we move on?

    <popey> 5

    <MichealH> Nope

    <popey> 4

    <popey> 3

    <popey> 2

    <popey> 1

    <popey> ok...

    <popey> [TOPIC] AlanBell - Profile Roulette

AlanBell - Profile Roulette

  • <popey> AlanBell !

    <AlanBell> ooh, me again

    <AlanBell> ok, so this is something invented by a student in the Irish team working on his masters degree

    <AlanBell> he is studying computing and at the moment looking at community development

    <AlanBell> and for the -ie team he kicked off a profile of the day project where they promote a different member of the team each day

    <AlanBell> to help people to get to know each other a bit better

    <MichealH> <1>

    <AlanBell> kind of a team building activity

    <MichealH> <1

    <MichealH> GRR

    <AlanBell> quite a good idea

    <MichealH> Info <!>

    <AlanBell> MichealH: what are you doing??

  • cps seconds AlanBell

    <czajkowski> Big Grin :)

    <MichealH> AlanBell: Info <!> Signifies you want to speak

    <popey> not here it doesnt

    <MichealH> AlanBell: It seems a good Idea

    <AlanBell> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/ProfileOfTheDay

    <AlanBell> that is the link to the original

    <AlanBell> I tweaked the concept a bit and added some additional wiki-foo

    <gneel> I was amused when the UK page picked popey when I first looked at it. Smile :-)

    <popey> heh

    <popey> me too!

    <AlanBell> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/ProfileRoulette

    <gneel> were you the only one with the tag?

    <AlanBell> gneel: first was daubers I think

    <czajkowski> yes daubers was first

    <gneel> Ah.

    <AlanBell> ok, so each day the ProfileRoulette page above will contain a different person's profile

    <gneel> It did spur me into updating my page a bit!

    <MichealH> popey: What a coincidence!

    <AlanBell> except for today coz I was out

    <AlanBell> if you want to join in there are some requirements

    <AlanBell> firstly, you need a wiki page on wiki.ubuntu.com

    <MichealH> AlanBell: Fire them at me!

    <popey> [ACTION] Everyone create and update their wiki page Smile :)

Everyone create and update their wiki page :)

  • <AlanBell> this is easy to create, you just need a launchpad account to log on to the wiki, then go to http://wiki.ubuntu.com/YourName and create a page there

    <MichealH> AlanBell: My Wikipage is differnt from my IRC Nick... Can I give it to you?

    <AlanBell> see other people's pages for examples of stuff to put on it

    <AlanBell> it doesn't matter what the exact page name is

    <AlanBell> at the end of the page put a horizontal line


  • <AlanBell> like that

    <AlanBell> then

    <gneel> MichealH: doesn't matter

    <MichealH> Oh :P

    <AlanBell> CategoryUKTeamProfile

    <AlanBell> that will put you on the index on this page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CategoryUKTeamProfile

    <AlanBell> I (or someone, doesn't have to be me) will use a fair random number generator each day to pick someone and update the ProfileRoulette page

    <AlanBell> you will note on the Profile Roulette page there is an edit this profile link

    <gneel> Is the process documented anywhere?

    <MichealH> AlanBell: May I volenteer?

    <AlanBell> that is for you to edit the profile of the current person and maybe fix something up or leave them a testimonial

    <AlanBell> gneel: documented in the minutes of this meeting Smile :-)

    <popey> \o/ auto minutes

    <gneel> AlanBell: Smile :-)

    <MichealH> Big Grin :) I <3 Bots!

    <AlanBell> MichealH: I am OK with doing it for the moment

    <popey> ok, thanks for that AlanBell

    <AlanBell> I will tend to tweet about it when I spin the wheel

    <AlanBell> probably with the #profileroulette hashtag

    <popey> the wheel of misfortune Smile :)

    <MichealH> AlanBell: I have a question

    <czajkowski> heh

    <AlanBell> and I am @alanbelltolc on twitter if you are not already following

    <AlanBell> MichealH: ask away

    <MichealH> AlanBell: If the same person is picked out then do you choode annother?

    <MichealH> *choose

  • cps seconds MichealH

    <AlanBell> incidentally I tweeted about #profile #roulette and a load of gambling sites retweeted it

    <MichealH> AlanBell: LOL

    <cps> fail

    <AlanBell> MichealH: no, it is random, but really not that important, I can't be bothered to keep track of the number of days each profile is up there

    <MichealH> Okay

    <AlanBell> actually if it was the same on consecutive days I would probably pick another

    <MichealH> AlanBell: Thats what I was saying :P

    <AlanBell> ok, if we all think this is a jolly good idea I will mail the list about it as well

    <czajkowski> jolly good

    <gneel> Cool

    <cps> Smile :)

    <cps> it's good

    <cps> Smile :)

    <popey> [ACTION] AlanBell to mail the list about profile roulette

AlanBell to mail the list about profile roulette

MichealH - Update on Website

  • MichealH waves

    <MichealH> Okay... The Website is coming along well but we have yet had anything close to someone make a HTML demo based on the mockups... Anyone Volenter?

    <MichealH> So what are the next steps?

    <MichealH> [LINK] www.ubuntu-uk.org


  • <MichealH> [LINK] wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam


  • <popey> oooh

    <MichealH> I am willing to make a Live Demo mockup thingy

    <MichealH> Anyone else want to help?

    <gneel> Someone was prepared. Smile :-)

    <funkyHat> I can probably help

    <popey> you know @daviey is working on the site too?

    <MichealH> Yes gneel

    <popey> have you spoken to daviey?

    <MichealH> I didnt knot that popey

    <popey> he talked about it at the last meeting

    <popey> and showed off some screenshots

    <AlanBell> well we have more bits in place now, such as the design toolkit and the first release of the font (to Ubuntu Members but only the regular weight)

    <popey> be good if you guys talked to eachother about this Smile :)

    <popey> don't want lots of duplication of effort

    <funkyHat> Is there some kind of NDA on the font or can people get hold of it if they aren't ubuntu members? ;D

    <popey> only ubuntu members can get the font at the moment

    <MichealH> Okay popey fire an [CTION]

    <MichealH> *[action]

    <popey> [ACTION] MichealH to contact daviey about the new website design

MichealH to contact daviey about the new website design

  • <MichealH> Big Grin :)

    <popey> win

    <MichealH> Everyone agree?

    <cps> yep

    <popey> yeah, do it!

    <MichealH> Okay popey Do your stuff

    <popey> MichealH: happy to move on?

    <MichealH> Yup Smile :) Unless there are questions?

    <popey> great, thanks

    <popey> [TOPIC] AlanBell - Release activities for 10.10

AlanBell - Release activities for 10.10

  • <popey> YOU AGAIN!

    <AlanBell> ooh again

    <MichealH> AlanBell: :/

    <AlanBell> right, so this is some way in advance of the release, but lets start thinking about release activites

    <cps> :L

    <AlanBell> the release day will be Sunday 10/10/10

    <popey> ooo, didnt notice it was a sunday

    <AlanBell> which is a bit odd, but we can work with that

    <AlanBell> yeah, the release team actually have to get the code ready for the friday

    <AlanBell> so there will no doubt be a London party organised by Canonical

    <AlanBell> not sure on which day

    <popey> can we action you to find out?

    <czajkowski> not odd, it was voted on to make it special seeing as the date is rather geeky

    <AlanBell> that is likely to be in a bar, over 21s and not really much about Ubuntu

    <gneel> I'm going to try and organise a party in Cardiff. Left it too late for 10.04

    <MichealH> AlanBell: I will have a mini-party here!

    <popey> czajkowski: sunday is an odd day to release

    <popey> czajkowski: and it was most definitely _not_ _voted_ on Smile :)

    <AlanBell> czajkowski: yes, 10/10/10 is great, sunday is odd

    <AlanBell> 101010 is 42 in binary

    <czajkowski> popey: was in the techboard or one of them boards I get confused upon

    <AlanBell> lets discuss the democratic process later Smile :-)

    <popey> yes, lets talk about parties Smile :)

    <AlanBell> so other things around that time?

    <AlanBell> do we want to do an installfest perhaps?

    <popey> ooo

    <brunogirin> actually a Sunday could be a good day for an installfest

    <popey> yeah

    <popey> or multiple ones Smile :)

    <AlanBell> it could

    <AlanBell> and we should have the actual code if they are spinning it on Friday

    <funkyHat> That would be a nice change D

    <czajkowski> how about install fest a potluck kinda thing

    <czajkowski> in a community halll ?

    <lee_cow> would it not be available through iso testing or did i miss a link on the iso topic

    <AlanBell> yeah, or perhaps schools/universities or something

    <czajkowski> people can be installing stuff, chatting and potluck means you provide the food

    <AlanBell> lee_cow: yeah, normally the final final .iso is only just going out to mirrors when the party kicks off

    <popey> ok, so a plan of action?

    <AlanBell> ok, any other types of activty?

    <AlanBell> I think for the installfests some venues need to be found

    <brunogirin> what about computer fairs? I know there are a couple of them every Saturday around Tottenham Court Rd

    <MichealH> House Party?

    <AlanBell> popey: tell you what, give me an action to mail the list and call for venues in different cities

    <popey> [ACTION] AlanBell to mail the list about venues for the 10.10 on 10.10.10 release party/installfest/picnic/jam/thing/doodah

AlanBell to mail the list about venues for the 10.10 on 10.10.10 release party/installfest/picnic/jam/thing/doodah

  • <popey> ok, time is short..

    <popey> [TOPIC] BrunoGirin - Update on Shotwell for Maverick

BrunoGirin - Update on Shotwell for Maverick

  • <MichealH> brunogirin: Anyone who reads OMG!Ubuntu! knows

    <brunogirin> MichaelH: yes, I know, I'm getting to the other interesting info but I wasn't as well prepared as you Smile :-)

    <brunogirin> Shotwell is developed by an organisation called Yorba

    <czajkowski> MichealH: will you stop interuptig people when they are explaining their action item

    <brunogirin> I accidentally got involved in solving bugs

    <popey> Smile :)

    <brunogirin> and am now delivering the F-Spot import functionality

    <popey> ooooo

    <brunogirin> The Yorba guys are very responsive and have brought their 0.7 release forward in order to release it in time for 10.10

    <brunogirin> so anybody interested in trying out the latest version of the software, get it from the Yorba PPA (version 0.6.1 at the moment)

    <brunogirin> anybody willing to do a bit more testing, it's really easy to install from source, provided you have the Vala compiler installed (apt-get install valac)

    <popey> is the f-spot import written?

    <brunogirin> [LINK] http://yorba.org/shotwell/install/

  • <MichealH> Thanks brunogirin

    <MichealH> I will test

    <popey> i.e. if i load shotwell on a machine that has lots of photos in f-spot will it pull them in? what can we do to test that?

    <brunogirin> popey: I have some working code, it's ticket #139 in Yorba's bug tracker

    <brunogirin> popey: it's not in yet but a first version should be ready within a week or 2

    <popey> would be good to let the loco know when it's ready

    <popey> I'm sure some people would like to test it

    <brunogirin> [LINK] http://trac.yorba.org/ticket/139

  • <funkyHat> yep

    <popey> great stuff

    <popey> would it be worth you mailing the list and/or blogging about it?

    <brunogirin> popey: will do, in fact, my next point was to coordinate testing during beta

    <brunogirin> yes I've been planning to blog about it for some time now but found it was more productive to actually get the code sorted for now Smile :-)

    <popey> so shall I give you an action to raise awareness on the list?

    <popey> and we can help promote it

    <brunogirin> yes, please do

    <popey> [ACTION] brunogirin to publicise testing of shotwell

brunogirin to publicise testing of shotwell

  • <popey> great, glad you brought it up, I have been wondering how the import would work!

    <popey> good to know a local is working on it Smile :)

    <popey> ok, thats all the main items...

    <popey> [TOPIC] popey - Any Other Business

popey - Any Other Business

  • <popey> anything else anyone wants to bring up?

    <MichealH> Nope.

    <lee_cow> nada

    <brunogirin> I'll be at GUADEC next week so will do a summary when back

    <popey> ok, great

    <popey> [TOPIC] popey - Date of next meeting

popey - Date of next meeting

  • <popey> 2 weeks or 4?

    <MichealH> I think popey has troubles looking at the tweet

    <MichealH> popey: 2 weeks.

    <gneel> 2

    <MichealH> Tes 3rd?

    <MichealH> *Tues 3rd

    <MichealH> Any objections?

    <popey> i cant do that

    <gneel> Can't make a Tuesday

    <MichealH> Wed 4th?

    <gneel> Yep

    <MichealH> popey: 4th?

    <popey> thats certainly two weeks..

    <popey> ok, no dissent, 4th it is

    <brunogirin> can't make the 4th Sad :-(

    <MichealH> So is it agreed?

    <MichealH> 5th?

    <czajkowski> would it be an idea to fix the date for the meeting... so a monthly meeting on a certain date ?

    <czajkowski> MichealH: you're not going to go through all of the dates are you in the month

    <popey> czajkowski: we have tried various ways of doing it

    <popey> moving it around helps people who can't do certain days

    <czajkowski> popey: fair enough just wondered, just hard to keep track

    <popey> yeah

    <MichealH> I really need to go but I want to stay to the end...

    <popey> thats why we pimp it a lot Smile :)

    <lee_cow> should the next meeting not be on the ubuntu-fridge calendar?

    <czajkowski> dontfoget to add it to the report Smile :)

    <popey> we can do that

    <popey> [TOPIC] Chair for next meeting

Chair for next meeting

  • <popey> I nominate czajkowski !

    <MichealH> popey: I nominate myself

    <AlanBell> ooh interesting, czajkowski for chair

    <czajkowski> Smile :)

    <czajkowski> it doesnt clash with anything so I can

    <popey> thanks

    <czajkowski> ok shall do it

    <popey> ok..

    <popey> #endmeeting

Meeting closed at 21:11

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  • lee_cow
  • gneel
  • Yorvyk
  • DJones
  • czajkowski
  • brunogirin
  • danfish
  • Thingymebob

Actions Recorded

  • popey to put the presentations online from UiB
  • Danfish to document distributed backup solutions and call for volunteers on the list
  • Everyone create and update their wiki page Smile :)

  • AlanBell to mail the list about profile roulette

  • MichealH to contact daviey about the new website design
  • AlanBell to mail the list about venues for the 10.10 on 10.10.10 release party/installfest/picnic/jam/thing/doodah

  • brunogirin to publicise testing of shotwell

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