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If you have arrived here trying to find out how to take part in the development of Ubuntu, then you may find these pages more useful at first:


Ubuntu developers represent an important part of the creation of Ubuntu. They have a direct influence on the software included in Ubuntu and whether it meets the needs of end users. They are responsible for ensuring that Ubuntu works, and works as well as it can with the resources available.

Everybody is welcome to work on any package they want to improve and we value these contributions. If you don't have upload rights yet, sponsors can review your work and upload it for you.

If you wanted to categorise the different kinds of involvement and upload rights in Ubuntu, it'd look like this:

Ubuntu Prospective Developers

This is where you should start if you are interested in joining the development team. Prospective Developers:

Becoming a Prospective Developer

There are no requirements to be a Prospective Developer, and anyone with interest is encouraged to become involved. Please see the links at the top of this page for pointers some of the many ways to start contributing to Ubuntu development.

Ubuntu Contributing Developers

Joining the ubuntu-developer-members team

Ubuntu Developers (from delegated teams)

At the current time, the following teams are considered delegated teams admitting their own members:

The following teams are considered delegated teams whose prospective members apply to the Developer Membership Board:

The following package sets currently exist without a team owning them:

Joining a delegated team

Forming a delegated team

Requesting changes to delegated teams


Joining MOTU

Ubuntu Core Developers

Joining the ubuntu-core-dev team

Per-package Uploaders

Where a developer has an interest in a wide variety of packages, that developer is encouraged to strive for membership in one or more existing development teams. In cases where a given small set of packages attracts the interest of more than one specialised developer, the Developer Membership Board may recommend the foundation of a team. See Forming a delegated team for more information.

There is a slightly special procedure for Debian Developers wishing to have upload rights to their packages. See the application process page for more details.

Joining the Per-package Uploaders

SRU developers

Developers who focus in package-specific areas in Ubuntu, such as MOTU and packageset uploaders also upload SRUs without necessarily being a member of the SRU developers team. In contrast, SRU developers work on SRUs across different sections of the Ubuntu package archive.

Joining SRU developers



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