Unity Installation Guide

This page documents how you can try out Unity 3.0 on your Ubuntu system.

Note: This software is pre-alpha. You should be comfortable with being able to downgrade multiple packages if you want to go back to a stable desktop, otherwise we recommend not trying this on a production machine. Alpha 1 will have a more stable version.

Limitations and Tips

  • This version of Unity does NOT have Places or the Dash, these will come back for Alpha 2.
  • It's normal that clicking on the Ubuntu button does nothing.
  • The session to log in in GDM is now "Ubuntu Desktop"
  • For now, be sure to use Humanity or Humanity-Dark icon themes. Others will cause Unity 3.0 alpha to crash.


Unity is available in Natty .

sudo apt-get install unity

Then restart Compiz or log out and log back into your desktop session. Finally start CompizConfig Settings Manager (/usr/bin/ccsm) and then search for and enable the Unity plugin!

What to do when it Crashes

As this is prealpha code it can crash sometimes, unchecking the Unity plugin in CCSM will stop unity from running.


Where to file bugs

Please follow this guide for filing bugs.

How to Contribute to Unity has instructions on how to get the code and hack on it.

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