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Before asking for help, please check : Google for faster answers

Ask for Help & Support

You are asking for Help and Support because you did not find what you are looking for on Google or Google Ubuntu Search Engine. It is very important to start from there as you may find the answer that you need without waiting for someone else to provide you with an answer.

Please read Community support Overview

Mailing Lists

As described here.

Ubuntu Forums

Ubuntu Forums has many sections divided as per the categories and the nature of the content.

Please remember to use the GNOME prefix when posting, this will ensure a faster response to your thread.

Before starting a new thread, please search for a similar issue.

Live Chat

We have an IRC channel on, called #ubuntu-gnome. This is our main channel where day to day conversations and support relating to Ubuntu GNOME take place.

How to connect

More Information

Other Useful Channels

  • #ubuntu can be used for support queries that are more generic and not too GNOME specific.

  • #ubuntu+1 can be used to discuss generic issues related to running Ubuntu development releases

Ask Ubuntu

Do you have a specific question with a specific answer?
Ask on Ask Ubuntu. Tag your post with Ubuntu GNOME.

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