Get Ubuntu GNOME


  1. BACKUP important data first. Don't assume that Ubuntu GNOME will do this for you automatically.

  2. Check that your system is able. The default installer requires at least 1 GB of RAM.
  3. Read the release notes before installing.

  4. If your PC was released after the year 2007, you will most likely need the 64-bit download.
  5. Please use the torrent link to download, using BitTorrent. Torrenting is fast and saves on bandwidth costs for Canonical servers, which means more money in the budget for all Ubuntu flavors. After torrenting, please seed as much as possible to help others.

  6. Confirm that the MD5SUM of your downloaded ISO matches the reference MD5SUM. See how to check MD5SUM.

  7. Burn the ISO to a DVD or create a bootable USB drive using UNetbootin.

  8. When you boot the default installer, you will see the option to "Check Disc For Errors". Select this option first.
  9. Proceed with installation as prompted.

Try without Installing

You can try Ubuntu GNOME without affecting your current OS installation. Select the live preview option after booting:


Tip: If your current OS is corrupted and won't boot, you might be able to use the live preview feature to access the hard drive and recover your data!

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