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Keimpe has been a great companion on a project that've been working on together, and the advice and guidance he's given has done more than helped me; it allowed me to learn and give back the Ubuntu way. THAT, I'm thankful for. <<BR>>
-- [[https://wiki.ubuntu.com/jackyalcine|JackyAlcine]], Student (JackyAlcine on IRC)

Keimpe de Jong, 33

Ureterp, the Netherlands

  • "Anything automated will break automatically"


https://launchpad.net/@@/person Name

Keimpe de Jong

https://launchpad.net/@@/language Email


https://launchpad.net/favicon.ico Launchpad Profile


https://launchpad.net/@@/language IRC

UndiFineD on IRC.freenode.net

https://launchpadlibrarian.net/7171615/ubuntulogo_s.png Ubuntu Forums Profile


https://launchpad.net/@@/language Web Site


https://launchpadlibrarian.net/9608570/ubuntu_emblem.png Currently Using

Ubuntu 10.10

Social networking profile





Hello, I am Keimpe de Jong, mostly known online as UndiFineD I have a collection of girls, my GF and 4 daughters.

My ICT knowledge spans over many years. My first time online was in 1988. My first encounter with Linux was in august 1995 at a hardware sale there was this guy selling Infomagic Slackware Linux 4cd's for a cheap price I just went there to buy some new antivirus (TBAV) and went home with kernel 1.0.28 I installed it on windows95 launchday.


I am a skilled PHP developer, this I thought myself. In school I had some c(++) training, but never really liked the language. I wish to learn python and conquer the world with it.


I use Linux because it is fun, kicking it's tail and then make it all better again.


I use apt-mirror to share and save bandwidth. Integrating packages in one single mirror has the advantage that you'll know it will be there. my mirror is also available online, and I would not mind if people grabbed some packages.


Since I use Linux I have converted my GF to it as well, she was a windows gamer at first but now she is hooked to how it all simply works. She now has joined me to be more actively involved, here is her profile

Why using Ubuntu?

I have worked with many different distributions in the past, at first Slackware of course, but you had to do everything manually by editing some configuration file. Since I was in school at that time I noticed that windows had become a requirement and that I had to learn about Novell netware networks. so my Pentium66 desktop migrated to windows and my 486DX100 server migrated to Novell

I Have played with early and late Redhat, SuSE, Fedora, CentOS, Fermi, LFS, Debian But I wanted something easier at home. Yes Ubuntu is easy.


I have been into computers since 1988. after college CS I did mostly programming in PHP. I started working for a television studio to program a call monitor. After that I started working for the European Patent Office as a Data Center manager and I have been trained in Data Center Design. Then I went to Petten to work for the European Commision as a Local Linux/Solaris Systems Administrator And after that I moved back to Friesland to work for JC-Electronics as a IT-Manager / PHP programmer to make a full company administrative system.

Life Goals

My base goal is have a job again, as I am sitting at home at the moment. Canonical, Hire me please Smile :) In the mean time I work on the projects listed below. And slowly spend time to learn Python. In the future I would love to setup a business around Linux. Especially for government and schools.


Ubuntu, Darklooks + Ambiance borders + Crystal SVG icons + redglass pointer

My Projects / Contributions


  • Discussed issues on iana-etc with Seth W. Klein
  • PerlSeti v2.1

  • 19 Layer OSI business extention model
  • testing: maverick beta
  • testing: natty pre-alhpa1
  • bug searching cli companinion



speech control for the desktop


Write a Key Performance Indicators toolkit


Dutch translations


next Ubuntu support


persona project taking on the Daniella persona.


Support, Programming



Dutch Translations



Dutch LoCo support, translations teamm, "fulcrum" (steunpunt)


Dutch Beginners Team




cdimage release testing




UK LoCo support


Ubuntu Advertisement

CLI companinion testing

Gnome Orca

Simon Listens

Voxforge and Oranje Boekje (Orange book) membership

  • Learn Python
  • Refreshen PHP


  • Organize some classes, to teach enterprise usage.


I have a UBT mentor (for python) named pedro3005

Mentee: UndiFineD

Mentor: Pedro

Last Contact Date: 10/31/2010



Date Completed

Wiki Page Created



Knowledge of BT IRC Channels



Identified Focus Group(s)



Launchpad Registered



Ubuntu Forums Registered



Signed Ubuntu Code of Conduct






Notes: Also do a refreshener on PHP from Tenach


UndiFineD showed up unexpectedly during the Dutch Translation sprint for Maverick where he translated both Orca and the complex financial part of gcalctool in just two days. It was a welcome surprise that he was there to help, certainly gcalctool would not have been translated without him. He continues to be active for the Dutch Translation Team, attending meetings and submitting suggestions for many packages.
-- Redmar, Ubuntu Dutch Translators (trijntje on IRC)

Keimpe has been a great companion on a project that've been working on together, and the advice and guidance he's given has done more than helped me; it allowed me to learn and give back the Ubuntu way. THAT, I'm thankful for.
-- JackyAlcine, Student (JackyAlcine on IRC)

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