Campaign 1: Education

Educating Windows users in understanding what Ubuntu could mean for them

Windows users often don't realise that there is a choice. They may have heard of the Mac, but that may be all. If they have heard of Linux, they know it is strictly for geeks. Demonstration is the best way. There are people in our local UbuntuUK group who get free table space at computer fairs. It may be possible to carry out demos in stores. We should look into those possibilities more widely.


The research page has some useful helps gained from feedback. See:

Creative Briefs

Creative briefs for this campaign.

Creative Brief A

Creative Teams

I think we should limit this to 6 or 7 teams so things keep moving. If more people want to participate, they can help with the next campaign very soon. Contact information for team members.

Team 0: Matt Griffin (writer) and Cassidy James (designer)

Team 101010: Simon Vass (Designer) + Victor van Reijswoud (Writer)

Team 2: Jitse Klomp + Matt Upchurch

Team 3:

Team 4:

Team 5:

Team 6:


Notes on our process.

5 March 2011: Creative briefing - meeting notes and presentation

19 March 2011: First creative review - Between 5 March and 19 March, each creative team should review the creative briefing notes and presentation, meet to come up with ideas (as many as you can), and organize your thoughts enough to present ideas on 19 March.

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