A scratch page for Ubuntu Studio-Intrepid artwork ideas.

DIY/Grunge theme ideas

Grunge Theme Initial Mockup - (Not colourised)

* Checkbox style from my Grunge theme, paint splat with check and cross glyph on it

* Radio buttons along those lines.

* Buttons could be glossy with scratches, and a Disabled button would have a cracked glass effect on it.


This looks good, but too much trashy, i think the idea behind the DIY Artwork is 'Alternative', not 'Gore' Wink ;) We should, also, try to respect the Ubuntustudio palette.

However, we have to decide now the priority for this new grungy UI : should we go ahead and provide this look'n'feel for 8.10, or should we start a team that will work on it and release it 'when it's done'?

I personally can help, as this inspires me and I have already done a few submissions (bottom of these pages : UbuntuStudio/Artwork/DIYConcept/Theme UbuntuStudio/Artwork/DIYConcept/Wallpaper -nilux

Personally, I think the theme you made is great, except

1. The UbuntuStudio color scheme!

2. Too drastic.

Such a huge change means people will like it or hate it. And then comes the usability issues...blood is hard to see if you use it as the close button huh? (Btw, blood is slightly less purple) Also like someone said, we want DIY, not gore . We would probably want a spray-paint, weathered down look. I'm working on the spray paint's realism now


The buttons...well, look sorta incomplete. It not just need to have subtle stripes, but a weathered, and maybe dusty look. Scratches need to be more obvious. Also, I wonder if its possible to make the texture tile instead of scale up when button size increases. seemed to be very similar to one of the skins I used to use :). I think someone ported it to GTK for you?

A quick mockup to show what I mean here. It looks better at 50% zoom or less, I work at high resolutions and scale down normally but I forgot to this time. I don't know how to make scratches, but this would show what I mean.



Nice going so far guys. Smile :) I'll be getting some items up next week or so (5/4th-10th/08 hopefully sooner) qinjuehang, Can you put up some of your wallpaper ideas? -Cory K.


Btw, I think the idea of scratched buttons is great Smile :) I haven't gone much further with my wallpaper, but I have quite a bit of free time everyday this month.

What I decide to do:

Re-do the spray-paint effect for the logo. Take a look (A quick experiment, comments? Gimp&Inkscape)

Make the floor concrete (I would probably take a photo of our park's ground, and Gimp it.) Improve the lighting.

Add a Specular/Reflection map for the logo (make it slightly reflective like most paints are)

And a bumpmap for the spraypaint.

I need as many ideas as I can get Smile :)


*Update: I finished the logo here. Comments please Smile :) .

I redid the logo yet again. Here Personally I prefer the previous one Smile :)

And again. I think I overdid the effect previously. Here

Well I got a new rig that possibly fits into what Toma meant by high end...(9600gt anyone?)

Anyway, back on track, I guess its time to add another render. Comments please. Just a quick edit to show off the new logo. resolution sucks, but on the bright side, it took under 5 mins on my quad core Smile :)

Here I'll be experimenting with DoF and camera angles.

  • - I still like the logo sprayed on the wall idea. I just think we need to move from the original room or add more detail. --Cory \m/ (P.S. clean up this page to only show latest ideas.)

    - Try letting the wall texture show through the paint a bit, so it looks like the paint really is on the wall. Something like what I did with the floor in this gimped photo -- AaronHaviland

Well, I guess this is a better angle? I'll be working on textures (detail, in other words) next. But I've got another astronomy competition, so I'll be busy these few days. Check out my new render Here By the way, does anyone have any idea on how to upload large images? Cuz my png is 7MB. *Note the black dot on the left is due to me accidentally clicking in Gimp when converting to PNG, I believe.

I decided that I'm done with the logo, and completely re-did the room. Or carpark, perhaps? Smile :) You can take a quick look Here


I built this icon set from other artists' work (twisted and mangled some, left others alone - don't worry it's all GPL) and built it upon the Hardy Human icon set. It's not really designed as a DIY theme, but the vector graphics somewhat suit this idea/feel. It's nowhere near finished, and still contains many of the gnome default icons that I've yet to cover over, but I'd like to get some feedback on this. Is this an icon set that people feel would work with the proposed look? Here's the Icons

-Stochastic 8:26UTC/June19/2008

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