IRC Logs: 2007-11-11

  • ChristerEdwards represented the US Teams Project at UDS.

  • Some of the main focuses for community at UDS were:
    • Promotion of LoCo participation

    • Leveraging existing LoCo teams for Ubuntu improvement.

  • Another idea that brought back from UDS was adding something to the Ubuntu installer perhaps letting people know about LoCo programs and teams in their area

    • How it would work in the installer?
      • At the beginning or at the end of the installer or even on the Ubuntu Firefox start page?
      • Synch with the timezone settings to point put LoCo teams for support.

      • Add as a Firefox bookmark.
    • How users would respond to it?
      • Would they care?
      • Could they really use it?
  • Another idea that brought back from UDS was encouraging people at a US Teams level to improve Ubuntu within as a large group.
    • Work on bugs for existing and future Ubuntu releases.
    • Focusing on packaging for Ubuntu.
    • Maybe a Mini-OpenWeek and/or Bug Hug Day for US Teams to educate on triaging and organizing bugs.

  • A meeting proposed for the week after Thanksgiving to get each team representative in here commit to inviting their team members to participate in the aforementioned ideas. Meeting agenda items will be:

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