Things that could be easily improved

  • Don't ship flyiers for non-english speaking LoCo.

    • People will not understand what is written there and they will go directly to the trash.
  • Replace "Ubuntu Guru" with just "Ubuntu" on the T-shirt.
    • Members normaly already have a cool Ubuntu shirt, T-shirt, polo shirt and we will not wear the ubuntu-guru shirt.
    • In most case those t-shirts are given to new users or as prices for various events
  • Send a couple of Ubuntu blank badge + lanyards (like the one we have for UDS)

Other ideas

Small things with big impact

  • Provide stickers similar to the one created by System76
    • They are a big hit, everyone want them
    • System76 provides stickers for LoCo Teams outside US but the quantity they provides is not sufficent for the request

  • Small Ubuntu logo stickers to be given away to booth visitor
    • The current Ubuntu stikers set is to big
    • they should not be bigger than 2cm X 2cm
    • rather than beeing big in size, they should be big in number
  • Ubuntu Key Stickers
    • Somethings like what System76 provides in US Only.

CD Case design

For many conferences we can burn our own copy of Ubuntu CD and create the corresponding case. It would be nice to have the full design (including CD envelope).

The most important part of the CD case is the note with "you are free to redistribute the CD" , "pass it on", etc. Unfortunalty that messege will not reach non-english speacking users. LoCo team chould modify just those text. We don't care about advance desing, layers, PDS/PSD files. Just a high quality image where we could print the message in the local languages.

Flyier design

Similar to the motivation used for CD case design it would be nice than rather to send the english printed flyer we could have the souce file for the design and translate the text and let us print the flyers.

Conference starter pack

Gobby document

Below is the exact content of the gobby notes takend during the UDS Karmic Session dedicated to improving Conference packs.

English flyers (and consider other languages) Ideas on how to use the materials once you get them

More simpler t-shirts that are more generic. Could allow for more shirts to be given away.

Suggestion: Remove "Ubuntu Guru" from shirt and place just "Ubuntu"

Possibly have cd cases that have a place for you to Rubberstamp the loco's name, etc.

Instead of sending out the leaflets with text, Possibly send out the brochure with images and graphics non-language specific. Allow for the teams to save on the cost of the paper itself, and allow for them to put their own words and languages.

Get the cover art early for the cd releases, so that teams could at least print their own if necessary.

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