The purpose of this wiki page is to define the public relations strategy for the Ubuntu Studio Public Relations team. This will include defining the team, the communications channels used, list of events to publicize, etc.

PR Strategy

The primary goals of Ubuntu Studio Public Relations is to:

  • communicate more often to users
  • encourage developers to join the Ubuntu Studio Development Team
  • calls for volunteers for testing

And the following means will be used to accomplish these goals:

  • establish a PR team
  • assign some specific responsibilites to specific members
  • create an "event vs channel" matrix to show when and where to post
  • provide "standard announcement verbiage" templates for various events
  • use as the nexus or focal point of our PR communications

Public Relations Team

The Ubuntu Studio Public Relations Team will be primarily repsonsible for all public relations and external (i.e. not inter-team or to Ubuntu) communications for Ubuntu Studio.

To become a member of the PR team, first one must volunteer either in #ubuntustudio-devel on Freenode IRC or on the ubuntustudio-devel mailing list and then be approved by one of the PR team's admins.

The team should have at least two admins to ensure responsiveness to volunteers and other matters for the team.

The Ubuntu Studio Public Relations Team will act as the Launchpad team for the PR team, providing a mechanism for controlling access to the website (i.e. authentication for website login has been assigned to the website team).

The PR team should remain small, perhaps no more than five active members. This should hopefully prevent major overlap of news coverage and hopefully such a small group can find an easy (and informal) consensus about what topic each member should cover.

Furthermore, it might be wise to assign one PR team member for some large, specific events (e.g. release) with a secondary as fail over.

Writing Posts

Event Posting





Release News

Make an official post on a new release every 6 months

website & social channels, G+, mail lists, forums,


Milestone Testing

Announce testing, and ask for participants for Beta2 and R.C

website & social channels, G+, mail lists, forums


Request Help From Community

Hunt for developers and contributors at least once after each new release is out

website & social channels, G+, mail lists, forums


Non Formal Posting

Any news about Ubuntu Studio, reviews, interviews, UDS, meetings, release planning, etc

website & social Channels, G+

Ttoine, holstein

How to Post

Use only text, when writing posts. Save the article as a textfile. Then post the same text to each channel, one at a time. Use the #ubuntustudio hashtag in footer. (!ubuntustudio on

What to Post

  • Any significant news on Linux Multimedia that somehow may be interesting for Ubuntu Studio users (new software, changes in technology)
  • Interviews..
    • ..of Linux multimedia developers (we may conduct our own)
    • ..of multimedia producers (audio, video, graphics, etc)
  • Significant news on Ubuntu Studio development
    • Call for testing
    • New features or applications added

..add more here

Making Videos and Podcasts

At this time, there is no plan on how to do this.

List of Communication Channels

Ubuntu Studio Web Site

Mail Lists


Social Channels (linked to from the website)

  • Facebook
  • Identica
  • Twitter

Other Social Channels

  • G+ (separate Ubuntu Studio account)
  • Youtube (separate Ubuntu Studio account)



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