Tasks to be completed for Lucid

There are several tasks that need to be either completed, or have continuous maintenance for Lucid and beyond. This page attempts to list these tasks, and who they are assigned to. Feel free to add to this list if you have any more tasks that you think need addressing.

Recurring Tasks across all development cycles




Maintain realtime kernel package

This is on a best effort basis, since the realtime patches often lag behind the latest kernel upstream release, as well as the Ubuntu kernel release.


DVD Testing

Testing alpha images at a minimum, testing one or two dailies a week would be preferable.

Eric Hedekar

Audio/Video/Graphics package selection

We need to review what we currently ship, and see if there is anything else that needs replacing with something better, removed, or kept.

Recruiting more helpers

This will always be ongoing, but its listed here as it needs to be done.

Application update monitoring

We need to know if there any applications that need updating to a new upstream release either from Debian, or upstream directly. Best to talk to the Debian maintainer if there is one to see how soon Debian can be updated. If a package is not updated in Debian by the end of July, we need to consider updating it directly in Ubuntu.

Documentation maintenance and co-ordination

Generally a community effort, but it's fallen by the wayside and is an easy way for anyone to help.


Lucid Targeted milestone projects




Migrate UbuntuStudio Controls to GtkBuilder

Glade is going to go away upstream, and GtkBuilder is now available in GTK, so we should get ubuntustudio-controls moved to GtkBuilder ASAP.

Promotion of Jack into main

This requires a Main inclusion report to be written for libffado. LukeYelavich is happy to provide assistance for anyone who wishes to do this.

ScottLavender , Eric Hedekar (stochastic)

New Art Look for Lucid

A revamped design style for the GTK, Bootsplash, Website, Desktop, and other artwork-centered portions of Ubuntu Studio


Package LV2 libraries, synths, and plugins

The LV2 standard has been around for a long time now and is a long-overdue addition to Ubuntu Studio.

ScottLavender , Eric Hedekar

Rejuvenate and Revamp the website

The current is a basic information website and needs more content/life as well as a facelift to match current artwork.

Eric Hedekar

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