A UK centric Ubuntu based podcast.


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  • What is the content?
  • Frequency?

JamesPain:Ubuntu-UK Radio should be aimed at new and long term Ubuntu users and could contain Ubuntu tips as fillers. Along with the tips a main feature in each show such as (being very common here) Gnome vs KDE. The show should be 30 mins long and a new episode could be released every week. Also lastly could contain some comedy, and try and stay away from sounding like radio 4.


  • 1 per week is way to difficult to achieve in my opinion
    • Maybe a different person presents each episode?
      • Would need a standardised published format
        • Could be nice and short - 30 mins MAX - less pressure
      • People take their turn once per.. whatever.. month, two months, so less pressure on individuals
      • Gives more incentive for people to listen if its a different voice each week
      • Means different points of view are aired more readily
      • Downside is that people might negatively react to one show which might put that presenter off doing it again
        • Presenters need thick skins
  • Technology used to record
    • People in a room, using microphones etc
      • Difficult when we are all over the place
  • Skype / other VOIP system
    • Good for interviews, not good for regular presenters


  • Teams of people in the same area could produce episodes
    • Eg. Groups of 2-4 people who can meet easily.
    • Groups can take it in turns to produce episodes
    • Can get the people in a room using microphones
    • If 1 person is busy for a week / month there will be other people about to do the show for that group

JamesPain: If there are few groups we can always use a reliable VOIP system. We could have a show every week but lets say every 4th episode is completely compiled with 3-10mins clips made by other people (non-presenters) talking about what they want. Different presenters presenting each episode is a good idea but I think it should contain other presenters so we can get a discussion going.

Dave Walker: I feel that this cannot be a one voice show - there needs to be discussion. I also believe that this should be done over VOIP. A recorded 'conference' call would easily satisfy our requirements - and could then be edited. I am keen *not* to use Skype though. I'd prefer either Jabbin or Asterisk (Hosted or Home). If we use Asterisk then we can record the separate streams to aid editing. Or each stream could be recorded locally and merged together during editing phase - Although this sounds like hard work.

I think that will need to get our own identity, and not appear to be a fork of lug-radio.

Adam Bagnall: I guess we would need some kind of language guidelines depending on our target audience. Personally I couldn't care less but I know there have been complaints about swearing in LugRadio.

ChrisRowson: I like the idea of this being a multi-presenter show. It'd be great for people (or groups of people) to write and present separate sections for the show, and for it then to be put together professionally. Making it a 'magazine' type show would give it some sticky value.

Test Recordings

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