• Next meeting Jan 15th
  • Taglines to be submitted till Jan 29th
  • Script ideas, a bit dependant on taglines, maybe 2 weeks later.
  • UndiFineD: Guidelines in etherpad
  • Barry Drake: Report from the Windows IT Shop guys
  • Jason Odoom: Write a small survey on computer issues
  • Some of our members follow or have an MBA or marketing education, who is willing to focus on Sponsorship ?
  • UndiFineD: write out a leadership tasks specification
  • Matt Griffin: promote the team on Twitter, Facebook, Identi.ca
  • potentially liase with artwork team
  • Matt Griffin: get in touch with the UbuntuAdverts Design team members, for flyers, banners and such

Full log

start meeting

Jan 01 19:44:51 <Billynkid>     Is the meeting at 2011pm UTC 2100 UTC or as doodle advertises Midnight UTC?
Jan 01 19:51:09 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-advertising/msg00370.html
Jan 01 19:51:20 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: 2100 UTC
Jan 01 19:52:23 <Billynkid>     oops just missed that doodle automagically translated that into midnight CET
Jan 01 19:53:01 <mattgriffin>   :)
Jan 01 21:06:58 *       UndiFineD gives channel operator status to uat
Jan 01 21:07:02 *       UndiFineD removes channel operator status from UndiFineD
Jan 01 21:52:56 <AndroUser>     is da meeting gonna sg
Jan 01 21:54:37 <barrydrake>    Happy New Year to all of you.  Meeting in about? six minutes?
Jan 01 21:59:00 <barrydrake>    One minute?
Jan 01 21:59:56 <UndiFineD>     :)
Jan 01 21:59:58 <Darael>        Meeting time, then?
Jan 01 22:00:21 <mattgriffin>   ready to go
Jan 01 22:00:30 <Emerling>      hi
Jan 01 22:00:32 <Emerling>      i am ready
Jan 01 22:00:48 <idi0tf0wl>     howdy ho
Jan 01 22:01:17 <Billynkid>     ready
Jan 01 22:01:28 <UndiFineD>     $voice mattgriffin 
Jan 01 22:01:28 *       uat gives voice to mattgriffin
Jan 01 22:01:32 <UndiFineD>     $voice barrydrake 
Jan 01 22:01:32 *       uat gives voice to barrydrake
Jan 01 22:02:17 <barrydrake>    Sorry - What does that mean?
Jan 01 22:02:28 <mattgriffin>   agenda: http://openetherpad.org/FT2qeUMiaC
Jan 01 22:03:27 <barrydrake>    undi - hows about we start?
Jan 01 22:03:37 <Darael>        Hobey-ho, let's go.  The first item on the agenda is "start meeting" - who's presiding?
Jan 01 22:04:02 <barrydrake>    UniFined, I think
Jan 01 22:04:45 <Darael>        Usually is, yeah.
Jan 01 22:05:54 <barrydrake>    Hows about all of us that are taking part say we ar here?
Jan 01 22:07:37 <mattgriffin>   hi all
Jan 01 22:07:38 <Darael>        Very well:  I am here.
Jan 01 22:07:45 <Yorvyk>        \o
Jan 01 22:08:01 <Billynkid>     here
Jan 01 22:08:45 <Emerling>      me to
Jan 01 22:09:52 <AndroUser>     here
Jan 01 22:09:53 <barrydrake>    Hi Jason
Jan 01 22:10:20 <AndroUser>     i am accually hakimsheriff
Jan 01 22:10:54 <barrydrake>    I know, but Jason has just joined the meeting.
Jan 01 22:10:55 <Billynkid>     I'm Simon Vass
Jan 01 22:11:25 <barrydrake>    I'm Barry Drake - could you have worked that out for yourself?
Jan 01 22:12:08 <Yorvyk>        ... and I'm Steve Cook


Jan 01 22:12:43 <barrydrake>    UndiFineD - do you mind if we move on and ask - Item 3 - Initial questions.  Are there any?
Jan 01 22:13:29 <UndiFineD>     ok hi everyone, best wishes for the new year, you had to excuse me, I just came out of a loco meeting
Jan 01 22:13:41 <UndiFineD>     i have no questions
Jan 01 22:13:46 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: no questions
Jan 01 22:13:54 <barrydrake>    No
Jan 01 22:14:21 <UndiFineD>     $voice jasono 
Jan 01 22:14:21 *       uat gives voice to jasono
Jan 01 22:14:25 <UndiFineD>     $voice UndiFineD 
Jan 01 22:14:25 *       uat gives voice to UndiFineD
Jan 01 22:16:08 <UndiFineD>     Ok next point i guess


Jan 01 22:16:17 <UndiFineD>     Anouncements:
Jan 01 22:16:41 <barrydrake>    None from me
Jan 01 22:16:50 <UndiFineD>     Danté Ashton came with some very sad news for the new year
Jan 01 22:17:20 *       AndroUser is now known as hakimsheriff
Jan 01 22:17:26 <barrydrake>    That actually put quite a damper on my New Year celebration
Jan 01 22:18:08 <UndiFineD>     He is suffering from some form of muscle decease, and now unable to do simple things :/
Jan 01 22:18:33 <barrydrake>    Anything more specific you mnow?  It isn't MS is it?
Jan 01 22:18:54 <UndiFineD>     no all I know is from that mail
Jan 01 22:20:03 <barrydrake>    BTW I trust that 'decease' is a typo
Jan 01 22:20:26 <UndiFineD>     sorry, english is not my native language
Jan 01 22:20:44 <idi0tf0wl>     so what exactly is going on with an advertisement?
Jan 01 22:21:00 <idi0tf0wl>     as far as actually putting that in place?
Jan 01 22:21:12 <UndiFineD>     idi0tf0wl: well, we try to get the people and material together to make one
Jan 01 22:21:27 <idi0tf0wl>     what sorts of directions are we looking to head?
Jan 01 22:21:41 <mattgriffin>   idi0tf0wl: i'd say we're in the early stages of forming the team and creating our first output
Jan 01 22:22:20 <idi0tf0wl>     and we're here to figure some of that stuff out, right?
Jan 01 22:22:34 <idi0tf0wl>     so should we do that?
Jan 01 22:22:45 <idi0tf0wl>     or are we talking about something else?
Jan 01 22:22:57 <mattgriffin>   idi0tf0wl: right. how we're going to work together and then get to making something
Jan 01 22:23:21 <UndiFineD>     if you want more details, please read the website, wiki and other meeting notes too :)
Jan 01 22:23:26 <idi0tf0wl>     we should figure out our destination meidum first, i'd think
Jan 01 22:23:38 <barrydrake>    Dante has said that he will make contact with the college and arrange a studio visit to investigate facilities etc.  I am close enough to go there either with, or to represent Dante if that helps.  I could haelp organise that side of things for this team if that were needed.
Jan 01 22:23:38 <idi0tf0wl>     right, i've been following along
Jan 01 22:24:11 <UndiFineD>     awasome barrydrake 
Jan 01 22:24:16 <Billynkid>     errr are we jumping ahead?
Jan 01 22:24:23 <barrydrake>    YES
Jan 01 22:24:26 <Billynkid>     or is this announcements?
Jan 01 22:24:27 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: that's good to know. don't think there's an immediate need atm
Jan 01 22:24:44 <idi0tf0wl>     are we shooting for tv?
Jan 01 22:24:48 <idi0tf0wl>     or even video?
Jan 01 22:24:48 <UndiFineD>     we are still at announcements
Jan 01 22:24:50 <barrydrake>    NO
Jan 01 22:24:51 <mattgriffin>   any other announcements?
Jan 01 22:24:53 <mattgriffin>   idi0tf0wl: tbd
Jan 01 22:25:03 <idi0tf0wl>     haha when are we doing that?
Jan 01 22:25:07 <mattgriffin>   heh
Jan 01 22:25:09 <idi0tf0wl>     are we in announcements?
Jan 01 22:25:18 <idi0tf0wl>     'cause we should get down to brass tacks
Jan 01 22:25:25 <barrydrake>    YES
Jan 01 22:25:40 <mattgriffin>   idi0tf0wl: yeah. but it looks like we might be done. barrydrake?
Jan 01 22:25:54 <idi0tf0wl>     where are our resources?
Jan 01 22:26:00 <idi0tf0wl>     i mean, where can we expect to advertise
Jan 01 22:26:09 <idi0tf0wl>     then we can cater our solutions to the destinations
Jan 01 22:26:10 <barrydrake>    as I see it, but UndiFineD is in the chair
Jan 01 22:26:11 <Agafonov>      Hi. My long way to produce an ad is about to end this holydays: http://agafonov.pp.ru/files/render_short_en.mp4 feel free to beat me privately or here.
Jan 01 22:26:17 <UndiFineD>     idi0tf0wl: could we please get on with the meeting
Jan 01 22:26:26 <mattgriffin>   idi0tf0wl: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/People - here's a list of people who have volunteered to do stuff when we need their help
Jan 01 22:27:12 <UndiFineD>     ok cool Agafonov 

Progress Survey

Jan 01 22:27:29 <UndiFineD>     Progress Survey:
Jan 01 22:27:57 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: can i get a little clarification of what 'progress survey' is?
Jan 01 22:27:57 <UndiFineD>     we have a survey up, I do not know who has access to this, but I would like to know its progress
Jan 01 22:28:00 <Emerling>      o\
Jan 01 22:28:13 <Billynkid>     UndiFined is Leadership for sponsership not next?
Jan 01 22:28:49 <UndiFineD>     https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dHNjVVYtZHpaajE1Z0JqWlA4SUdVVFE6MQ
Jan 01 22:29:16 <UndiFineD>     Billynkid: yes you are right
Jan 01 22:29:37 <UndiFineD>     but I think the survey was written by Danté / Cassidy James
Jan 01 22:29:42 <UndiFineD>     both not here
Jan 01 22:29:58 <barrydrake>    Well, I've posted most of my stuff as it happened.  I've got the promise of a full report by tow Window IT specialists who have been examining my sister's installation of 10.04.  I suspect that most of their quibbles/queries are because they still see the need to run certain Window-only apps.  I will correspond and report.
Jan 01 22:31:08 <UndiFineD>     nice barrydrake 

Leadership for sponsership

Jan 01 22:31:18 <UndiFineD>     Leadership for sponsership:
Jan 01 22:31:31 <barrydrake>    Not I sir
Jan 01 22:31:36 <UndiFineD>     well, it is a simple question, who is up for the task(s)
Jan 01 22:31:47 <Agafonov>      barrydrake: yes, my findings are the same for many peoples who tried Ubuntu
Jan 01 22:32:09 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: is there a place to find out more about the process?
Jan 01 22:32:22 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: i might be up to the task but don't know the scope of the responsibility
Jan 01 22:32:33 <UndiFineD>     MBA school / Marketing
Jan 01 22:32:51 <UndiFineD>     we had a couple of signups in those areas
Jan 01 22:33:38 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: oh. so more roles than the existing 'project leaders'? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/People
Jan 01 22:33:58 <UndiFineD>     I know we have knowledgable people, but not many come to the meetings
Jan 01 22:34:19 <barrydrake>    [sponsorship] But I am corresponding with the CEO of ElpaTech computers in the UK.  I have high hopes there as there is a LOT in it for them.  Target folk like that please.
Jan 01 22:35:23 <Emerling>      i havce question
Jan 01 22:35:28 <Emerling>      have
Jan 01 22:35:41 <barrydrake>    Uhu?
Jan 01 22:35:48 <UndiFineD>     yep, someone who leads sponsorship should know which business to get the resources and where to spread our word
Jan 01 22:36:48 <barrydrake>    I'll aid and abet - but not lead.  I have years and years in business to draw experience from.  Use me a
Jan 01 22:36:59 <UndiFineD>     current leaders know we had some nice talks, but jasono and I are in no position to discuss this with them
Jan 01 22:37:18 <barrydrake>    s a kind of consultant.  Sorry - pushed the button early
Jan 01 22:37:25 *       #ubuntu-adverts :You're not channel operator
Jan 01 22:37:36 <UndiFineD>     $voice jasono 
Jan 01 22:37:36 *       uat gives voice to jasono
Jan 01 22:37:38 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: so this about finding a sponsor for media that we'd like to use to spread the message?
Jan 01 22:37:58 <barrydrake>    Sponsors
Jan 01 22:38:18 <Billynkid>     Can we look at companies such as DELL?
Jan 01 22:38:23 <UndiFineD>     yes, but also talk with sabdfl, who is / was also among us
Jan 01 22:38:29 <barrydrake>    Why not
Jan 01 22:39:09 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: Canonical is already working with the large OEMs like Dell
Jan 01 22:39:21 <moiso> hi there sorry for beeing late i had a problem w my connection
Jan 01 22:39:24 <Billynkid>     I know
Jan 01 22:39:35 <Billynkid>     But we need sponsers correct?
Jan 01 22:39:39 <barrydrake>    They need to be commercial organisations, and they need to know athe outset what's in it for their company.
Jan 01 22:40:07 <UndiFineD>     yes we need sponsors, and someone who knows how to talk with these people
Jan 01 22:40:21 <barrydrake>    I can talk to them
Jan 01 22:40:30 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid, UndiFineD, barrydrake: we don't even know what we want to say and to whom... much less which mediums we'd like to use so i don't think we'd make progress right now with seeking sponsorships
Jan 01 22:40:55 <mattgriffin>   i think we might be getting ahead of ourselves a little
Jan 01 22:41:10 <mattgriffin>   but it's a good thing to keep in mind i think for the future
Jan 01 22:41:10 <Billynkid>     matt griffin so lets define who and what?
Jan 01 22:41:26 <barrydrake>    We need to present them with a plan of action, sure, but more than that, we need to say to them the
Jan 01 22:41:33 <Billynkid>     Or have somewhere we can define who and what if we can't do it now
Jan 01 22:41:40 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: right. it's on the agenda
Jan 01 22:41:43 <Billynkid>     like the scripts aread?
Jan 01 22:41:51 <Emerling>      excuse my English is bad. I think they must first organize the work done and then seek support from other
Jan 01 22:42:05 <barrydrake>    that if they come on board, they can be a Canonical Partner and get loads of FREE publicity!!!
Jan 01 22:42:06 <UndiFineD>     not right now, for that we need to work out stuff like the do's and don'ts, guidelines, select good taglines and scripts we can do
Jan 01 22:42:36 <barrydrake>    OK
Jan 01 22:42:57 <Emerling>      is limiting to use a tagline or more.?
Jan 01 22:43:15 <UndiFineD>     Emerling: we may need more
Jan 01 22:43:41 <barrydrake>    Give a scenario: audio video TV movies etc
Jan 01 22:43:49 <Emerling>      undefined, ok but need more time, or more jobs, or more taglines
Jan 01 22:44:00 <barrydrake>    Yes
Jan 01 22:44:03 <UndiFineD>     what if we get a deal that allows us to do a series, and what about local poromotion, handouts , flyers
Jan 01 22:44:19 <barrydrake>    Nered to go thought them all
Jan 01 22:44:50 <mattgriffin>   i think we're getting a little sidetracked (partly my fault :) ... want to steer back to the agenda?
Jan 01 22:44:56 <Billynkid>     plz
Jan 01 22:45:10 <barrydrake>    yep
Jan 01 22:45:37 <Billynkid>     So I think sponsership needs to wait is what we are saying?
Jan 01 22:45:44 <UndiFineD>     yes
Jan 01 22:45:48 <Billynkid>     We don't have all the pieces?
Jan 01 22:45:52 <mattgriffin>   right
Jan 01 22:45:55 <Emerling>      +1 Billynkid
Jan 01 22:46:01 <barrydrake>    I'm OK with waiting
Jan 01 22:46:05 <UndiFineD>     unless someone turns up and syas, I do this /ant to do this for a living
Jan 01 22:46:05 <mattgriffin>   :)
Jan 01 22:46:15 <Billynkid>     Agreed
Jan 01 22:46:50 <Billynkid>     Do we have somewhere to define the role?
Jan 01 22:47:20 <UndiFineD>     well we could make such a page if needed
Jan 01 22:47:22 <Billynkid>     Should it be under Get Involved on the ubuntuadverts site
Jan 01 22:47:23 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD, barrydrake: when we're ready, i'd be happy to help move sponsorship forward. i do a bit of that already in my role at canonical
Jan 01 22:47:39 <barrydrake>    UndiFineD - humbly recommend moving on ....
Jan 01 22:47:44 <mattgriffin>   :)
Jan 01 22:47:48 <UndiFineD>     ok mattgriffin 

Next meeting

Jan 01 22:47:56 <UndiFineD>     Next meeting Jan 15th is ok ?
Jan 01 22:48:12 <barrydrake>    Why not?
Jan 01 22:48:13 <moiso> 15th is ok
Jan 01 22:48:18 <Billynkid>     Sounds great
Jan 01 22:48:25 <Emerling>      i can I I can help with translation into Spanish and web promotion in Latin America Loco communities
Jan 01 22:48:28 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: +1
Jan 01 22:49:12 <UndiFineD>     From Logo to house style
Jan 01 22:49:28 <mattgriffin>   Emerling: cool. please make sure you're on the right lists at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/People
Jan 01 22:49:36 <UndiFineD>     CassidyJames has been working on Ubuntu Branding Guidelines
Jan 01 22:50:02 <UndiFineD>     obviously not ready yet
Jan 01 22:50:12 <UndiFineD>     but a wip
Jan 01 22:50:32 <barrydrake>    OK - so let's move on?

Rewrite production guidelines

Jan 01 22:50:35 <UndiFineD>     Rewrite production guidelines:
Jan 01 22:50:50 <barrydrake>    Hmmmm ....
Jan 01 22:50:56 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: where are the existing production guidelines?
Jan 01 22:50:58 <UndiFineD>     barrydrake: you were going to take a look just like me
Jan 01 22:51:27 <UndiFineD>     http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1232641/Guidelines%20Ubuntu%20Advert.pdf
Jan 01 22:51:38 <UndiFineD>     that document , with errors
Jan 01 22:52:16 <barrydrake>    I did, and fraknly apart from the first paragraph I saw nothing wrong.  I posted you a suggestion for the re-wroting of the first para, remen]mber?
Jan 01 22:52:21 <UndiFineD>     well, I have been very busy these vacation days, and did not have time to look at it
Jan 01 22:53:03 <popey> those guidelines need some work!
Jan 01 22:53:16 <UndiFineD>     yes popey they do
Jan 01 22:54:22 <Billynkid>     for example item #5 is open to interpretation
Jan 01 22:54:51 <Billynkid>     and 6
Jan 01 22:55:13 <moiso> why don't put them in a etherpad to be reviewed by everyone of us?
Jan 01 22:55:26 <moiso> and then edited acordinglly
Jan 01 22:55:32 <Billynkid>     Also personally can we lose the BOLD text netiquette an all ;-)
Jan 01 22:55:40 <mattgriffin>   heh
Jan 01 22:55:42 <Billynkid>     Or the wiki?
Jan 01 22:55:43 <barrydrake>    I agree
Jan 01 22:55:55 <hakimsheriff>  i agree too
Jan 01 22:56:17 <barrydrake>    Undi - will you do this?
Jan 01 22:56:20 <UndiFineD>     ok action, guidelines in etherpad
Jan 01 22:56:41 <barrydrake>    Moving on?


Jan 01 22:57:05 <UndiFineD>     Promotion:
Jan 01 22:57:34 <Billynkid>     Are we talking for the team or output of the team was my question for this topic
Jan 01 22:57:35 <UndiFineD>     for our team we could make some additional promotions, like facebook and twitter
Jan 01 22:57:57 <hakimsheriff>  good idea
Jan 01 22:58:01 <mattgriffin>   +1
Jan 01 22:58:07 <UndiFineD>     for ubuntu we have a few new works in the form of flyers from barrydrake 
Jan 01 22:58:08 <barrydrake>    Any kind of promo is good
Jan 01 22:58:12 <Emerling>      yes and sindicate in LoCo tams
Jan 01 22:58:16 <Emerling>      blogers
Jan 01 22:59:18 <UndiFineD>     so who can help us there
Jan 01 22:59:29 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: i can take that todo
Jan 01 22:59:52 *       mattgriffin will create twitter and fb accounts for Ubuntu Adverts
Jan 01 22:59:59 <UndiFineD>     alright, great
Jan 01 23:00:04 <jasono>        What about..... designer make a banner and programmers program it for sites by html?
Jan 01 23:00:13 <UndiFineD>     anyone else want to add their bits
Jan 01 23:00:17 <jasono>        Me
Jan 01 23:00:53 <jasono>        Create a design/banner that can be added on websites (html code)
Jan 01 23:00:54 <Billynkid>     The omgubuntu article was what got my attention
Jan 01 23:01:05 <jasono>        I thought so.
Jan 01 23:01:10 <Yorvyk>        mattgriffin, identi.ca too
Jan 01 23:01:15 <UndiFineD>     yes, that would be mattgriffin and team
Jan 01 23:01:20 <mattgriffin>   Yorvyk: gotcha. will do
Jan 01 23:01:35 <Emerling>      can I help promote the team Loco bloggers and bloggers micro identi.ca twitter facebook etc.
Jan 01 23:01:35 <Emerling>      and translation, of progress and objectives, me too work in banners too and desing art over it concept
Jan 01 23:01:46 <Billynkid>     Also promoting within other teams?
Jan 01 23:02:00 <Billynkid>     such as marketing and tour?
Jan 01 23:02:00 <moiso> thats a good idea
Jan 01 23:02:07 <moiso> i came tru launchpad
Jan 01 23:02:11 <Billynkid>     Also helps to combine forces
Jan 01 23:02:18 <Billynkid>     also the manual team
Jan 01 23:03:00 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: we have volunteers in the major categories on the /People page. not sure we want to look for more people right now before putting the existing volunteers to work
Jan 01 23:03:12 <barrydrake>    Careful you don't confine activity to Ubuntu Gereks ...
Jan 01 23:03:28 <Billynkid>     mattgriffin: also true
Jan 01 23:04:02 <Billynkid>     mattgriffin: main concern is not to duplicate efforts being done by others?
Jan 01 23:04:03 <barrydrake>    Sorry - Geeks
Jan 01 23:04:25 <UndiFineD>     I have been training my kids with programming, mypaint, inkscape 
Jan 01 23:04:33 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: gotcha... those are excellent resources that we can go to when we need assistance
Jan 01 23:04:33 <UndiFineD>     2 girls 10 and 11 :P
Jan 01 23:04:45 <moiso> as many other topics we need to have some work done in order to keep expanding i think
Jan 01 23:04:59 <barrydrake>    As have we all - in my case kids and grandkids
Jan 01 23:05:30 <mattgriffin>   :)
Jan 01 23:06:38 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: which agenda item are we on now?
Jan 01 23:06:50 <Billynkid>     Still promotion:?
Jan 01 23:06:50 <moiso> promo :)
Jan 01 23:07:00 <Billynkid>     actions?
Jan 01 23:07:01 <UndiFineD>     still the same
Jan 01 23:07:41 <barrydrake>    I'm very old, and shortly my pumpkin will change into a frog or something.  Forget which.  So ask me soon before I disappear.
Jan 01 23:07:45 <UndiFineD>     so will we get some more graphics / liase with artwork team, get some banners and flyers
Jan 01 23:07:46 <hakimsheriff>  e

Visiting the school in gloucestershire

Jan 01 23:08:16 <UndiFineD>     Visiting the school in gloucestershire:
Jan 01 23:08:33 <UndiFineD>     barrydrake: you will take this up with danté
Jan 01 23:08:41 <Billynkid>     Sorry can't help much with that ;-)
Jan 01 23:08:48 <Billynkid>     wrong continent
Jan 01 23:08:49 <barrydrake>    only if you produce  some .....
Jan 01 23:09:31 <Emerling>      I'm not sure if I'm wrong, I think the action to take is a promotion manager, responsible to arrange everything once already, the promoters that we will work to spread the work, and translators, to replicate the news and reports on identi.ca twitter facebook etc etc.
Jan 01 23:09:32 <UndiFineD>     money ? gas ? bread ?
Jan 01 23:09:39 <barrydrake>    UndiFineD: I already have

Brand Communications Guide

Jan 01 23:10:47 <moiso> do we have enough artwork/flyers?
Jan 01 23:11:02 <Billynkid>     If so where?
Jan 01 23:11:04 <moiso> i have seen the ones from barry but only those?
Jan 01 23:11:12 <Billynkid>     Ahh
Jan 01 23:11:16 <UndiFineD>     no, we need more choices i think
Jan 01 23:11:21 <Billynkid>     Sorry yep
Jan 01 23:11:24 <Billynkid>     agreed
Jan 01 23:11:34 <Emerling>      +1 UndiFineD
Jan 01 23:11:35 <UndiFineD>     there are older ones in ubuntu-marketing
Jan 01 23:11:44 <moiso> yep but outdated
Jan 01 23:11:48 <barrydrake>    Sorry, pressed wong button again ....
Jan 01 23:11:53 <UndiFineD>     those could be reused when updated
Jan 01 23:12:29 <Billynkid>     Do they need to be updated to be brought inline with the design/branding guidelines?
Jan 01 23:12:52 <moiso> and is there enough artwork makers? cause they should be making some more materials
Jan 01 23:12:52 <Billynkid>     Also the production guidelines discussed before
Jan 01 23:12:54 <jasono>        NO, Dante said they were fine.
Jan 01 23:13:19 <UndiFineD>     what is they jasono ?
Jan 01 23:13:58 <UndiFineD>     #ubuntu-artwork has some, very busy, people
Jan 01 23:14:15 <UndiFineD>     we could liase with them
Jan 01 23:14:36 <UndiFineD>     sure would make materials more uniform
Jan 01 23:14:38 <moiso> i could help, but there is the designers/graphics group in our team..
Jan 01 23:14:39 <UndiFineD>     hmm mattgriffin ?
Jan 01 23:14:50 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: hi :)
Jan 01 23:15:00 <Billynkid>     https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DIYMarketing
Jan 01 23:15:46 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: i've been through the current ubuntu branding docs and have prepared this summary: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/Design#Brand
Jan 01 23:16:11 <mattgriffin>   the branding docs are a work in progress so they're evolving each week
Jan 01 23:16:53 <mattgriffin>   but this is a good start creative-wise for explaining what logos to use, spacing, colours, etc. - see "Supplemental creative guidance and assets" on the wiki page ^
Jan 01 23:17:10 <UndiFineD>     yes
Jan 01 23:17:13 <moiso> ok that's a good guide to start
Jan 01 23:17:23 <mattgriffin>   "Brand Communications Guide"
Jan 01 23:17:42 <Billynkid>     We should also be closely linked to http://www.spreadubuntu.org/
Jan 01 23:17:43 <mattgriffin>   i guess the link would help :) http://design.canonical.com/the-toolkit/brand-communication-guide/
Jan 01 23:18:00 <UndiFineD>     point to it from the wiki
Jan 01 23:19:24 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: doesn't look like https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DIYMarketing has more current branding materials... looks like mostly stuff to support older releases
Jan 01 23:19:40 <mattgriffin>   last edited 2010-10-04 - oh that's really old ;)
Jan 01 23:20:47 <popey> that page is generally only updated to contain the latest cd artwork
Jan 01 23:20:52 <popey> rarely does anything else get added
Jan 01 23:22:58 <UndiFineD>     so plenty to communicate with


Jan 01 23:23:51 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: so we were talking about flyers... i can get in touch with the UbuntuAdverts Design team members and start the ball rolling to create some stuff... we'd need to specify the purpose of the communication to get good quality stuff
Jan 01 23:24:15 <UndiFineD>     yes
Jan 01 23:24:24 <jasono>        mattgriffin Are you the leader of the designers?
Jan 01 23:24:31 <UndiFineD>     fresh new year for creativity
Jan 01 23:24:56 <jasono>        Flyers........ To do with what?
Jan 01 23:25:18 <UndiFineD>     jasono: to promote
Jan 01 23:25:33 <barrydrake>    suggest suppkying the stuff in modifyable form so folk can add their contact detalis
Jan 01 23:25:34 <jasono>        I know that!
Jan 01 23:25:47 <Billynkid>     Are we talking something that can be put inside a mag?
Jan 01 23:25:48 <jasono>        But where? You mean to post around a town/city?
Jan 01 23:25:52 <jasono>        No
Jan 01 23:25:58 <UndiFineD>     yes
Jan 01 23:26:19 <jasono>        So you think people will see the site and go on it?
Jan 01 23:26:22 <UndiFineD>     I am willing to go door-to-door, as I said during UDS-N
Jan 01 23:26:39 <moiso> mattgriffin, the purpose of the communication should be related with our selected taglines
Jan 01 23:26:45 <jasono>        I was not, here, arrived late.
Jan 01 23:27:24 <mattgriffin>   jasono, UndiFineD: i'll start a creative brief and the team can collaborate on the purpose and how they're going to be used so the design team can have a good starting point
Jan 01 23:27:33 <mattgriffin>   moiso: ^
Jan 01 23:27:41 <Billynkid>     Sounds good
Jan 01 23:27:45 <UndiFineD>     yep
Jan 01 23:27:55 <UndiFineD>     it is all connected
Jan 01 23:28:02 <mattgriffin>   :)
Jan 01 23:28:20 <Billynkid>     We might need several as it will depend on the media i.e. newprint, mag, A5 handout?
Jan 01 23:28:38 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: cool
Jan 01 23:29:47 <moiso> ok great
Jan 01 23:30:23 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: do you know if this channel is logged?
Jan 01 23:30:37 <UndiFineD>     I log
Jan 01 23:30:38 <barrydrake>    It Is
Jan 01 23:30:41 <moiso> it is
Jan 01 23:30:43 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: cool. thanks
Jan 01 23:31:43 <UndiFineD>     Taglines:
Jan 01 23:31:54 <UndiFineD>     we already have a bunch
Jan 01 23:32:00 <barrydrake>    YES?
Jan 01 23:32:01 <UndiFineD>     need more
Jan 01 23:32:33 <UndiFineD>     and perhaps make a contest out of it
Jan 01 23:32:38 <Billynkid>     Agreed
Jan 01 23:32:51 <Billynkid>     Or brainstorm with people allowed to vote
Jan 01 23:33:23 <moiso> and doodle the votation like with the logos
Jan 01 23:33:29 <hakimsheriff>  i could post up flyers around my neiborhood
Jan 01 23:33:49 <UndiFineD>     hakimsheriff: exactly my thought too
Jan 01 23:34:14 <UndiFineD>     and if needed I am willing to go door-to-door
Jan 01 23:34:32 <barrydrake>    'people allowed to vote'  .... I' me not sure about that.
Jan 01 23:34:43 <Billynkid>     My plan is to engage the local business community. ie. computer companies, Internet cafes
Jan 01 23:35:50 <Billynkid>     Do we want to discuss the taglines? Any favs
Jan 01 23:35:58 <moiso> ok but plz go back to taglines
Jan 01 23:36:30 <UndiFineD>     ok, so we could make a contest for it, bringing in more ideas
Jan 01 23:36:51 <UndiFineD>     and select a few of the best
Jan 01 23:37:09 <Billynkid>     How many is enough?
Jan 01 23:37:14 <Billynkid>     50 100?
Jan 01 23:37:38 <jasono>        5 or 10
Jan 01 23:37:42 <jasono>        Should be
Jan 01 23:37:48 <jasono>        50 to 100 is too much
Jan 01 23:37:56 <moiso> lets put a deadline and see how many get in
Jan 01 23:38:01 <Billynkid>     agreed
Jan 01 23:38:09 <jasono>        Billynkid I like the first, second, and the other one by Chris Winter.
Jan 01 23:38:15 <jasono>        Taglines
Jan 01 23:38:19 <UndiFineD>     I am thinking we should be able to get one for every release
Jan 01 23:38:43 <Billynkid>     make it a compo like the free culture showcase?
Jan 01 23:38:55 <jasono>        Cool. Yeah
Jan 01 23:39:31 <Billynkid>     in fact if the flyer ended up in the fcs would be cool too
Jan 01 23:39:48 <Billynkid>     so we make a presskit which people can use to promote ubuntu
Jan 01 23:40:41 <Billynkid>     Sorry off agenda. What deadline for tags
Jan 01 23:41:35 <barrydrake>    Sorry, I'm gfoimg
Jan 01 23:41:42 <UndiFineD>     well how about 4 weeks ?
Jan 01 23:41:57 <UndiFineD>     so, jan 29th ?
Jan 01 23:42:05 <barrydrake>    sorry, I
Jan 01 23:42:05 <Billynkid>     sounds good
Jan 01 23:42:16 <UndiFineD>     it is ok barrydrake 
Jan 01 23:42:19 <Emerling>      o\ quetion... 15 or 29th?
Jan 01 23:42:34 <moiso> 15 is too soon
Jan 01 23:42:41 <Emerling>      ok
Jan 01 23:42:43 <Billynkid>     I think two weeks isn't enough time
Jan 01 23:42:47 <UndiFineD>     next meeting is 15th, the one after 29th ?
Jan 01 23:42:51 <Emerling>      moiso, thanks
Jan 01 23:43:04 <Emerling>      UndiFineD,
Jan 01 23:43:08 <Billynkid>     Undifined: makes sense
Jan 01 23:43:48 <UndiFineD>     great
Jan 01 23:43:54 <moiso> yep, we shouldn't delay it too much, remember is kind of the base for other materials

Script ideas

Jan 01 23:44:32 <UndiFineD>     Script ideas:
Jan 01 23:44:35 <barrydrake>    Sorry, I'm going to bed.  tomorrow,
Jan 01 23:44:36 <jasono>        Sorry about that.
Jan 01 23:44:38 <jasono>        again
Jan 01 23:44:58 <jasono>        Good night barrydrake
Jan 01 23:45:16 <UndiFineD>     it is a bit of the same as taglines, but more expansive
Jan 01 23:45:17 <moiso> i have to leave too
Jan 01 23:45:23 <Billynkid>     night barry
Jan 01 23:45:26 <moiso> sorry guys
Jan 01 23:45:34 <Emerling>      :D
Jan 01 23:45:35 <UndiFineD>     and could depend on a selected tagline too
Jan 01 23:45:36 <jasono>        By moiso
Jan 01 23:45:36 <barrydrake>    Night night
Jan 01 23:45:45 <UndiFineD>     ok moiso 
Jan 01 23:45:52 <Emerling>      resume log send please list
Jan 01 23:46:12 <UndiFineD>     Emerling: always on the wiki :)
Jan 01 23:46:19 <Emerling>      thanks
Jan 01 23:46:32 <Emerling>      finished meeting?
Jan 01 23:46:38 <Billynkid>     Undifined: so should it follow the same timeline
Jan 01 23:47:03 <UndiFineD>     no, I want to give it a little room
Jan 01 23:47:10 <jasono>        UndiFineD http://paste.ubuntu.com/549389/
Jan 01 23:47:21 <jasono>        *The ones I like.
Jan 01 23:47:34 <Billynkid>     Ok 3 months?
Jan 01 23:48:02 <UndiFineD>     well, I was thinking maybe 2 weeks more than the taglines
Jan 01 23:48:09 <Billynkid>     Ok
Jan 01 23:48:23 <UndiFineD>     by then the studio stuff could be more clear too
Jan 01 23:48:46 <Billynkid>     Are aiming to have everthing in place for 11.04?
Jan 01 23:48:51 <UndiFineD>     but it still uncertain
Jan 01 23:48:52 <jasono>        No
Jan 01 23:49:00 <jasono>        Unity
Jan 01 23:49:28 <Billynkid>     Are we planning to have anything in place for 11.04?
Jan 01 23:49:32 <UndiFineD>     Unity is still in the making, which makes it hard to use during an ad
Jan 01 23:49:37 <Billynkid>     true
Jan 01 23:49:41 <Billynkid>     so 10.10
Jan 01 23:50:07 <jasono>        No
Jan 01 23:50:19 <Billynkid>     10.04?
Jan 01 23:50:34 <UndiFineD>     jasono: are you on mobile agian ?
Jan 01 23:50:35 <jasono>        We're just going to make the advert, if we can use UNity then it will be droped into the advert.
Jan 01 23:50:54 <jasono>        UndiFineD no, sorry. Typos.
Jan 01 23:51:05 <UndiFineD>     most likely we need to use blue / or greenscreen anyway
Jan 01 23:51:37 <Billynkid>     So what is the process to get the script to final production
Jan 01 23:51:40 <Billynkid>     who pays
Jan 01 23:51:53 <jasono>        Donation money will be used..........
Jan 01 23:51:57 <UndiFineD>     who pays depends on who sponsors
Jan 01 23:52:06 <Billynkid>     Do we have any connections with filmmakers
Jan 01 23:52:16 <UndiFineD>     we have some
Jan 01 23:52:26 <UndiFineD>     but not much
Jan 01 23:52:52 <jasono>        We have a talented Linux video editor though.
Jan 01 23:53:05 <UndiFineD>     wish stephen king would sponsor his render farm :P
Jan 01 23:53:11 <jasono>        jkeyes0<<or whatever the irc is
Jan 01 23:53:11 <UndiFineD>     dreamed about that
Jan 01 23:53:20 <Billynkid>     But are we aiming for that level of quality i.e. hiring someone who has experience filming adverts etc.
Jan 01 23:53:22 <jasono>        UndiFineD THat would be impossible!
Jan 01 23:53:32 <UndiFineD>     hey my dream
Jan 01 23:53:49 <Billynkid>     Or more community based stuff
Jan 01 23:53:59 <Billynkid>     i.e. best effort with a DV cam
Jan 01 23:54:06 <Billynkid>     an HD DV Cam ;-)
Jan 01 23:54:12 <Emerling>      3d
Jan 01 23:54:14 <Emerling>      :D
Jan 01 23:54:15 <Emerling>      :P
Jan 01 23:54:24 <Emerling>      hahaha,.., jajaja
Jan 01 23:54:36 <jasono>        **Cough**Blender
Jan 01 23:54:40 <Billynkid>     I am always a little warry of 3D it has to be very very good
Jan 01 23:54:42 <UndiFineD>     for now I just want to see some results for what we can do
Jan 01 23:55:09 <Emerling>      blue lent and re film  red len
Jan 01 23:55:21 <Billynkid>     ahhh
Jan 01 23:55:24 <Emerling>      distorcion and ready
Jan 01 23:55:31 <Billynkid>     sorry I thought you meant CGI 3D
Jan 01 23:56:14 <Billynkid>     It does sound though that we are ultimately aiming for TV/Film
Jan 01 23:56:16 <UndiFineD>     so I would say go out have sime fun and let the creativity flow
Jan 01 23:56:26 <Billynkid>     Or do we need to think about radio/audio too
Jan 01 23:56:48 <Billynkid>     Undifined: on ideas or the whole thing?
Jan 01 23:56:54 <UndiFineD>     JamesMR did some pretty professional voice-overs
Jan 01 23:57:08 <UndiFineD>     the whole thing, anything you do is good
Jan 01 23:57:31 <UndiFineD>     as it shows what can be done / thought of
Jan 01 23:57:35 <Billynkid>     Did you guys see the linux foundation advert comps
Jan 01 23:58:22 <UndiFineD>     I did not

any other business

Jan 01 23:58:46 <UndiFineD>     any other business ?
Jan 01 23:58:50 <Emerling>      in Venezuela, have radio online and podscats
Jan 01 23:59:01 <Billynkid>     http://video.linux.com/category/we-are-linux-foundation-video-contest
Jan 01 23:59:21 <Billynkid>     top row is the winner and two runners up
Jan 01 23:59:36 <jasono>        What are you suggesting  Billynkid?
Jan 01 23:59:47 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: couple of other items on the agenda
Jan 01 23:59:48 <Billynkid>     Linux Pub is great I use all three at the end of events to get a chuckle
Jan 02 00:00:17 <UndiFineD>     mattgriffin:  ?
Jan 02 00:00:19 <mattgriffin>   i'd like to share a proposed process for future creative executions
Jan 02 00:00:27 <Billynkid>     ok
Jan 02 00:00:34 <mattgriffin>   so we can all collaborate more smoothly
Jan 02 00:00:47 <UndiFineD>     alright :)
Jan 02 00:01:00 <mattgriffin>   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/Design#Process
Jan 02 00:01:07 <Emerling>      +1 mattgriffin
Jan 02 00:01:35 <mattgriffin>   this introduces the idea of Creative Briefs to the team
Jan 02 00:01:44 <mattgriffin>   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/Design#Briefs
Jan 02 00:02:42 <mattgriffin>   there's a link to a template with a few questions
Jan 02 00:03:26 <mattgriffin>   anyone with an idea for an ad is welcome to grab the template and write a creative brief
Jan 02 00:03:35 <jasono>        mattgriffin DRopbox publix
Jan 02 00:03:37 <jasono>        Esier
Jan 02 00:03:42 <jasono>        Easier
Jan 02 00:04:15 <jasono>        Typo: Dropbox public
Jan 02 00:04:25 <mattgriffin>   jasono: or Ubuntu One published files ;)
Jan 02 00:04:43 <mattgriffin>   there are lots of Creative Brief samples available for various brands - http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=creative+brief
Jan 02 00:04:45 <jasono>        Sure. :P
Jan 02 00:05:21 <mattgriffin>   but having a brief to discuss should help us work faster and circulate more ideas
Jan 02 00:06:00 <UndiFineD>     yes, good stuff matt
Jan 02 00:06:30 <mattgriffin>   i've also reviewed all of the branding materials provided by the Canonical Design Team so this should help with writing briefs and setting the tone of any ad - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/Design#Brand
Jan 02 00:07:13 <mattgriffin>   there are still some questions that i have for the Canonical design team and some more work they have to do on the Ubuntu brand so this area will be evolving over the next few weeks
Jan 02 00:07:40 <UndiFineD>     thats alright
Jan 02 00:07:50 <mattgriffin>   finally i created a wiki page to capture what research projects are currently going on within the team - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/Research
Jan 02 00:08:33 <mattgriffin>   wasn't sure if you want to use this but i was having a bit of trouble keeping track of things in email messages and replies
Jan 02 00:08:37 <Emerling>      puedes capturar el proceso, en memoria con top o semejante?
Jan 02 00:08:44 <Emerling>      im sorry
Jan 02 00:08:48 <Emerling>      is other channel
Jan 02 00:08:55 <mattgriffin>   heh
Jan 02 00:10:23 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: and that's all i have. any questions from anyone about this stuff?
Jan 02 00:10:24 <UndiFineD>     I understand mattgriffin, I had a bit of the same issue, as I spend a lot of time on Speech Control these past few weeks
Jan 02 00:10:36 <Billynkid>     Should to research focus on a default install
Jan 02 00:10:41 <Billynkid>     to keep the scope smaller
Jan 02 00:12:04 <hakimsheriff>  Is the meetinv over
Jan 02 00:12:14 <UndiFineD>     well research on windows users would be nice, but I have my doubts that no-one but doubting current windows users and linux advocates would fill its surveys
Jan 02 00:13:48 <jasono>        UndiFineD Dante told me there's some of that already. Canonical marketing
Jan 02 00:13:54 <UndiFineD>     so survey should at least log users browser agent too
Jan 02 00:14:15 <jasono>        hakimsheriff Long time, your welcome to leave if you like.
Jan 02 00:14:35 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: Windows users are probably in-scope for who we want to target. review the "Targeting the communication" section at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/Design#Brand and focus on the consumer problems that Ubuntu can solve. we had some great discussion about this type of stuff a few meetings ago.
Jan 02 00:14:37 <jasono>        mattgriffin Nice template structure.
Jan 02 00:14:55 <mattgriffin>   jasono: thanks
Jan 02 00:15:43 <UndiFineD>     alright
Jan 02 00:16:01 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: re-read your message... you have a good pointl
Jan 02 00:16:34 *       djhakim is now known as hakimsheriff
Jan 02 00:16:54 <UndiFineD>     one strong point is virusses
Jan 02 00:17:01 <UndiFineD>     it is the area to score
Jan 02 00:17:04 <jasono>        Repetition
Jan 02 00:17:08 <mattgriffin>   definitely
Jan 02 00:17:22 <mattgriffin>   ok. gotta go soon :)
Jan 02 00:17:25 <jasono>        This has been talked about for too long.
Jan 02 00:17:31 <jasono>        okey
Jan 02 00:17:35 <UndiFineD>     that is how I convinced most people to at least try it
Jan 02 00:17:45 <hakimsheriff>  me too
Jan 02 00:18:00 <hakimsheriff>  but no one accually tried it
Jan 02 00:18:00 <mattgriffin>   interesting.
Jan 02 00:18:10 <jasono>        All of this was already mentioned though.
Jan 02 00:18:13 <UndiFineD>     yes
Jan 02 00:18:44 <mattgriffin>   perhaps we should have a survey that focused on some of the problem areas to discover what has a higher priority over others ... or maybe this research already exists
Jan 02 00:19:12 <hakimsheriff>  not sure if it exists but it is a good idea
Jan 02 00:19:44 <UndiFineD>     hakimsheriff: for new people to absolutly try it is to install it for them and log them into it
Jan 02 00:19:44 <mattgriffin>   something that a linux, windows, or a mac user would feel comfortable/competent filling out
Jan 02 00:19:48 <jasono>        mattgriffin Explain please.
Jan 02 00:19:49 <UndiFineD>     and not log out
Jan 02 00:19:56 <jasono>        Don't get what you mean.
Jan 02 00:20:10 <mattgriffin>   jasono: so list 10 things that bother you about the computer you're using right now
Jan 02 00:20:23 <Emerling>      the new peopel, need know about where find suport,
Jan 02 00:20:29 <Emerling>      support comunity,
Jan 02 00:20:32 <Emerling>      internet
Jan 02 00:20:33 <jasono>        Aaaah No, no such survey exists.
Jan 02 00:20:35 <Emerling>      loco teams
Jan 02 00:20:36 <Emerling>      irc
Jan 02 00:20:43 <jasono>        XChat
Jan 02 00:20:44 <jasono>        jk
Jan 02 00:20:46 <mattgriffin>   jasono: might be that it's expensive, it gets viruses, it's difficult to use, ...
Jan 02 00:20:54 <Emerling>      and microblogins
Jan 02 00:21:01 <Emerling>      facebook twitter identica
Jan 02 00:21:03 <hakimsheriff>  keeps cradhing, slow
Jan 02 00:21:09 <jasono>        On Ubuntu
Jan 02 00:21:18 <Emerling>      locos team
Jan 02 00:21:23 <mattgriffin>   jasono: then give that list to 1000 people and ask each of them to rank the items in priority of highest to lowest importance to them
Jan 02 00:21:35 <jasono>        Awesome.
Jan 02 00:21:52 <jasono>        Do you want to work on it together?
Jan 02 00:22:01 <UndiFineD>     a 1000 ? I think 10.000 would be a proper goal
Jan 02 00:22:02 <jasono>        Live or Wiki
Jan 02 00:22:07 <mattgriffin>   jasono: heh... sure :)
Jan 02 00:22:33 <jasono>        Google Docs is good don't know if you use it. :P mattgriffin
Jan 02 00:22:43 <Billynkid>     and based on the results we can draw conclusions to help us target a advert/campaign
Jan 02 00:22:50 <Billynkid>     ?
Jan 02 00:22:51 <UndiFineD>     google does not save you the user agent
Jan 02 00:23:04 <UndiFineD>     yes Billynkid 
Jan 02 00:23:30 <mattgriffin>   jasono: sure. start a doc and share it with 'me [at] mattgriffin [dot] com'
Jan 02 00:23:54 <jasono>        Okey, no problem.
Jan 02 00:24:29 <mattgriffin>   ok... gotta go get some food. UndiFineD: do you want to wrap up?
Jan 02 00:24:44 <UndiFineD>     i think we can close the meeting now
Jan 02 00:24:50 <Billynkid>     Ok
Jan 02 00:24:50 <mattgriffin>   cool
Jan 02 00:24:56 <Emerling>      +1
Jan 02 00:24:56 <mattgriffin>   thanks everyone... great meeting
Jan 02 00:25:00 <UndiFineD>     thanks everyone for comming
Jan 02 00:25:05 <Emerling>      is my first mmeting
Jan 02 00:25:13 <hakimsheriff>  me too
Jan 02 00:25:21 <hakimsheriff>  i am new to the team
Jan 02 00:25:22 <mattgriffin>   Emerling: welcome to the team! :)
Jan 02 00:25:27 <mattgriffin>   and hakimsheriff too
Jan 02 00:25:29 <Emerling>      thank
Jan 02 00:25:30 <hakimsheriff>  thx
Jan 02 00:25:35 <Emerling>      very very work
Jan 02 00:26:07 <hakimsheriff>  do you have any posters that i could print aand put up around my neibourhood
Jan 02 00:27:00 <mattgriffin>   hakimsheriff: there are some materials that are available but they haven't been updated to be aligned with the official Ubuntu brand guidelines
Jan 02 00:27:09 <Billynkid>     hakimsheriff have a look at http://spreadubuntu.org
Jan 02 00:27:23 <mattgriffin>   hakimsheriff: and you may want to be aware of your local laws when it comes to putting up flyers ;)
Jan 02 00:27:24 <hakimsheriff>  okay i will thx
Jan 02 00:27:35 <Billynkid>     a lot of those posters are editable also
Jan 02 00:28:20 <Billynkid>     I found holding a stall somewhere public like a mall and handing out smaller flyers and dvd's works well
Jan 02 00:28:55 <Billynkid>     free dvd's work out very well, see if you can find a local business to sponser making 200 and handing them out
Jan 02 00:29:12 <jasono>        Sorry about that, XChat kicked me out.
Jan 02 00:29:50 <jasono>        We should also atleast try to get donations on our site ubuntuadverts.org
Jan 02 00:29:56 <jasono>        Most of these ideas require money.
Jan 02 00:31:21 <Billynkid>     Indeed but it might be easier once we have a specific idea+budget for idea
Jan 02 00:31:31 <Billynkid>     then we can have a fundraiser for it
Jan 02 00:31:57 <jasono>        Yeah. Have you seen the form though?
Jan 02 00:33:31 <jasono>        mattgriffin Email sent
Jan 02 00:33:42 <mattgriffin>   jasono: cool. got it. thanks
Jan 02 00:34:39 <mattgriffin>   jasono: doh! i just changed the title after you did. sorry :(
Jan 02 00:34:58 <mattgriffin>   jasono: please change it back ... heh
Jan 02 00:35:50 <mattgriffin>   ok.. i'm out.
Jan 02 00:35:51 <Emerling>       friends,  i leave off
Jan 02 00:35:59 <mattgriffin>   jasono: i'll catch up with you later about the survey
Jan 02 00:36:00 <jasono>        mattgriffin Oh, np
Jan 02 00:36:04 <Emerling>      tnaks,  happy new year
Jan 02 00:36:23 <jasono>        Okaey mattgriffin You can always find me on Google Talk
Jan 02 00:36:31 <jasono>        jasonodoom at google dot com
Jan 02 00:36:33 <mattgriffin>   jasono: cool
Jan 02 00:37:08 <jasono>        Thanks to everyone for not getting drunk.
Jan 02 00:37:25 <jasono>        UndiFineD Are you there?
Jan 02 00:38:01 <UndiFineD>     yes, I was making a coffee
Jan 02 00:38:09 <jasono>        Oh.
Jan 02 00:38:16 <UndiFineD>     and setting multilang xchat for my GF
Jan 02 00:38:23 <jasono>        :)
Jan 02 00:38:28 <jasono>        I read about her.
Jan 02 00:38:48 <jasono>        Dinner in a few, have to go, will be on Google Talk.
Jan 02 00:38:50 <jasono>        Bye
Jan 02 00:38:56 <UndiFineD>     ok

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