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The team maintains a Wordpress site at where we regularly publish articles. This page is to document article ideas and ongoing series' of articles.

Article Brainstorm

  • Tips for running a successful event -- lyz 2010-01-26 03:07:16

  • Methods of structuring a LoCo team. (i.e. this is one method, other LoCos have other structures). -- nhandler 2010-08-18 16:56:44

  • Making effective team websites (Maine, Pennsylvania, other examples?) -- lyz 2010-08-28 19:11:06

  • Your idea here!

Article Series: Approved Team Interviews

Amber proposed having a "featured approved team" as a frequent feature of the month. This may have several articles devoted to a single team, ideas for articles include:

  • Showcase a recent event
  • Publish an article written by a state team member related to the team or LoCo teams in general

  • Interview team lead(s), questions may include:
    • Where is your team located and what are some fun facts about your state?
    • When was your Team established?
    • Do you have a website? Mailing List? IRC channel? Forum? Twitter? Facebook group?
      • What is the most useful to your team? What do you wish you never bothered spending time on?
    • Can you let people know some of the things the team did on the way approval? (also a link to the roadmap and approval wiki)
    • What are some of the biggest Challenge the team faced during this process, how did the team overcome it?
    • Did the team have a mentor and if so were they instrumental to motivating and helping the team? If not, do you wish you had a Mentor?
    • How is your team structured? (Link to this structure, if applicable)
    • Does your team have an "elevator pitch" (explain Ubuntu to a non-user in the span of time you are in an elevator) for your team. If so what is it?
    • What suggestions do you have for other teams looking to improve their roadmap and have an effective team?
    • Your question here!

Article Series: Event How To

cprofitt proposes having occasional articles featuring a LoCo team and an event they sponsored/organized.

  • Showcase the event
    • Go in to the details on how it was organized
      • Advertising strategies
      • How the space was found / paid for
    • What did the event feature
    • Who was the event targeted at

-- Some examples would be launch parties and global bug jams.

Article Series: Your Idea Here!

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