Ubuntu Magazine IRC Meeting Agenda

Please restrict dicussion to items that pertain directly to the magazine.

Call to order: 17 July 20:00 UNC at #ubuntu-meeeting

Check your local time here.

Chair: Sara Vasquez

A. Opening Items

  1. Welcome comments from the chair
  2. Roll call for selected members

B. Old Business

< Add Old Business Items Here >

3. Old Business Parking Lot

< Add Open Parking Lot Items Here >

C. New Business

1. Wiki

We need someone to take the responsability to redo and maintain our wiki https://launchpad.net/products/spreadubuntu/+spec/ubuntumag-wiki

2. Project Charter

The charter can be found here.


Project Rationale

  1. Project Goals and Objectives
    • Community Goals
    • Others
  2. Project Scope
    • Project Deliverables
    • Intent of the Project
    • Exclusions
    • Others
  3. Project critical Success Factors
    • Initial High-level Project Planning
    • Estimated Resource Requirements
    • Other
  4. Estimated Benefits
    • Other
  5. Role Assignments from matrix

We need to revisit the forum idea, We all need to start using Launchpad and writting specs for our ideas, I think that is the way we will submitt ideas from now on.

Milestones Discussion

  1. Craft project charter
  2. Project approvals

Charter Other

  1. Next steps

  2. Call for other discussion items

I believe the next step is Milestone #2. Project approved by Marketing Team and then getting the WBS posted as a SPEC. We also need input from Canonical.

Charter Parking Lot

< Anything else that needs to be discussed again goes here. >

3. Other new Business

< Other New Business Here >

4. Magazine Name and Identity

  1. Call for ideas!

Start discussion about the magazine's identity, I feel that we might aliniate kubutnu, xubuntu, and edubuntu users (How can we make and global magazine?)
If the charter is approved as it stands, this is milestone #4. Establish Magazine Identity.

D. Announcements

  1. Next Meeting

< Add Other Announcements Here >

E. Adjourn (~21:00 UNC)

Thank you for your attendance


  • Parking Lot
    The term parking lot refers to items which need clarification and will be discussed again. Typically a parking lot item is assigned to a person who is responsible for reporting their findings. This usually occurs under the agenda heading of old business.


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