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Jacky Alciné

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JackyAlcine on IRC.freenode.net

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English, Creole

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Ubuntu Forums, Ubuntu Youth Forums

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Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat desktop

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Hello, my name is Jacky Alciné. Currently, I'm a high-school senior who plans on pursuing Computer Science, Psychology and Business Management in college. I started programming at the age of eleven with simple web pages which over time developed a deep passion for desktop programming and other aspects of programming. The raw power and the unlimited reach of a computer's potential is one of the many things that drive my yearn to be with the Ubuntu community; the desire to not only learn and grow, but to also share and disseminate that information with others to even further enhance our blossoming community. Read about my goals!

My standpoint is that I'm here to help, aid, assist in the fine-tuning of the one of the most powerful systems given to the world.

"Shoot high, shoot far, and jump late; making a mistake only keeps you from being impossible."

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