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  • 20:00:01 <TheOpenSourcerer> #startmeeting

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    20:00:10 <brobostigon> o/

    20:00:16 <TheOpenSourcerer> Hi all.

    20:00:16 <TheOpenSourcerer> The agenda for tonight is on the wiki at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeamMeetingAgenda

    20:00:16 <TheOpenSourcerer> The minutes of the last meeting are here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/LastMeeting

    20:00:16 <TheOpenSourcerer> Whose "in da house" this evening then?

    20:00:18 <AlanBell> o/

    20:00:56 <suprengr> o/

    20:01:02 <brobostigon> o/

    20:01:07 <GreenDance> o/

    20:01:22 <TheOpenSourcerer> OK then thanks everyone. Let's get going then...

    20:01:29 <TheOpenSourcerer> [TOPIC] TheOpenSourcerer - review of action items from last meeting

    20:01:48 <TheOpenSourcerer> Oooh has the bot changed?

    20:01:53 <brobostigon> we got reapproved, Smile :)

    20:02:07 <TheOpenSourcerer> #meetingtopic [TOPIC] TheOpenSourcerer - review of action items from last meeting

    20:02:16 <AlanBell> ah, one sec Smile :)

    20:02:46 <AlanBell> try now

    20:02:48 <TheOpenSourcerer> #meetingtopic [TOPIC] TheOpenSourcerer - review of action items from last meeting

    20:03:04 <TheOpenSourcerer> Not that many actions from the last meeting, although I think we do have some progress reports coming...

    20:03:26 <TheOpenSourcerer> #progress [PROGRESS REPORT] People who have achieved something in August, please place it in the report here

    20:03:26 <TheOpenSourcerer> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/TeamReports/11/August

    20:03:40 * AlanBell creates

    20:04:10 <AlanBell> we should add stuff to that, oggcamp in particular

    20:04:10 <TheOpenSourcerer> Has anyone done much in August?

    20:04:16 <TheOpenSourcerer> Apart from OggCamp

    20:04:28 <AlanBell> and the reapproval

    20:04:44 <TheOpenSourcerer> Shall we move on to Oggcamp then?

    20:04:59 <TheOpenSourcerer> #progress [PROGRESS REPORT] Oggcamp

    20:05:28 <TheOpenSourcerer> I went - it was great.

    20:05:43 <brobostigon> sorry again for my non attendence, health issues. but jessica did tell me, i was asked about.

    20:06:08 <TheOpenSourcerer> Whose going to report on oggcamp then?

    20:06:11 <AlanBell> #link http://blip.tv/show/772977 here are the videos of the talks

    20:06:24 <TheOpenSourcerer> I think the bot has dies

    20:06:30 <TheOpenSourcerer> *died

    20:06:31 <AlanBell> nope, it is just quieter

    20:06:36 <TheOpenSourcerer> Ah

    20:07:13 <TheOpenSourcerer> No one else want to talk about Oggcamp then?

    20:07:14 <AlanBell> the idea is that it doesn't say anything in the channel unless it is useful

    20:07:48 <AlanBell> there are writeups here http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/OggCamp11BlogPosts

    20:08:06 <AlanBell> and here http://lanyrd.com/2011/oggcamp/writeups/

    20:08:28 <popey> moo

    20:08:44 <TheOpenSourcerer> just saw your tweet from a field in devon popey

    20:08:48 <TheOpenSourcerer> lol

    20:08:49 <popey> i am

    20:09:00 <TheOpenSourcerer> We are on Oggcamp report

    20:09:28 <popey> give that to me as an action, will do it whilst on hols

    20:09:35 <TheOpenSourcerer> ok 20:09:39 * bigcalm has a memory like a sive. Hi peeps

    20:10:07 <TheOpenSourcerer> #action popey to do a report on the amazing oggcamp event 20:10:07 * meetingology popey to do a report on the amazing oggcamp event

    20:10:16 <popey> \o/

    20:10:23 <TheOpenSourcerer> OK moving on then.

    20:10:26 <popey> (thats all I popped in to say) sorry, can't stop

    20:10:29 <popey> moooooving on.

    20:10:30 <popey> o/

    20:10:36 <AlanBell> moo o/

    20:10:39 <bigcalm> Hi/bye popey

    20:10:40 <TheOpenSourcerer> ttfn

    20:10:41 <TheOpenSourcerer> #progress [PROGRESS REPORT] Reapproval

    20:10:54 <AlanBell> yay, we got reapproved \o/

    20:11:02 <TheOpenSourcerer> Yay

    20:11:15 <brobostigon> perks. Smile :)

    20:11:26 <TheOpenSourcerer> Is there any more to say on this subject?

    20:11:27 <AlanBell> so well done everyone who did stuff that went into the reapproval application, (and all the stuff that didn't make it)

    20:11:47 <AlanBell> lets document stuf we do as we go along and make it easier next time Smile :)

    20:11:51 <TheOpenSourcerer> How often do they happen

    20:11:58 <AlanBell> every two years

    20:11:59 <TheOpenSourcerer> the reapprovals I mean

    20:12:02 <TheOpenSourcerer> OK

    20:12:23 <TheOpenSourcerer> So why not start a wiki page for the next time now...

    20:12:31 <TheOpenSourcerer> So stuff isn't done in a rush

    20:13:08 <brobostigon> yes, good planning,

    20:13:21 <AlanBell> good idea

    20:13:47 <suprengr> [or oush for a longer gap between reapprovals?]

    20:13:48 <AlanBell> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/ReApprovalApplication2013

    20:13:53 <suprengr> *push

    20:14:08 <TheOpenSourcerer> OK. that it for this topic?

    20:14:12 <AlanBell> yup

    20:14:22 <TheOpenSourcerer> Great. Next.

    20:14:22 <TheOpenSourcerer> #meetingtopic [TOPIC] AlanBell - Ubuntu UK Happy Hour

    20:14:33 <bigcalm> Beer!

    20:14:34 <AlanBell> yay

    20:14:38 <AlanBell> beer indeed

    20:14:53 <AlanBell> so the idea with this is to do a somewhat regular real-world meetup

    20:14:58 <AlanBell> but in a moving location

    20:15:14 <suprengr> a train?

    20:15:14 <AlanBell> http://ubuntu-uk.org/happy-hour/

    20:15:17 <brobostigon> yes, i remeber this being talked about last meeting.

    20:15:21 <GreenDance> I can't travel at the moment, sorry.

    20:15:32 <AlanBell> suprengr: almost certainly including a train at some point, yes Smile :)

    20:15:40 <bigcalm> Two things I'm unclear of: 1) how to get local people interested in coming. 2) what to do once they come.

    20:15:49 <TheOpenSourcerer> GreenDance: Then have on in your local :-D

    20:15:50 <AlanBell> 2) drink beer

    20:15:56 <TheOpenSourcerer> *one

    20:16:06 <brobostigon> 3) talk.

    20:16:28 <GreenDance> TheOpenSourcerer, sorry I don't follow, have what in my local?

    20:16:39 <AlanBell> propose a pub

    20:16:39 <suprengr> 4) drink beer & talk

    20:16:40 <TheOpenSourcerer> A happy hour

    20:17:04 <brobostigon> 5) maybe eat food.

    20:17:08 <TheOpenSourcerer> GreenDance: See the link above

    20:17:13 <AlanBell> so, we will put together a list of pubs scattered about the country, and arrange them in some kind of order so it bounces about all over the place

    20:17:17 <TheOpenSourcerer> Anyone can hold/organise one

    20:17:18 <bigcalm> It's a way of bringing loco people together in a physical space

    20:17:20 <AlanBell> (the map isn't great right now)

    20:17:44 <AlanBell> and we will advertise them on the LoCo mailing list and the various social media thingies

    20:18:08 <brobostigon> Smile :)

    20:18:11 <brobostigon> i like.

    20:18:12 <AlanBell> and then people can turn up to meetings that are sufficiently local for them to go to

    20:18:37 <AlanBell> if you want one near you then tell me the name of the pub and it's postcode

    20:18:49 <bigcalm> From what I've seen of the map, I don't see many people coming to the pub I suggested. Which means I go looking for other people's pubs

    20:18:59 <AlanBell> whut??

    20:19:19 <bigcalm> How many people are likely to come to Telford?

    20:19:25 <AlanBell> there is no attendance list

    20:19:42 <brobostigon> i know atleast one person that would do banbury.

    20:19:46 <GreenDance> do we need to bring our laptops?

    20:19:52 <brobostigon> no

    20:20:19 <brobostigon> i think it meant to be more social, and then tech if people want that.

    20:20:30 <StevenR> do we have a "where are people" map ? (no details, just an idea of where folk are)

    20:20:33 <AlanBell> there is no formal requirement or agenda or anything, it is just meeting people who are somewhat nearby

    20:20:37 <AlanBell> StevenR: yes

    20:20:40 <bigcalm> GreenDance: up to you. But it's about physical interaction. The lug meetings I've been to, everybody was on a netbook and not interacting

    20:20:45 <AlanBell> http://ubuntu-uk.org/where-are-we/

    20:20:48 <StevenR> o/ btw Smile :)

    20:21:23 * AlanBell sees several pins within striking distance of telford

    20:21:42 <bigcalm> The map may have been updated since I last looked Smile :)

    20:21:51 <AlanBell> anyhow, I would particularly like some more proposals from the left and right of the country, it is all a bit middlish so far

    20:22:36 <AlanBell> ideally it would squiggle about all over the place

    20:23:09 <AlanBell> so every few months everyone has one they could get to if sufficiently motivated

    20:23:40 <AlanBell> and if it works out we can increase the frequency, do two at once etc. etc.

    20:23:59 <TheOpenSourcerer> We *know* there are plenty of peeps in the West Country... You know who you are :-D

    20:24:02 <bigcalm> What's the happy hour url?

    20:24:11 <AlanBell> http://ubuntu-uk.org/happy-hour/

    20:24:29 <bigcalm> A more noticeable link on the site would help Smile :)

    20:24:30 <bigcalm> Ta

    20:24:42 <AlanBell> the line is currently in no particular order

    20:25:07 <AlanBell> it will have a better link on the site when we are ready to announce the first 6 or so venues

    20:25:17 <bigcalm> Fair enough

    20:25:35 <TheOpenSourcerer> OK - Anything more on the Happy Hour for now>

    20:25:41 <TheOpenSourcerer> *?

    20:25:50 <AlanBell> not from me

    20:25:55 <brobostigon> nope

    20:25:57 <bigcalm> I'm happy for now

    20:26:19 <TheOpenSourcerer> #meetingtopic [TOPIC] TheOpenSourcerer - Any Other Business

    20:26:34 <TheOpenSourcerer> AOB - Anyone got anything they want to discuss?

    20:26:44 <GreenDance> Yes, I do.

    20:26:51 <TheOpenSourcerer> go ahead

    20:26:57 <GreenDance> Thank you.

    20:27:35 <GreenDance> I would like to see more linux/ubuntu in education.

    20:27:51 <GreenDance> The schools are drilling Microsoft into the pupils

    20:28:30 <GreenDance> I can't get my nepheu's to change from Windows to Ubuntu, because "windows is on the school's computers"

    20:29:05 <GreenDance> It's "windows" this, and "windows" that.

    20:29:07 <TheOpenSourcerer> This is a subject that has been (and will continue to be) discussed for sometime I think.

    20:29:12 <StevenR> the one thing I found that Ubuntu didn't have (or I would have pushed for it) was the lack of a good DTP package

    20:29:55 <suprengr> got a kid in school - go see the governors?

    20:29:56 <StevenR> I felt I couldn't push to use it on the desktop as a result (used to work as a school Network Manager)

    20:30:27 <TheOpenSourcerer> The education sector - especially the public sector - is a very hard nut to crack. There are many issues of which a proportion are non-technical.

    20:30:28 <suprengr> inkscape?

    20:30:35 <suprengr> libre office?

    20:30:40 <AlanBell> it has good DTP packages (scribus for one) but not packages that are exactly the same as MS Publisher

    20:30:43 <GreenDance> Ubuntu could easly replace Windows at my nepheu's school, all the packages the student's use is IE and Office

    20:30:56 <AlanBell> anyhow, GreenDance do you have a proposal to change this?

    20:31:07 <StevenR> AlanBell: sorry, Scribus simply doesn't cut it when compared to Serif Page Plus 20:31:54 * brobostigon plays with his moustache in deep thought.

    20:32:07 <AlanBell> the Raspberry Pi project is an interesting thing that is targetting UK education, it is an ARM board for about £15. It won't run Ubuntu but will run Debian.

    20:32:24 <brobostigon> i want one of those.

    20:32:54 <AlanBell> http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2011/aug/28/ict-changes-needed-national-curriculum

    20:33:05 <GreenDance> I propose we email schools, the head masters directly, with a brief email linking them to a website, showing that ubuntu/linux has far more advantages to pupils than microsoft

    20:33:07 <TheOpenSourcerer> Might I suggest that a sub-project be started to specifically look at how to improve Ubuntu's coverage in the education area?

    20:33:14 <StevenR> do we have a presence at the UK edu tech show? (forgotten it's name just now)

    20:33:26 <TheOpenSourcerer> There is a great deal to consider.

    20:33:28 <AlanBell> BETT, and no, too expensive

    20:33:37 <TheOpenSourcerer> StevenR: Been there, done that.

    20:33:51 <suprengr> send them a copy of edubuntu?

    20:34:18 <AlanBell> TheOpenSourcerer: that is a good suggestion

    20:34:35 <TheOpenSourcerer> Perhaps GreenDance would like to kick it off?

    20:35:38 <GreenDance> TheOpenSourcerer, I have tried at my local school, back when I was a student myself, they were very Microsoft driven.

    20:36:33 <TheOpenSourcerer> I'm suggesting that we approach it a bit more methodically. Start by documenting what it is we want to achieve and where the obstacles are likely to be.

    20:37:05 <GreenDance> Agreed.

    20:37:46 <TheOpenSourcerer> Great. Can you sort out a Wiki page/Etherpad and get the ball rolling?

    20:37:54 <TheOpenSourcerer> We will all help

    20:39:13 <GreenDance> I'm not sure how I would go about setting one up

    20:39:38 <GreenDance> or do you mean me buying a domain and setting one up that way?

    20:39:47 <TheOpenSourcerer> We can show you afterwards in the normal channel

    20:39:55 <GreenDance> ok, thank you

    20:39:56 <TheOpenSourcerer> No on the loco wiki

    20:40:05 <GreenDance> sure Smile :)

    20:40:10 <TheOpenSourcerer> Great.

    20:40:13 <TheOpenSourcerer> #action GreenDance to start a sub-project specifically look at how to improve Ubuntu's coverage in the education area.

    20:40:13 * meetingology GreenDance to start a sub-project specifically look at how to improve Ubuntu's coverage in the education area.

    20:40:41 <TheOpenSourcerer> Anyone else got any AOB?

    20:40:47 <brobostigon> nope

    20:40:48 <bigcalm> Not from me

    20:40:54 <GreenDance> I have one more if that's ok.

    20:41:01 <TheOpenSourcerer> Please do.

    20:42:21 <GreenDance> During the Ubuntu Install, at the end of the install process, would it not be possible to allow the end user to remove packages before the installer is complete?

    20:42:53 <GreenDance> A) Full Install, Awesome! B) Minimal Install, C) Custom Install

    20:43:24 <TheOpenSourcerer> That sounds more like a feature request rather than a loco meeting topic, but carry on.

    20:43:58 <GreenDance> Example, Custom Install > Internet Kiosk (Firefox restricted, full screen)

    20:44:18 <GreenDance> Example, Custom Install > Kids (plenty of fun games)

    20:44:35 <TheOpenSourcerer> That could be a *very* long list

    20:44:59 <GreenDance> My key point is allowing the end user more choice during the install process.

    20:45:08 <AlanBell> yeah, this isn't really a LoCo specific topic

    20:45:16 <TheOpenSourcerer> You can remaster the iso to do what you want but I do not think it's really for this meeting.

    20:45:26 <AlanBell> there is the minimal CD and the alternate CD https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD

    20:45:29 <GreenDance> ok, sorry about that.

    20:45:31 <TheOpenSourcerer> np

    20:45:38 <AlanBell> and spins for edubuntu, medibuntu etc

    20:45:42 <TheOpenSourcerer> OK - Any more AOB?

    20:45:58 <GreenDance> I do

    20:46:10 <TheOpenSourcerer> Go on GreenDance

    20:46:21 <GreenDance> Has there ever been a teamspeak tried for the loco?

    20:46:35 <brobostigon> mumble Smile :)

    20:46:36 <AlanBell> we have a mumble server

    20:46:54 <GreenDance> oh, right, mumble, I don't know what that is, sorry

    20:47:18 * AlanBell doesn't really know what teamspeak is

    20:47:38 <AlanBell> but yeah, we should do an audio thingie again soon

    20:47:41 <GreenDance> teamspeak is where everyone has a microphone

    20:47:44 <brobostigon> Smile :)

    20:47:58 <GreenDance> I'm all for that Smile :)

    20:48:17 <brobostigon> mumble is just the same, a multi-person voice conference,

    20:48:24 <AlanBell> or a Google+ hangout (yeah yeah, hates freedom etc)

    20:48:39 <GreenDance> thanks for clearing that up Smile :)

    20:48:49 <TheOpenSourcerer> ok Can we move on now?

    20:49:07 <GreenDance> I'm finished, thank you.

    20:49:22 <TheOpenSourcerer> #meetingtopic [TOPIC] Date of next meeting

    20:49:34 <TheOpenSourcerer> Any suggestions for the next one?

    20:49:43 <bigcalm> +1 month?

    20:49:43 <TheOpenSourcerer> 3 weeks?

    20:50:07 <bigcalm> 19th or 26th Sept?

    20:50:34 <AlanBell> 19th is good

    20:50:46 <TheOpenSourcerer> Mondays are OK?

    20:50:52 <bigcalm> 19th is good for me

    20:51:00 <TheOpenSourcerer> 19th works here.

    20:51:15 <AlanBell> lets do another monday and change it for the following one

    20:51:51 <TheOpenSourcerer> How about time?

    20:51:55 <TheOpenSourcerer> 9pm again?

    20:52:04 <GreenDance> 9pm works for me Smile :)

    20:52:05 <bigcalm> 9pm works for me, if I remember Smile :)

    20:52:14 <TheOpenSourcerer> OK.

    20:52:20 <TheOpenSourcerer> #agreed Next Meeting to be on the 19th September at 9pm.

    20:52:28 <bigcalm> I was late despite the twitter and irc warnings Smile :)

    20:52:42 <TheOpenSourcerer> #meetingtopic [TOPIC] Chair for next meeting

    20:53:04 * AlanBell shoves bigcalm in the back

    20:53:04 <TheOpenSourcerer> Who wants to do the chair next time then? Any volunteers?

    20:53:05 <bigcalm> Not me

    20:53:15 <bigcalm> Heh

    20:53:17 <GreenDance> Thank you everyone for attending this meeting, it has been a learning curve for me.

    20:53:43 <bigcalm> Considering this was my 1st meeting, not me. Yet anyway

    20:54:02 <bigcalm> Can we nominate popey while he's away?

    20:54:02 <AlanBell> oh, thought you had seen a few

    20:54:08 <TheOpenSourcerer> OK - Let's worry about that nearer the time.

    20:54:10 <AlanBell> good idea Smile :)

    20:54:19 <suprengr> [ok for a quick Happy Hour location suggestion?]

    20:54:29 <TheOpenSourcerer> Hang on suprengr

    20:54:56 <TheOpenSourcerer> Is that it then. I will close the meeting if everyone is happy.

    20:55:01 <AlanBell> yup 20:55:12 * brobostigon was going to suggest several excellant reale ale watering holes around.

    20:55:16 <TheOpenSourcerer> #endmeeting

Action items

  • popey to do a report on the amazing oggcamp event
  • GreenDance to start a sub-project specifically look at how to improve Ubuntu's coverage in the education area.

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