About me

  • I was born in 1982, and started with computers when my father decided to buy an old 386 with green phosphor monitor (that was 1993). Smile :)

    I happily graduated in Computer Science at UNICAMP in 2007, and now work with python for Canonical, in Launchpad team, as a QA Engineer.

    I live in Recife, PE, Brazil, but my hometown is Campinas, SP.

    I speak Portuguese, English, understand Spanish and pretend to know Russian. Wink ;)

    I've been involved with Open Source since 2005, and with the Ubuntu Brazilian community since 2008, translating packages and working with AndreGondim to keep the translations wiki up-to-date and organized.

    Also, I live^H^H^H^H stay in #ubuntu-br IRC, trying to help new Ubuntu users that seek for assistance.

How to contact me online


Working on

  • Keeping http://wiki.ubuntu-br.org/TimeDeTraducao/JauntyPacotes and http://wiki.ubuntu-br.org/TimeDeTraducao/KarmicPacotes wiki pages updated. For that I've developed a python script that scrapes Launchpad Rosetta's pages and creates a list of what's left to be translated, and also removes from it all the Gnome packages, that should be translated upstream and imported later in the cycle. We encourage that! Smile :)

  • Developing a tool to maintain the upstream translations tracked, to help the reviewers.
  • Package translation and revision under André Gondim's supervision.
  • #ubuntu-br channel Op., trying to assist the users with their needs
  • Translating factoids to an #ubuntu-br bot (ubot2) kindly provided by jpds. With that, I'm keeping track of outdated and needed documentation that needs to be created and translated, to the pt-br users.

What's next?

  • Keep up the translations work, using my programming skills to help the process AndreGondim is following.

  • Help reactivate docs team.
  • Keep close the new Brazilian Council, to keep helping like I've been doing.
  • APTonCD development: code refactoring in first place, adding features to incorporate it on Synaptic after
  • We're discussing the creation of a #ubuntu-br-women, to encourage them in Brazil to join the community - but it's being discussed yet. Smile :)


Leave yours if you know me or my work! Smile :)

The Ursula's contributions to the Ubuntu-br and the Brazilian Translation Team is great. She help us with user support on IRC and always share her ideas to improve our community. A real good member. -- Pretto

Although I have never worked directly with Ursula, I am familiar with her good work and when I have needed t ask her about something or liaise with her on a topic, I have always found her to be pro-active, responsive and a pleasure to deal with. JonoBacon

I met Úrsula about a year ago, and since then she's doing a great work with Ubuntu community. She knows python and shell script, and always when I need, she helps me with community related things to improve. I had the idea of doing automatic updates to the translation wiki and she implemented it. She also keeps implementing new features to it and giving ideas to make our translations even better. She's always at #ubuntu-br helping people with her knowledge, giving tips, etc. I think Úrsula would be a great win for Ubuntu Team, so I really support her. AndreGondim

I had the pleasure to meet Ursula during the FISL'09, in Porto Alegre. I fully support her approval, considering her good contributions and her availability to improve the community whenever she cans and whenever we need. Ursula will be a valuable "acquisition" as an official member, not only for the given reasons, but also to stimulate other Womans to join our community. DudaNogueira

Ursula does great work for the Ubuntu Brazilian community and I've always found her to be very helpful with her knowledge of Python and just generally speaking. I fully support her membership, I'm sure that she'd be a great bonus to the community! JonathanDavies

Ursula has done a great work as part of Ubuntu-BR. She works hard to help users in our irc channel #ubuntu-br, she is very pro-active in everything ubuntu-related. I attended at FISL with her, and her talk was very interesting for us and for the users. I totally support her and I hope see a #ubuntu-br-women born. LicioFonseca

It's true, she lives in #ubuntu-br IRC channel. she make a great job helping the users. Ursula, problably, will be an excelent member. i fully support her approval. ricardo-cropalato

The Meeting

[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:03:28] <pleia2> Ursinha: you're up!
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:03:31] <Ursinha> hi all
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:03:41] <Ursinha> let's go
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:03:41] <Pretto> hi Ursinha :D
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:03:47] <Ursinha> as some of you may know, my name is Ursula Junque, a.k.a. Ursinha
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:03:47] <Ursinha> I've been involved with Open Source since 2003 and working with that since 2006.
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:03:47] Quit brianchidester has left this server (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:04:01] <Ursinha> my Ubuntu story started when I switched totally from Gentoo to Ubuntu Feisty, when started working with packaging and then advocating Ubuntu to everyone I could (my grandma and mother-in-law use Ubuntu :))
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:04:13] <Ursinha> I joined the Ubuntu Brazilian community in about April 2007, and since then, I've been around on irc, always trying to help the beginners - and not letting more experienced people to harass them
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:04:20] <Ursinha> after some time on irc, I was given the operator status of the #ubuntu-br channel
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:04:29] <Ursinha> I decided to help translations team, then I started doing translations, but realized I could be more helpful doing other stuff
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:04:38] <Ursinha> so, talking with Andre Gondim, the leader of translations team in Brazil, I created a script that maintains the brazilian translations wiki, making it reliable for people that want to help translating packages
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:04:51] <Ursinha> I've been maintaining it for several months now, and am working now in KDE and GNOME wiki pages, so we can coordinate better how to deal with upstream translations
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:05:00] <Ursinha> I've been also helping the ubuntu-br council and official members, supporting them with community stuff and on events such as FISL (Forum Internacional Software Livre), in which I gave a talk about "using Launchpad to help Ubuntu", in the ubuntu-br community track
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:05:09] <Ursinha> my spare time has being almost entirely dedicated to Ubuntu
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:05:16] <Ursinha> for the future, I intent to keep helping translations team and also docs team, that needs love. I've been also asked by one of the maintainers of APTonCD app to help on its development, so this will be one of my next steps working on helping improve ubuntu
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:05:23] <Ursinha> my wiki page is http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UrsulaJunque and my Launchpad page https://launchpad.net/~ursinha
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:06:01] <pleia2> impressive work, lots of great testimonials too :)
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:06:06] <Ursinha> pleia2, thanks :)
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:06:10] <Pretto> just for the record, she lives on IRC!!!! and she is always up to help
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:06:29] * jpds cheers for Ursinha.
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:06:33] <Ursinha> :)
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:06:41] * maco cheers for Ursinha too
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:06:44] Quit asac has left this server (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)).
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:06:45] Nick asac__ is now known as asac.
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:06:48] <Ursinha> hey maco!
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:06:49] <Ursinha> :)
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:06:58] <greg-g> awesome cheering section, Ursinha
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:07:16] <Ursinha> :)
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:08:12] <greg-g> Ursinha: you say your spare time is spent on Ubuntu, but you also work for Canonical, are you worried about burn out?
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:08:32] <beuno> greg-g, Ursinha doesn't sleep, so that shouldn't be a problem
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:08:46] <beuno> she's on 24/7
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:08:46] <Ursinha> greg-g, actually not, because my job isn't directly related to what I do on free time
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:08:48] <Ursinha> lol
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:09:33] <greg-g> ahh, ok, that is a good way to stay sane, separating the fields of work
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:09:44] <Ursinha> I work on launchpad
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:10:03] <bratsche> I'm a fan of Launchpad. :)
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:10:08] <Ursinha> :)
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:10:09] <maco> oh so you just get annoyed at your dayjob when doing stuff in ubuntu for fun :P
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:10:21] * Pretto is a fan of Ursinha :p
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:10:22] <Ursinha> hhahaha
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:10:22] <greg-g> maco++
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:10:22] Part _stink_ has left this channel.
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:10:22] <maco> "darn found a bug. will have to fix at work tomorrow"
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:10:30] <pleia2> +1 from me, awesome work, and thank you for being so thorough! I couldn't think of any questions to ask :)
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:10:32] <JanC> Ursinha: that translation wiki script might be useful for other teams too, I'm not sure how tied to the Brazil situation it is? (but maybe we better talk about that outside the meeting)
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:10:44] * leleobhz is a fan of Ursinha too
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:10:53] <Ursinha> JanC, I have a branch in launchpad, I'll give you the link after the meeting
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:10:54] <Legendario> i have been spectating Ursinha`s job on the translation team, just for record too!
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:11:02] <greg-g> +1 from me too, awesome work Ursinha.
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:11:08] <boredandblogging> +1, rockin'
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:11:09] <Ursinha> it's only tied to the way we managed the translations wiki
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:11:31] <Technoviking> +1 from me, a fantastic body of work, and maybe the largest cheering section I have seen for a candiate:)
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:11:47] <pleia2> woohoo, congrats and welcome Ursinha!
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:11:49] <Pretto> Ursinha, you rock!!! Congrats!!!
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:11:50] <greg-g> welcome aboard Ursinha
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:11:52] <Ursinha> thanks!!!!
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:11:55] <Ursinha> I may cry now
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:11:58] <cr3> Ursinha: you rock!
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:12:00] <leleobhz> wellcome to team Ursinha !
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:12:05] <leleobhz> u rock²
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:12:05] <Ursinha> :')
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:12:07] <jpds> Ursinha: Congrats!
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:12:12] <Legendario> ursinha, congrats!!!
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:12:21] * maco hugs Ursinha
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:12:25] <Pretto> congrats never ending
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:12:31] <Ursinha> thanks all of you!!!
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:12:41] * Ursinha hugs everyone in the room :D
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:12:46] * pleia2 hugs :)
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:12:47] <JanC> congrats Ursinha :-)
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:13:13] Quit nizarus has left this server ("bye bye").
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:13:19] <Ursinha> JanC, thanks!
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:13:25] * greg-g hugs Ursinha 
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:13:25] <leleobhz> congratulations! im very happy now, because she is a brave girl inside ubuntu brazilian community, help everybody anytime
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:13:26] <Pretto> Ursinha, you forgot to talk about #ubuntu-women-br :p
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:13:29] <beuno> is that a wrap?
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:13:42] <greg-g> I think that's a wrap
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:13:46] <Ursinha> what's a wrap?
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:13:51] <pleia2> thanks for coming everyone
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:13:56] <Technoviking> anyone show up late?
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:14:03] * leleobhz want to congrat publically too Coringao 
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:14:04] <greg-g> thanks to everyone for coming, and one last round of applause for the new members!
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:14:06] Join lamont` has joined this channel (n=lamont@mix.mmjgroup.com).
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:14:14] * pleia2 cheers
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:14:16] * cr3 applauds
[Wed Aug 12 2009] [19:14:18] * beuno waves

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