This campaign will support Campaign 1. The inspiration was PCPro's experiment of switching to Ubuntu for a day.


The goal of this campaign is to help Windows users that are testing out Ubuntu to easily get up and running quickly doing the things that they do most frequently.


Research background for this campaign.


DRAFT. Please send comments to MattGriffin.

Why are we advertising?
To convey to Windows users that Ubuntu is easy to learn.

Who are we talking to?
People who use Windows at home

What do they currently think?
I know my way around Windows so why should I learn something new? I finally got my computer to work with my new phone and I just want to type some documents, read my email, get on Facebook, share photos, chat, and play a few games.

What would we like them to think?
Whether it’s using the web for social networking, writing a document, or managing a photo collection, Ubuntu is actually very easy and a joy to use for the things I do every day.

What is the single-most persuasive idea we can convey?
Ubuntu is easy and a joy to use. Just like modern smartphones, it's designed for anyone to use.

Why should the audience believe it?
They'll get up and running quickly and won't miss a single message or photo from their friends. Ubuntu supports all of the services that they use every day like email, chat, and Facebook and their documents, music, and other files are even compatible.

Are there any creative guidelines?
* Follow Canonical brand guidelines
* Should compliment campaign 1 (getting Windows users to just try ubuntu)
* Adverts should ideally support multiple languages

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