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Meeting summary

LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeamMeetingAgenda (AlanBell, 21:07:09)

  • The Chair - review of action items from last meeting

LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/TeamReports/11/December this is december, might be nice to add some links to it (AlanBell, 21:08:30)

LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/TeamReports/12/January is ready for people to add stuff (AlanBell, 21:09:00)

LINK: https://plus.google.com/109175303602657131317/posts/DdqGasa4qKn (AlanBell, 21:11:11)

LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricOcelot/LocalizedImagesRollout (AlanBell, 21:17:45)

LINK: https://translations.launchpad.net/+languages/gv (AlanBell, 21:22:33)

ACTION: AlanBell sort out pub and date for Southampton Happy Hour this month (AlanBell, 21:33:20)

ACTION: daubers pick pub and date for happy hour Reading in Feb (AlanBell, 21:33:42)

  • The Chair - Any Other Business

ACTION: AlanBell and daubers to find out more about picnic/visit possibility at Bletchley (AlanBell, 21:49:04)

LINK: http://www.watercressline.co.uk/Our-Services/RAT (AlanBell, 21:50:23)

LINK: http://codeyear.com/ (YaManicKill, 22:01:55)

Meeting ended at 22:19:03 UTC.


Action items

  • AlanBell sort out pub and date for Southampton Happy Hour this month

  • daubers pick pub and date for happy hour Reading in Feb
  • AlanBell and daubers to find out more about picnic/visit possibility at Bletchley

Action items, by person

  • AlanBell

    • AlanBell sort out pub and date for Southampton Happy Hour this month

    • AlanBell and daubers to find out more about picnic/visit possibility at Bletchley

  • daubers
    • daubers pick pub and date for happy hour Reading in Feb
    • AlanBell and daubers to find out more about picnic/visit possibility at Bletchley

People present (lines said)

  • AlanBell (93)

  • bigcalm (41)
  • YaManicKill (31)

  • jutnux (31)
  • brunogirin (23)
  • daubers (12)
  • isleofmandan (11)
  • popey (10)
  • BigRedS (8)
  • jacobw (7)
  • meetingology (6)
  • barrydrake (4)
  • SuperEngineer (2)

  • Seeker` (1)

Full Log

  • 21:05:00 <AlanBell> #startmeeting

    21:05:01 <meetingology> Meeting started Thu Jan 12 21:05:00 2012 UTC. The chair is AlanBell. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanBell/mootbot.

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    21:05:11 <AlanBell> hi all, who is here for the meeting?

    21:05:18 <barrydrake> here

    21:05:23 <popey> ola

    21:05:25 <SuperEngineer> o/

    21:05:47 <bigcalm> o.

    21:05:59 <bigcalm> My arm fell off Sad :(

    21:06:10 <jacobw> whoops

    21:06:13 <popey> /

    21:06:16 <popey> ^ there it is!

    21:06:51 <bigcalm> Cheers!

    21:06:56 <bigcalm> Glue?

    21:07:09 <AlanBell> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeamMeetingAgenda

    21:07:23 <AlanBell> [TOPIC] The Chair - review of action items from last meeting

    21:08:14 <AlanBell> #progress monthly reports

    21:08:30 <AlanBell> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/TeamReports/11/December this is december, might be nice to add some links to it

    21:08:58 <daubers> Sorry I'm late

    21:09:00 <AlanBell> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/TeamReports/12/January is ready for people to add stuff

    21:09:36 <AlanBell> any short bullet points of a team or significant individual activity can be added to the report

    21:09:58 <BigRedS> o/

    21:10:05 <AlanBell> #progress Christmas Party

    21:10:12 <AlanBell> that was great fun Smile :)

    21:10:51 <YaManicKill> here...sorry wasn't watching

    21:10:58 <bigcalm> Darn tootin it was

    21:11:11 <AlanBell> https://plus.google.com/109175303602657131317/posts/DdqGasa4qKn

    21:11:38 <bigcalm> Smile :)

    21:12:22 <AlanBell> #progress en_GB iso

    21:12:40 <AlanBell> I spoke to some people about this

    21:13:05 <AlanBell> it is a bit pointless for us as the default install is in English and has the en_GB stuff in it already

    21:13:24 <jutnux> Indeed.

    21:13:58 <AlanBell> we could tweak a few settings and make a .iso image that wouldn't be quite as easy to support as the official ones

    21:14:23 <bigcalm> Are there other regional specific ISOs? For instance there are different French versions of fr_FR

    21:15:03 <AlanBell> for some languages the localised iso makes a heap of sense

    21:15:37 <AlanBell> if anyone does want to do a cockney or gordie iso that would be great fun, but probably not a useful team activity

    21:15:55 <bigcalm> Hah

    21:15:55 <YaManicKill> the only real differences is spellings...to me, an iso with a different language should only be if theres a possibility of someone not being able to understand one already existing...no?

    21:16:04 <jutnux> Agreed, it's not like we speak in derivatives of English.

    21:16:15 <popey> the default kb layout isnt UK though ☺

    21:16:22 <jacobw> nobody needs en_GB to use their computer

    21:16:23 <popey> you specifically have to set that

    21:16:32 <popey> not worth spinning an entire CD for that though ☺

    21:16:33 <jutnux> Is it worth creating a whole ISO just for a kb layout change?

    21:16:46 <jacobw> no

    21:16:51 <YaManicKill> def not

    21:16:59 <BigRedS> is this just installer language, then?

    21:17:04 <AlanBell> YaManicKill: it was worth investigating as it might be more appealing to the educational market, but it is not worth it

    21:17:38 <isleofmandan> 'software centER' niggles me until I swap languages Smile :)

    21:17:38 <SuperEngineer> a welsh language iso?

    21:17:39 <YaManicKill> AlanBell: was the thinking that it would save time?

    21:17:45 <AlanBell> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricOcelot/LocalizedImagesRollout

    21:18:05 <BigRedS> YaManicKill: If it'd save time to have an ISO in the right language, it'd save even more time to automate the whole install

    21:18:33 <YaManicKill> BigRedS: yeah, that's what i was thinking. generally they install it once and then they have their installed image that they just blast onto the other computers, no?

    21:18:33 <AlanBell> we could have put the Ubuntu UK podcast in Rhythmbox by default

    21:18:55 <jutnux> YaManicKill: I believe so as the machines are normally identical.

    21:18:56 <jacobw> loco specific iso might be a good idea

    21:19:00 <isleofmandan> Manx would be good one day. Only a handful on translation team though, but there's a Manx language primary school here, who would probably bite your hands off.

    21:19:07 <Seeker`> and put 'popey for president' in subliminal messages

    21:19:36 <AlanBell> isleofmandan: would the teachers be interested in doing translations?

    21:19:37 <YaManicKill> isleofmandan: is there a manx language file in ubuntu?

    21:19:39 <jacobw> _although_ if you set location as UK in the installer, it'd be much better to install package ubuntu-uk-desktop with RB podcasts etc.

    21:19:41 <brunogirin> sorry I'm late

    21:19:56 <bigcalm> Should all Ubuntu podcasts be in Rhythmbox by default?

    21:20:02 <isleofmandan> There's a partially done translation.. New releases come faster than translation team can cope!

    21:20:16 <jutnux> bigcalm: I think there should be an option to have them there.

    21:20:27 <isleofmandan> Teachers might want to do the translations. I will ask around.

    21:20:34 <jacobw> another option woudl complicate things

    21:22:33 <AlanBell> https://translations.launchpad.net/+languages/gv

    21:22:56 <AlanBell> interesting stuff

    21:23:09 <AlanBell> ok, lets move on to the happy hours

    21:23:19 <AlanBell> [TOPIC] AlanBell - The Next Happy Hour(s)

    21:23:41 <AlanBell> this kind of paused over christmas, need to get things starting again

    21:24:10 <AlanBell> there are vauge expressions of interest in Oxford, Reading, Sussex, Cambridge, Southampton

    21:24:22 <AlanBell> however we are lacking a firm date and place for the next one

    21:25:12 <AlanBell> Southampton is quite a strong candidate, I am probably going to be down there next week, maybe thursday

    21:25:25 <AlanBell> anyone have an alternative proposal?

    21:25:51 <YaManicKill> the awkward moment when everyone wants to propose something but doesn'twant to be the one to organise it :-P

    21:26:18 <AlanBell> there really isn't much in the way of organising

    21:26:42 <AlanBell> just state a day that is convenient for you to go to a pub

    21:26:45 <AlanBell> and which pub

    21:26:53 <AlanBell> that is *it*

    21:27:11 <YaManicKill> ok, well i will suggest one for Glasgow, but not this month...exams...

    21:27:47 <isleofmandan> Well I can do one on the Isle of Man pretty much any week. There'd only be me and possibly Mr S who would turn up though!

    21:27:47 <AlanBell> ok, so I will sort out when I am going to be in Southampton and put that one out as the next one

    21:27:50 <jutnux> If only a) people lived near me and b) I could get served at a bar.

    21:28:18 <YaManicKill> jutnux: you might be surprised...when i found out how many people near me run ubuntu i was

    21:28:35 <jutnux> On the Ubuntu map there is nobody.

    21:28:41 <jutnux> :P

    21:28:43 <barrydrake> I would offer one, but we had one in Nottingham quite recently.

    21:28:44 <popey> isleofmandan: in his bus!

    21:29:09 <YaManicKill> the ubuntu map?

    21:29:43 <jutnux> YaManicKill: http://ubuntu-uk.org/where-are-we/

    21:30:03 <jacobw> where do you live jutnux

    21:30:37 <jutnux> Norwich/Great Yarmouth

    21:32:18 <YaManicKill> ahh good, added myself on that map now then

    21:32:56 <AlanBell> ok, so proposing a happy hour is fun and easy, and more people should do it Smile :)

    21:33:08 <daubers> I'm happy to organise reading for next month

    21:33:20 <AlanBell> #action AlanBell sort out pub and date for Southampton Happy Hour this month

    21:33:20 * meetingology AlanBell sort out pub and date for Southampton Happy Hour this month

    21:33:42 <AlanBell> #action daubers pick pub and date for happy hour Reading in Feb 21:33:42 * meetingology daubers pick pub and date for happy hour Reading in Feb

    21:33:48 <daubers> (sorry, just catching up)

    21:33:50 <YaManicKill> quick q... do we generally only do 1 a month?

    21:34:31 <AlanBell> YaManicKill: yeah, but it is like the pirate code, more of a guideline than an actual rule

    21:34:35 <AlanBell> arrr

    21:34:42 <YaManicKill> that's fine, i'm happy to stick to that

    21:34:49 <YaManicKill> i'll be happy to organise one for another month Smile :-)

    21:34:51 <YaManicKill> in glasgow

    21:35:00 <AlanBell> cool

    21:35:15 <YaManicKill> will try and russle up some encouragement in scotlug and geeksoc

    21:35:46 <AlanBell> doing them monthly seems to be about right to keep it going

    21:36:08 <jutnux> I'll probably get the train one day

    21:37:14 <AlanBell> ok, lets move along

    21:37:37 <AlanBell> [TOPIC] The Chair - Any Other Business

    21:37:42 <AlanBell> I have a few

    21:38:06 <AlanBell> we need to start thinking about launch parties for Precise

    21:38:23 <AlanBell> 12.04 is a Long Term Support release which is nice

    21:38:32 <brunogirin> what do we need to organise?

    21:38:33 <jutnux> Google+ Hangout?

    21:38:46 <jutnux> As an internet based event?

    21:38:47 <YaManicKill> jutnux: interesting idea...but i don't like that its only 10 people?

    21:38:54 <jutnux> I thought that you could have more now.

    21:39:05 <YaManicKill> although...here's an idea

    21:39:13 <daubers> Synchronous happy hours?

    21:39:15 <bigcalm> A G+ hangout would be fun for a short period of time. We should use it more often, not just for a release party

    21:39:15 <YaManicKill> connect the UK release parties with a hangout?

    21:39:46 <AlanBell> interesting idea

    21:39:50 <jutnux> Both of them are interesting ideas.

    21:39:50 <brunogirin> do we need to find a venue?

    21:40:07 <jutnux> And I agree that Hangouts should be used more often

    21:40:14 <AlanBell> brunogirin: not sure, I will prod Canonical about it

    21:40:15 <YaManicKill> yeah def

    21:40:33 <bigcalm> I agree that linking up with g+ hangouts would be a fun idea. Though every location is likely to be noisy, not sure what the interface would make of it Smile :)

    21:40:48 <brunogirin> AlanBell: ok, if we do, I may be able to help

    21:40:57 <YaManicKill> noisy yes, but it could be more a sort of "look, there are other people doing these things across the UK...its not just us"

    21:41:05 <YaManicKill> a community type thing, even if yu don't talk to people

    21:41:10 <YaManicKill> you*

    21:42:49 <AlanBell> ok, we can think about that further as we go along, I just wanted to bring it up now to kick off the thinking process

    21:43:08 <AlanBell> next thing to discuss is other activities you want to do this year

    21:43:38 <AlanBell> we have done some kind of a geeknic in the summer for the last couple of years, that might be fun to do again

    21:43:46 <daubers> \o/

    21:43:55 <bigcalm> I'd love to attend my 1st one

    21:44:04 <daubers> We should do a geeknic in the countryside somewhere rather than smelly london

    21:44:18 <YaManicKill> daubers +1

    21:44:25 <BigRedS> yeah

    21:44:37 <YaManicKill> but...needs to have good transport links

    21:44:53 <daubers> Organise a lift-athlon

    21:44:53 <jutnux> Since when did the countryside ever have good transport links? :P

    21:44:55 <brunogirin> +1 for geeknic

    21:45:02 <isleofmandan> London has some big parks, no?

    21:45:08 <BigRedS> jutnux: yeah, I wondered that

    21:45:27 <brunogirin> jutnux: last one was in Hyde Park

    21:45:30 <AlanBell> isleofmandan: yeah, we did hyde park

    21:45:42 <YaManicKill> all i'm saying is i'd love to come, but coming from Scotland I am not driving :-P

    21:45:43 <AlanBell> the last one was near the British Library

    21:45:44 <isleofmandan> Ah. Maybe another big city park then?

    21:45:51 <daubers> Why don't we do one at bletchley park?

    21:45:58 <AlanBell> +1

    21:46:02 <barrydrake> +1

    21:46:06 <brunogirin> +1

    21:46:08 <isleofmandan> +1

    21:46:12 <BigRedS> +1

    21:46:17 <daubers> especially as it's Alan Turing year

    21:46:25 <bigcalm> Ooo

    21:46:26 <bigcalm> +1

    21:46:34 <YaManicKill> i like...

    21:46:39 <bigcalm> I've yet to go to Bletchly Park myself

    21:47:02 <bigcalm> Which bit of the year are we looking at?

    21:47:05 <jutnux> It is meant to be beautiful

    21:47:10 <jutnux> bigcalm: Obviously the Summer Wink ;-)

    21:47:50 <jutnux> Actually it probably makes no difference seeing that the weather is messed up throughout the year.

    21:48:12 <AlanBell> this seems worth investigating in more detail

    21:48:17 <YaManicKill> +1

    21:48:20 <bigcalm> Good lad Smile :)

    21:48:43 <YaManicKill> train station beside it!!!!

    21:49:04 <AlanBell> #action AlanBell and daubers to find out more about picnic/visit possibility at Bletchley

    21:49:04 * meetingology AlanBell and daubers to find out more about picnic/visit possibility at Bletchley

    21:50:02 <daubers> Smile :)

    21:50:06 <AlanBell> another potential activity has been suggested by selinuxium 21:50:07 * daubers has to go collect his missus

    21:50:12 <daubers> will catch up later!

    21:50:15 <AlanBell> o/ daubers

    21:50:16 <jutnux> Goodbye

    21:50:19 <jutnux> o/

    21:50:23 <AlanBell> #link http://www.watercressline.co.uk/Our-Services/RAT

    21:50:40 <AlanBell> steam, beer and Free Software

    21:50:48 <AlanBell> a winning combination

    21:50:48 <brunogirin> ah yes, didn't he organise it before?

    21:51:05 <AlanBell> well I kind of did, and then went on holiday and missed it

    21:51:12 <BigRedS> ah yeah

    21:51:13 <BigRedS> haha

    21:51:27 <AlanBell> so if we do this again, I am not going to make that error!

    21:51:36 <brunogirin> alanbell: so we have to organise it again so that you can go

    21:51:49 <AlanBell> as I recall it was a *dreadful* holiday and I hated every second of it

    21:52:05 <bigcalm> Sad :(

    21:52:09 <brunogirin> because you were thinking "I could have gone to RAT" instead?

    21:52:31 <bigcalm> I'd go just for the Ale

    21:52:34 <bigcalm> Mmmm, ale

    21:52:58 <AlanBell> anyhow, the train is something that needs to be organised quite some way in advance

    21:53:38 <bigcalm> Hayley and I are in Northen Ireland during the 1st June date, so not then Wink ;)

    21:53:51 <brunogirin> yeah with 24 dates in 2012, that doesn't leave too many options!

    21:55:24 <AlanBell> anyone got opinions on where in the year we should schedule it (roughly)?

    21:55:41 <brunogirin> spring?

    21:55:56 <bigcalm> April/May?

    21:56:31 <AlanBell> oh, there is one on my birthday

    21:56:39 <bigcalm> Isn't that handy?

    21:56:43 <bigcalm> Free beer for you!

    21:57:32 <AlanBell> well I would be interested in the 16th of June I think

    21:58:30 <AlanBell> ok, lets park that one for the moment, and see if anyone on the mailing list has strong opinions

    21:58:30 <popey> that date rings a bell

    21:58:34 <bigcalm> My year is mostly free so far

    21:58:45 <AlanBell> anyone else got any other business to raise at this time?

    21:58:59 <brunogirin> AlanBell: is that an action for you to send an email to the mailing list then?

    21:59:23 <AlanBell> brunogirin: I will do it in the mail with the minutes

    21:59:27 <brunogirin> Yes, I have: Ubuntu Application Hacking

    21:59:34 <brunogirin> It was Christmas, I didn't do anything

    21:59:48 <brunogirin> but I'm tempted at doing it at the hackspace

    21:59:58 <brunogirin> so I need to get that sorted

    22:00:48 <bigcalm> Year of Code - are we going to make anything of it?

    22:01:22 <AlanBell> bigcalm: what is that?

    22:01:55 <YaManicKill> http://codeyear.com/

    22:02:01 <AlanBell> it is the gnome year of accessibility http://blogs.gnome.org/gnomg/2011/12/16/make-2012-the-year-of-accessibility-for-gnome/

    22:02:43 <bigcalm> I'm an xfce user

    22:03:58 <AlanBell> that looks quite cool, what were you thinking we should do with it?

    22:04:18 <bigcalm> I'm not sure

    22:04:27 <jutnux> Encourage members to participate with it?

    22:04:40 <bigcalm> Just wondering if we should/could have any influence being a loco

    22:05:13 <brunogirin> what about trying to contact an organisation like AbilityNet and doing a day of accessibility testing with them?

    22:05:27 <bigcalm> Interesting

    22:06:29 <AlanBell> bigcalm: YaManicKill: could we host a loco leaderboard or competition for that codeyear thing?

    22:06:49 <popey> i signed up for codeyear

    22:07:00 <popey> their website is a bit picky about what browser you use

    22:07:25 <barrydrake> Sorry - gotta go - see you all soon

    22:07:33 <AlanBell> bye barrydrake

    22:07:37 <brunogirin> in the same vein, should we do anything for Young Rewired State? http://youngrewiredstate.org/ 22:07:45 * jutnux looks at it

    22:07:45 <bigcalm> I'm currently trying it out in Chromium

    22:07:58 * AlanBell has signed up to be a mentor for Young Rewired State

    22:08:28 <bigcalm> Do you need a CBR check for that?

    22:08:33 <bigcalm> CRB even

    22:08:45 <AlanBell> CRB, I don't think so, and I do have one

    22:09:10 <brunogirin> AlanBell: what does being a mentor involve?

    22:09:59 <jutnux> I don't think there are near me, again.

    22:10:03 <AlanBell> working with a bunch of students, helping them get their ideas out, and into something they can make work

    22:10:17 <brunogirin> I could do that, will look into it

    22:10:55 <AlanBell> jutnux: I think that some expenses are paid

    22:11:00 <bigcalm> I don't work well with students Wink ;)

    22:11:49 <YaManicKill> we are all students

    22:11:57 <AlanBell> oh look, on that video is asenseur

    22:12:20 <jutnux> Who is asenseur?

    22:13:13 <isleofmandan> "This video contains content from UMG, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds" Boo Sad :(

    22:13:16 <AlanBell> that is his IRC nick, not online right now

    22:13:44 <AlanBell> isleofmandan: harsh!

    22:14:16 <isleofmandan> Isle of Man IP address ranges confuse lots of Geo-IP things.

    22:14:19 <isleofmandan> Smile :)

    22:14:24 <AlanBell> jutnux: http://youngrewiredstate.org/yrs2012/ just fill in the form Smile :)

    22:14:57 <AlanBell> anything else we need to cover, I am aware we have rambled on for a while now

    22:16:11 <bigcalm> I'm pleased that this meeting has lasted a little longer than the last one...

    22:16:44 <AlanBell> ok, shall we set the next meeting for 3 weeks or so, and we can turn some of these hazy ideas into things with dates on

    22:16:54 <bigcalm> Ok

    22:17:03 <brunogirin> ok

    22:17:05 <bigcalm> 2nd Feb?

    22:17:07 <jutnux> AlanBell: Done Smile :-)

    22:17:16 <AlanBell> yup, 9PM good again?

    22:17:25 <jutnux> Sounds fine to me.

    22:17:28 <bigcalm> I'll actually put time on in my calendar

    22:17:32 <AlanBell> ok

    22:17:35 <brunogirin> ah yes I forgot!

    22:17:39 <AlanBell> someone else want to chair it? 22:17:56 * jutnux points at popey and daubers

    22:18:08 * AlanBell points at jutnux Smile :)

    22:18:09 <jutnux> and bigcalm

    22:18:13 <bigcalm> Humm

    22:18:24 <bigcalm> I'll give it a shot

    22:18:35 <bigcalm> Might need some schooling at some point though Wink ;)

    22:18:40 <jutnux> This is my first meeting so I don't really know the ropes Smile :-)

    22:18:52 <AlanBell> ok, bigcalm this time, jutnux next maybe Smile :)

    22:19:03 <AlanBell> #endmeeting

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