This team is now deprecated. Official announcement about the team's closure can be found here.

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About Us

The development path is here to help new users learn application design, programming concepts, get acclimated to working in a team, contributing parts to create a whole. Additionally a familiarity with Version Control Systems(VCS) is important in Open Source development. On the Development path must demonstrate an aptitude with Subversion (svn) and Bazaar (bzr). We teach any language that we collectively know.


  • Educate Team Members on Ubuntu Development
  • Help members work towards membership in Development oriented teams in the community.
  • Provide learning sessions through the Development Focus Group Academy.

Current Tasks

  • If you are brand new to Ubuntu development and need to install the development tool set, or are setting up a new development machine and need a step by step reminder on how to, check out the Ubuntu Dev Tools: Installation Quick Start

  • We have a list of programming projects that our team members are working on that are open to new members. Some offer tutoring.

  • If you are interested in Python, a popular development language in Ubuntu, see Quest for Python a resource of python tutorials as well as tips for setting up Gedit to program python.

  • Read the Packaging Guide. This will be a valuable source as you develop for Ubuntu. Particularly PackagingGuide/Recipes is a good start, as you get to play around with the tools a bit. To get a first impression, you also might want to check out the MOTU Videos

  • Become familiar with the Ubuntu Development overview, this will help you get an idea how the Ubuntu Development Process works. Definitely check out UbuntuDevelopment/KnowledgeBase for a good list of in-depth guides, tutorials and guidelines.

  • Check the Development Focus group Academy page for any current programming classes.

  • Another place to look for Package oriented classes is the Packaging/Training sessions in #ubuntu-classroom.

  • Work on bug fixes and new packages. This is where you should start once familiar with packaging and/or a particular programming language.

  • Request sponsor review of suggested changes, where sponsors:
    • review the packages prepared by the prospective developer
    • provide constructive feedback
    • upload the package when they are satisfied with its quality
    • for more information, please read SponsorshipProcess


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