Meeting opened by TheOpenSourcerer at 21:00

  • <DJones> Are we missing a popey or Daviey for any input

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Good evening everyone and thanks for being here. I will try and ensure that this meeting keeps on subject and flows swiftly. Here's the Agenda:

    <brobostigon> HazRPG: i set an android alarm,

    <AlanBell> o/

    <TheOpenSourcerer> [LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeamMeetingAgenda

  • <brobostigon> present. o/

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Please try to keep comments within the relevant topic, when I close a topic by posting the next one you may finish the line you are typing and return to it in any other business or after the meeting.

    <HazRPG> brobostigon: I should remember to do that

    <TheOpenSourcerer> We are using MootBot [LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScribesTeam/MootBot. If a vote is called you can say +1, 0 or -1 to record your vote.

    <brobostigon> HazRPG: Smile :)

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Want to do a roll call then?

    <brobostigon> Smile :)

    <AlanBell> o/

    <DJones> o/

    <HazRPG> sure

    <HazRPG> o/

    <TheOpenSourcerer> OK - Moving swiftly on to the first topic of the evening:

    <TheOpenSourcerer> [LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/LastMeeting

  • <TheOpenSourcerer> [TOPIC] Review of action items from last meeting

Review of action items from last meeting

  • <TheOpenSourcerer> As you may see, there weren't any actions that were actually *recorded* in the last meeting according to the Wiki, so this could be a very short topic.

    <dutchie> ooh, am i actually around for a meeting?

    <TheOpenSourcerer> If anyone thinks they did have an action and wants to discuss it please do so now.

    <HazRPG> dutchie: seems so

  • AlanBell skims the minutes

    <TheOpenSourcerer> However, reading through the recorded minutes of the last one, I do note the following discussions took place (abridged somewhat by me):

    <TheOpenSourcerer> <popey>so candtalan and barrydrake to report back about novatech and maplin?

    <TheOpenSourcerer> <candtalan> ok

    <TheOpenSourcerer> <barrydrake> YEP

    <TheOpenSourcerer> I also believe we decided to start an Etherpad type page to dicuss and plan a campaign to talk to PC retailers about trying to hold in-store "Ubuntu Days"...

    <popey> o/

    <TheOpenSourcerer> <TheOpenSourcerer> Why not use an etherpad page to do some prep

    <TheOpenSourcerer> <popey> yeah, we could mail the list and put a page together, good idea TheOpenSourcerer

  • AlanBell failed to send feedback to maggie Sad :(

    <TheOpenSourcerer> <TheOpenSourcerer> So there are consistent messages etc

    <TheOpenSourcerer> <popey> get some collaboration going

    <TheOpenSourcerer> <popey> yes, agreed

    <TheOpenSourcerer> I note that there were no timescales assigned. So can I suggest that we record these as actions now for the record? Then they can be followed up in future meetings?

    <popey> +1

  • AlanBell succeeded in getting beta.ubuntu.org up and running

    <DJones> +1

    <HazRPG> +1

    <AlanBell> or popey did to be accurate

    <AlanBell> +1

    <brobostigon> AlanBell: congrats, impressive, Smile :)

    <brobostigon> +1

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Thanks.

    <TheOpenSourcerer> OK.

    <TheOpenSourcerer> [ACTION] candtalan and barrydrake to report back about approaches to Novatech and Maplin?

candtalan and barrydrake to report back about approaches to Novatech and Maplin?

  • <TheOpenSourcerer> and

    <TheOpenSourcerer> [ACTION] Create an Etherpad style page in the first instance to collect ideas and "messages" to use.

Create an Etherpad style page in the first instance to collect ideas and "messages" to use.

  • <TheOpenSourcerer> Anyone else want to add any actions that should be here?

  • <popey> http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/UbuntuInStore

    <popey> there, we'll start that

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Great.

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Thanks popey

    <TheOpenSourcerer> OK, if nothing more, next then.

    <TheOpenSourcerer> [PROGRESS REPORT] People who have achieved something in February, please place it in the report.

People who have achieved something in February, please place it in the report.

  • <TheOpenSourcerer> That one?

  • brobostigon got natty working Smile :)

    <popey> win

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Anyone want to quickly mention any activities they have got up to for the record?

    <AlanBell> any more to add to this one? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/TeamReports/11/February

    <HazRPG> Guessing we need to create that page?

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Yep. Smile :-)

  • AlanBell checks against http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/2011plan

    <AlanBell> the ODF plugfest was interesting

    <TheOpenSourcerer> And the OSSG?

    <AlanBell> and I handed out about 25 CDs at the meeting with the home office chap

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Nice.

    <AlanBell> including one to Tariq of the Home Office and Qumar of the Cabinet Office

    <HazRPG> AlanBell: nice

    <TheOpenSourcerer> An extra house point for AlanBell I think.

    <AlanBell> and I think the chap from the MoD got one too Smile :)

    <brobostigon> agreed, TheOpenSourcerer

    <HazRPG> indeed

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Anyone else get up to anything then "Ubuntu-esque" then?

  • DJones wonders whether popey should mention the podcast

    <popey> its on the march page

    <DJones> ok

    <TheOpenSourcerer> OK?

    <popey> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/TeamReports/11/March

    <HazRPG> TheOpenSourcerer: Erm, I've been learning how to install/setup Ubuntu Server recently

    <TheOpenSourcerer> [link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/TeamReports/11/March

  • <TheOpenSourcerer> HazRPG: Have you told anyone else about it goodness?

    <AlanBell> is anyone doing an Ubuntu Developer week presentation?

    <AlanBell> because that should go on March if you are

    <HazRPG> Been taking notes of everything I learn and will slowly be posting them on my blog, and then later maybe make some videos to put up on the ubuntu/ubuntu-uk site

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Great,

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Anyone else or shall we move on?

    <HazRPG> TheOpenSourcerer: So far, my friends and people on #ubunut-uk ... but like I said, videos on the way hopefully Smile :)

    <TheOpenSourcerer> I will take that as a let's move on then...

    <TheOpenSourcerer> [TOPIC] AlanBell - Quiz night

AlanBell - Quiz night

  • <TheOpenSourcerer> Over to you AlanBell

    <AlanBell> yup, ok

    <HazRPG> AlanBell: Ubuntu Developer week?

    <brobostigon> Smile :)

    <AlanBell> so we have some schwag left over from the cloud expo event

    <AlanBell> and we decided the best way to dispose of it would be to use it as a prize in a quiz night

    <brobostigon> good thinking,

    <AlanBell> I have a team of crack quizmasters beavering away in dictionary corner making questions

    <brobostigon> hehe

    <AlanBell> and I fixed the quiz bot that we have in the #ubuntu-trivia channel

    <HazRPG> nice

    <AlanBell> and if I never see TCL again it will be too soon

    <TheOpenSourcerer> What are some of the great prizes AlanBell ?

    <AlanBell> oh yes, for the winners we have some baseball caps, for that American gangsta look

    <DJones> And what type of questions, Ubuntu/Linux/FSF or general knowledge/sport/General mix etc

    <AlanBell> wear with a hoodie to avoid being dragged on tiresome trips round shopping centres

    <HazRPG> ooo the ubuntu hoodie?

    <AlanBell> for the loser, we have a copy of the official Ubuntu Book, Edition 5

    <HazRPG> schweet!

    <AlanBell> HazRPG: no, you have to provide your own hoodie

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Sounds great.

    <HazRPG> oh the schweet was for the bookt

    <AlanBell> the questions will be on Ubuntu

  • brobostigon just had the vision of AlanBell as a hormonal teenager in ubuntu cap and hoodie.

    <HazRPG> brobostigon: same


    <AlanBell> a whole new category of questions that have not been loaded into the bot as yet

    <TheOpenSourcerer> brobostigon: You are not that far from the truth

    <brobostigon> TheOpenSourcerer: hehe, Smile :)

    <AlanBell> some, all, or none of the questions may have been written by picking random bits out of the book

    <brobostigon> ok,

    <dutchie> ooh, a quiz night

    <TheOpenSourcerer> So when will the quiz take place?

    <dutchie> doodle poll?

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Do we want to decide now or ask further afield?

    <AlanBell> I would like to kinda decide now

    <brobostigon> not on a pub night, Sad :(

    <AlanBell> and I think it should be part drinking game too

  • AlanBell checks diary

    <TheOpenSourcerer> [IDEA] Quiz should be part drinking game too

Quiz should be part drinking game too

  • <DJones> Maybe the easter weekend could be a good idea, or Royal wedding weekend, although somewhat far off

    <HazRPG> oh wait, so is this an actual quiz meetup or a bot-based one?

  • brobostigon doesnt like AlanBell's idea.

    <AlanBell> HazRPG: bot based

    <DJones> Both bank holidays so a fair number of people are likely not to be concerned with work the next day

    <AlanBell> drinking isn't compulsory, don't worry

    <HazRPG> heh, would be interesting if we could setup a VoIP or V/VoIP conference up too Smile :)

    <TheOpenSourcerer> You could always pretend too?

  • brobostigon just doesnt like drinking games-

    <AlanBell> HazRPG: it would be a good time to try a mumble server or something

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Hmm, where did that question mark come from?

    <HazRPG> AlanBell: I've setup mumble countless times, so I could assist in that Smile :)

    <brobostigon> HazRPG: interesting idea, Smile :)

    <HazRPG> can even host it on my new VPS I've setup with my new ubuntu server skills (WIP)

    <AlanBell> I think a lot of people go to visit family over easter

    <dutchie> yeah, pub quiz + mumble sounds fun

    <brobostigon> what is mumble,?

    <dutchie> brobostigon: it's like irc for voice chat

    <popey> open source skype

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Thanks brobostigon

    <popey> basically

    <TheOpenSourcerer> I was wondering who'd ask.

    <brobostigon> interesting,

    <TheOpenSourcerer> How long do you think the Quiz would take AlanBell

    <HazRPG> Its a voice service much like TeamSpeak/Ventrilo/Skype

    <brobostigon> flash or something similer needed?

    <HazRPG> brobostigon: nope, but mumble needs to be installed on your machine (in the repo)

    <dutchie> no, it has its own dedicated client

    <AlanBell> TheOpenSourcerer: half an hour to an hour I should think, depends how fast we go through the questions and how many get written

    <brobostigon> HazRPG: ah, i see.

    <AlanBell> we can always go on to the generic linux questions, there are thousands of them

    <AlanBell> so dates

    <AlanBell> week day or weekend?

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Not Fridays for me Smile :-)

    <HazRPG> I don't mind helping with setting up mumble, and maybe having like a pre-quiz "get mumble working" thing going

    <brobostigon> TheOpenSourcerer: same here,

    <dutchie> i'm a student, so every day is simultaneously a work day and weekend

    <HazRPG> I'm flexible

    <dutchie> \o/

    <brobostigon> also thursday might be difficult.

    <AlanBell> I see my elves are up to Q29 now

    <DJones> Weekend would suit me better, early starts on weekday mornings mean early to bed

    <HazRPG> as long as I have a day I can write down/save - I'm sorted Smile :)

  • popey suspects Saturday might be best

  • brobostigon would agree with popey

    <HazRPG> Yeah, Saturday probably be best for a lot of people.

    <TheOpenSourcerer> How long away from now then approximately?

    <AlanBell> how about March 19th after lots of rugby?

    <brobostigon> i am open, really.

    <dutchie> march 19th is perfect for me

    <dutchie> i was about to say i was busy both the next two

  • Daviey staggers in late, sorry

    <TheOpenSourcerer> 19th will be bad. Will not be back till late.

    <TheOpenSourcerer> And will be very drunk.

    <HazRPG> Daviey: talking about setting up a quiz night to get rid of some ubuntu swag

    <AlanBell> late is a problem, drunk isn't so much

    <AlanBell> I can't do 26th

    <DJones> Just a thought, IRC rather than voice may make it easier deciding who gets the correct answer first rather than trying to listen to multiple voices shouting an answer

    <TheOpenSourcerer> I can't do the 2nd April.

    <AlanBell> DJones: we have the technology

    <AlanBell> DJones: quizbot in #ubuntu-trivia

    <HazRPG> DJones: voip isn't for the quiz Wink ;)

    <AlanBell> 9th then?

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Can I suggest you do a doodle poll AlanBell?

    <HazRPG> DJones: its just so we can have a banter while the quiz is on

    <TheOpenSourcerer> At least we can get some more people to join in as well.

    <DJones> May be worth opening this up to the mailing list as well

    <DJones> (to decide upon the date)

    <AlanBell> yeah, ok, I will do a doodle picking several dates including 9th, 16th April and some others

    <AlanBell> action me up

    <DJones> Sounds a good plan

    <HazRPG> I don't know what you mean by doodle, but we could setup a pad with dates, listed, and people just tally their votes on it

    <TheOpenSourcerer> [ACTION] AlanBell to do a doodle picking several dates including 9th, 16th April and some others

AlanBell to do a doodle picking several dates including 9th, 16th April and some others

  • <AlanBell> HazRPG: don't worry, it will all make sense

    <AlanBell> ok, probably done on the quiz for now then

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Are we done for now on this one?

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Thanks for that AlanBell.

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Moving on then.

    <TheOpenSourcerer> [TOPIC] Any Other Business

Any Other Business

  • <TheOpenSourcerer> Anyone AOB to discuss?

    <HazRPG> Erm...

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Silence is golden as they say ...

  • HazRPG thinks

    <DJones> One thing I thought of that isn't on the schedule, given Daviey's plans on stepping down as UK contact is to consider a replacement

    <DJones> Or pressgang a volunteer, maybe something to take to the next meeting so people can think & Daviey can hopefully list out what the responisbilities are

    <Daviey> DJones, Yes... It;s already scheduled to have closed

    <TheOpenSourcerer> The process is underway I thought.

    <DJones> Daviey: ok, no worries, I hadn't realised

    <Daviey> Whilst I believe AlanBell would make a super replacement, i am somewhat concerned with it being a one horse race.

  • AlanBell is not a horse

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Ha

    <TheOpenSourcerer> His wife would confirm that.

    <AlanBell> just like to be clear on that point you understand

    <AlanBell> OI!!

    <Daviey> AlanBell, don't look so long in the face about it.

    <popey> AlanBell: Nay!

    <brobostigon> lol

    <HazRPG> harsh lol

    <TheOpenSourcerer> I have one for AOB I think...

    <Daviey> So...

    <popey> Daviey: whats the plan then?

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Any initial plans/ideas suggestions for the Natty release party?

    <Daviey> TheOpenSourcerer, Hold fire

    <popey> hang on TheOpenSourcerer Smile :)

    <TheOpenSourcerer> OK.

  • brobostigon wont be, but might suggest one in oxford.

    <Daviey> I'd like a vote...

    <popey> 0

    <Daviey> A) Just Declare AlanBell new leader

    <Daviey> Awesome! B) Have an election with AlanBell and "None of the above"

    <Daviey> C) Chase for more potential candidates

    <Daviey> do we have quorum? Smile :)

    <TheOpenSourcerer> I have a question before that. How did you get the role Daviey?

  • popey votes for 2 weeks of C) followed by A) if nobody steps up

    <Daviey> TheOpenSourcerer, vote

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Any other candidates?

    <HazRPG> 2nds popey's notion

  • DJones nominates Phinias/Ferb/Insert Random nick here Smile :)

    <brobostigon> +1 for popey' idea.

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Yeah - +1 for popey 's idea

    <popey> https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-uk/+poll/teamlead09

    <popey> ^ the vote that happened last time

    <HazRPG> although, I'm fine with AlanBell getting it though Smile :)

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Do we have general agreement on popey 's plan?

    <HazRPG> seems that way

    <brobostigon> +1

    <HazRPG> +1

    <DJones> Being totally honest, I don't see anybody more appropriate to being appointed to the role than AlanBell, unless TheOpenSourcerer decides to stand against him

    <AlanBell> do a vote on it TheOpenSourcerer

    <Daviey> +1

    <popey> for what its worth, thats what we do in other teams / councils / boards in Ubuntu

    <Daviey> There was one other person that expressed an interest some weeks ago

    <Daviey> But can't remember who that was... adn they haven't stepped up

    <popey> hmm, if you make it 2 weeks today for example, then we could end it on the next meeting

    <Daviey> ++1

    <TheOpenSourcerer> I don't feel that there enough of us here to decide on the role itself?

    <popey> TheOpenSourcerer: there is no constitutional setup for the team to determine that Smile :)

    <Daviey> Yeah

    <popey> traditionally the outgoing person set the terms for the next one

    <Daviey> equally, it's always been a point of contention if it is purely PoC or Leader

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Daviey then? Your choice I reckon

    <popey> I'm not saying its right or wrong

    <popey> it just was the way we did it

    <dutchie> do we prehaps need a proper constitution?

    <popey> ideally I'd like a policy set and it be reused

    <HazRPG> agreed

    <Daviey> That sounds like an Action for daubers Smile :)

    <popey> but nothing too onerous

    <AlanBell> fwiw nominations were called for on this page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/2011Election

    <HazRPG> personally a proper vote should be done

    <TheOpenSourcerer> [IDEA] popey would ideally like a policy set and it be reused

popey would ideally like a policy set and it be reused

  • <HazRPG> that way, no one can complain if they didn't vote

    <popey> i dont think its unreasonable to extend the call

    <DJones> When did that nominations page get created

    <popey> we could spend the time gettin the word out

    <brobostigon> we need allpossible candiates time to come forward.

    <popey> it should also be detailed what the role entails

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Can we vote on a 2 week notice from today then?

    <AlanBell> DJones: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/2011Election?action=info

    <popey> TheOpenSourcerer: I'm happy to

    <popey> Smile :)

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Do we need to?

    <DJones> So, nearly 3 weeks and only AlanBell has put his name forward

    <brobostigon> +1,

    <HazRPG> ah yes, I remember seeing that in the last meeting

    <Daviey> volunteer for blog post calling for candidates?

    <popey> o/

    <Daviey> awesome Smile :)

    <popey> will write it tonight

    <HazRPG> o/

    <popey> and will post it to mailing list

    <popey> (if you want)

    <DJones> To avoid disputes, probably better to notify the list/irc of a 2 week notice period for the vote

    <TheOpenSourcerer> An Action then.

    <HazRPG> probably best to post on the mailing list Smile :)

    <Daviey> Would 1 week make the process faster?

    <Daviey> Don't wanna just needlessly linger

    <popey> 2 weeks would allow us to pimp it on the podcast Wink ;)

    <Daviey> hah

    <AlanBell> then what, A or B?

    <brobostigon> candiate pimping,

    <brobostigon> hmm.

    <DJones> How is the vote to be carried out? next meeting, poll, Mailing list etc

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Something like this?

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Team to call for candidates. Unless anyone else comes in 2 weeks, AlanBell gets it by default?

    <AlanBell> DJones: condorcet

    <DJones> AlanBell: Fair enough

    <popey> everyone in the lp team is eligible

    <popey> and the team gets locked before the vote

    <popey> so people dont join 20 people to vote

    <AlanBell> DJones: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-uk/2011-February/028779.html

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Can I suggest an action: "team effort to try and garner some more candidates for two weeks from today?"

    <Daviey> +1

    <TheOpenSourcerer> 17th March closing date.

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Midday.

    <popey> yup

    <HazRPG> +1

    <popey> next meeting on 17th at 21:00, to kick off the vote or nominate?

    <Daviey> hmm.. we need a venue for the crowning ceremony... and i need to get the crown cleaned.

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Hmm, not that many supporters. Any decenters for that suggestion?

    <TheOpenSourcerer> No?

  • AlanBell is abstaining from decisions about voting procedures

    <TheOpenSourcerer> OK then.

    <TheOpenSourcerer> [ACTION] team effort to try and garner some more candidates for two weeks. Closing date 17th March 12:00

team effort to try and garner some more candidates for two weeks. Closing date 17th March 12:00

  • <HazRPG> sounds good to me

    <popey> yup

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Anything else on this subject?

  • popey is writing a blog post as we speak Smile :)

    <AlanBell> if there should be no other candidates what happens?

    <Daviey> popey, I have a draft, if that helps? Smile :)

  • HazRPG pins medal to popey's chest

    <popey> haha

    <Daviey> AlanBell, I say you just get it....

    <popey> the suggestion was that AlanBell gets it

    <TheOpenSourcerer> AlanBell: I would guess you get the position

    <Daviey> "None of the above" doesn't help

  • popey puts a snooker ball in a sock and goes to give AlanBell it

    <Daviey> .. i suspect most are ambivalent

    <popey> +12

    <TheOpenSourcerer> I think you are right Daviey

    <TheOpenSourcerer> But we should also try to be fair and inclusive.

    <Daviey> Agreed

    <HazRPG> AlanBell should just get it if nothing comes out of the polls/calls to candidates

    <AlanBell> great, I hope there are other candidates actually, the CIVS process is cool for democracy geeks

    <HazRPG> obviously during the next meeting

    <TheOpenSourcerer> You started the "one horse race" discussion in the first place.

    <TheOpenSourcerer> OK - can we move on then?

    <HazRPG> would be cool if I get to experience the CIVS process (pretending to know what that means)

    <HazRPG> TheOpenSourcerer: Sure

    <TheOpenSourcerer> HazRPG: The throw your hat into the proverbial ring.

    <TheOpenSourcerer> OK. Still on AOB then.

  • <AlanBell> http://www.cs.cornell.edu/andru/civs.html

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Any plans/ideas suggestions for the release party?

    <TheOpenSourcerer> It's next month.

    <Daviey> Ooo

    <brobostigon> TheOpenSourcerer: i wont be doing one again, but might do an afternoon, over in oxford.

    <AlanBell> from the plan: "London release party with the Ubuntu release team - Looking for a venue near milbank - John Stevenson @JR0cket"

    <Daviey> I'll be in London o/

    <popey> heh

    <HazRPG> when is it?

    <AlanBell> 28th April I think

    <Daviey> "When it's ready" Smile :)

    <HazRPG> :P

    <AlanBell> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyReleaseSchedule

    <HazRPG> I would like to do one, but I haven't a clue where to start - and I have a feeling there's not enough interest in cumbria for it

    <TheOpenSourcerer> I didn't have any ideas myself - I just thought I'd ask.

    <HazRPG> but would be nice if we could get one going

    <AlanBell> Daviey: would it be Gerry Carr and team organising it?

    <AlanBell> from the Canonical side

    <Daviey> AlanBell, Suspect not

    <HazRPG> esp since I don't know any venues in Carlisle that would lend us a room to do it

    <brobostigon> HazRPG: i would startwith an email to your local lugs mailing lists.

    <popey> hehe

    <Daviey> AlanBell, I'll dig tomorrow regarding that.

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Want to move on? It doesn't seem to have captured our joint imagination yet.

    <AlanBell> ok great

    <AlanBell> the trouble is we spend weeks checking out venues and organising stuff, then Canonical just do something else

    <HazRPG> brobostigon: Our LUG seems dead Sad :( - been subscribed to it for about 3 weeks and only 1 e-mail has ever come through

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Have we done with AOB then?

    <AlanBell> stuff outside London is in some ways easier as you won't get trumped by Canonical

    <brobostigon> HazRPG: try and bring it alove again, if anything, take control and gets things going again.

    <brobostigon> alive*

  • TheOpenSourcerer likes the sound of alove

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Anyway.

    <HazRPG> brobostigon: might do that

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Next topic then.

    <TheOpenSourcerer> [TOPIC] Date of next meeting

Date of next meeting

  • <brobostigon> HazRPG: get hold of the current, lead, and work from there.

    <TheOpenSourcerer> I think this has already been decided

    <brobostigon> yes.

    <TheOpenSourcerer> 17th March? The crowning day.

    <HazRPG> sounds good Smile :)

    <popey> yup

    <brobostigon> works here, is it a thursday?

    <brobostigon> yes, should be ok.

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Anyone any problems with the 17th?

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Time?

    <brobostigon> if not, my vote will have to be pre-cast.

    <TheOpenSourcerer> is 9PM ok for everyone?

    <brobostigon> should be,

    <brobostigon> yes.

    <TheOpenSourcerer> It's better for me than 8 if I'm honext

    <brobostigon> me too.

    <AlanBell> fine

    <TheOpenSourcerer> OK.

    <TheOpenSourcerer> [ACTION] Next Meeting 17th March at 9:00PM UK Time.

Next Meeting 17th March at 9:00PM UK Time.

  • <TheOpenSourcerer> Can someone with the right privileges set the date in the /topic of #ubuntu-uk and #ubuntu-uk-meeting please?

    <HazRPG> yeah

    <TheOpenSourcerer> And finally:

    <popey> fill yer boots

    <TheOpenSourcerer> [TOPIC] Chair for next meeting

Chair for next meeting

  • <TheOpenSourcerer> Who will take the reins next time then? Come on, don't all rush at once...

    <popey> ...

  • HazRPG hides

    <popey> Sad :(

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Hear the tumbleweed

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Oh dear.

    <popey> go on then

    <popey> i will

    <HazRPG> still need to attend more before I attempt to hold a meeting :P

    <TheOpenSourcerer> popey: You did it last time.

    <TheOpenSourcerer> HazRPG: It is quite easy.

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Go on have a go.

    <TheOpenSourcerer> We'll be nice.

    <brobostigon> i wont, incase i wont be able to make it,

    <TheOpenSourcerer> It will be a lively meeting too Smile :-)

    <HazRPG> that's what scares me xD

    <TheOpenSourcerer> I'm not going to try and force you.

    <HazRPG> I might do the one after that Smile :)

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Don't make me do it.

    <TheOpenSourcerer> OK.

    <HazRPG> cos this is my 2nd meeting I've seen so far (I think?)

    <TheOpenSourcerer> popey: Thanks.

    <popey> np

    <HazRPG> hmm, would be interesting to see AlanBell do it :P

    <TheOpenSourcerer> [AGREED] popey to chair next meeting.

popey to chair next meeting.

  • <HazRPG> specially if he gets crowned :P

    <TheOpenSourcerer> I don't feel that would be "proper" though.

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Thanks everyone, that was great. See you next time.

    <TheOpenSourcerer> #endmeeting

Meeting closed at 22:04

People Present

Actions Recorded

  • candtalan and barrydrake to report back about approaches to Novatech and Maplin?
  • Create an Etherpad style page in the first instance to collect ideas and "messages" to use.
  • AlanBell to do a doodle picking several dates including 9th, 16th April and some others

  • team effort to try and garner some more candidates for two weeks. Closing date 17th March 12:00
  • Next Meeting 17th March at 9:00PM UK Time.

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