Auto-Installing Ubuntu GNOME 13.10

  • Pick your preferred language from the left menu, and select Install Ubuntu GNOME


  • It is typically a good idea to select both Download updates while installing. and Install this third-party software so that your new installation is as complete as possible. If you don't require these, however, it is certainly not necessary to check either.


  • Select how you would like to install Ubuntu GNOME.
    • Erase disk and install Ubuntu GNOME will replace your current operating system with Ubuntu GNOME.

    • There will be another option not pictured that will say something like Install Ubuntu GNOME and *your OS* side by side Select this if you wish to pick from Ubuntu GNOME and your current OS at startup each time you turn your computer on.


  • Pick your time-zone.


  • Select the correct keyboard layout for your needs.
    • Not to be confused with your language. When in doubt, click Detect Keyboard Layout.


  • Fill in whatever information you want, but fill in every text field.
    • Don't worry about Encrypt my home folder if you don't know what that is. It's very optional.


  • Wait for Ubuntu GNOME to install.


  • Restart your computer to start enjoying your new installation of Ubuntu GNOME!


Thank you for choosing and using Ubuntu GNOME.

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