About me

  • I was born in 1973, living in Maceió, AL, Brazil since I was 3 years old. I got into computers stuff when i was about 16 and I'm still working with computer until now.. I was a Windows user since the beginning but now I am enjoying Ubuntu a lot. I am discovering the real world of open-source and I am pretty amazed with Ubuntu. Nowadays I am using only Ubuntu and trying to help the community in every way i can.

    I live in Maceió, AL, Brazil. I speak Portuguese and English. I felt in love with Ubuntu since first boot.

    I have been involved with Open Source and with the Brazilian community since May 2005 using my free time to code APTonCD and translating packages together with AndreGondim for Ubuntu and helping new Ubuntu users in IRC chat as well.

How to contact me online


Why Ubuntu?

I chose Ubuntu as my main Linux distribution, although to possess technician knowledge on basic operational system, I sufficiently identified myself with the idea to promote easiness and interoperability in a simple and efficient form. Also the community had a strong importance in my decision, and without a doubt is opened the critical ones, suggestions and, of course, contributions. It was very difficult to get comfortable to use other distributions and to get rid of window's chains, but Ubuntu provided a more pleasant, safe and satisfactory change, to me.

Working on


  • aptoncd.jpg

    I started coding APTonCD invited by RafaelProenca and OgMaciel, I spent a lot of nights coding the most part of it, now the application is doing what we'd foreseen and there's a lot of improvements on the way...

IUG - Instalador do Ubuntu Games

  • ubuntugames.jpg Making a new interface and moving old code to python. We think the interface will make have a better experience on the install process of games.

    Read more about here Ubuntu Games


  • billreminder.jpg

    BillReminder is a small and quick accounting application designed to allow for easy tracking of bills. I started this project with Og Maciel, the first goal was migrate all C# code to python+pygtk. The project is growing fast and I am very pround contributing to make it even better.


  • Helping HardyPacotes - a reference to the remaining packages to translate until the Hardy Hearon Release

  • My translations can be viewed here in launchpad.

What next?

  • Always implement new features to APTonCD making the tool even more strong and easy to use.
  • Help to administer and translate more packages to make Ubuntu more friendly to Brazilian users.
  • Involve more people in the translation process, and help the novice´s user.

Well that's all for now..


Pretto is indeed a very active member of the translation team. He had been a gret job in translations. Wink ;) AndreGondim

I fully second Laudeci's request for membership. He helps a lot users on IRC channel, and he is one of main developers of AptOnCD, a great Ubuntu tool. Also, as already mentioned, he is very active in translations to pt_BR. -- JonhWendell

"Pretto will be one more hand to help our brazilian community of Ubuntu. He has my support to become an official member of the Ubuntu Team." -- Fábio Nogueira

Even though Laudeci (aka Pretto) has been active in the translations team, I actually support his membership due to his work on APTonCD, as I believe he would be a great asset as a developer for the distro. -- Og Maciel

Pretto is a major developer and is doing an excellent job in APTonCD and the Ubuntu Games development. All activities carried out by him within the community to qualify as Ubuntu Member Team. -- Alexandro Silva

Without a doubt, Pretto will be a very good "acquisition" to our community. Not only for his technical skills (which is more then proven by other members testimonials), or for the projects he helps as core developer, but also for having patience with new users and being always involved with the national and local community. He definitely has my support any time he needs. -- Duda Nogueira

I met Pretto while I was writing the APTonCD documentation and his work on APTonCD development is by itself a huge contribution to the community. He's also a very active member of the translation team as one said and he's always helping new Ubuntu users via IRC. He has my fully support for his membership. -- Rafael Sfair

Pretto is one of the most skilled developers I've ever met. He is not only the responsible for the major part of the code of APTonCD, he is also contributing to several open source projects, which most of them are written in Python. I see Laudeci as a great addition to the Ubuntu team as he can help with several ongoing projects Ubuntu has. Additionally, Pretto is an excellent translator of Ubuntu into Brazilian Portuguese, he has been contributing with translation for a long time now and is one of the most active contributor in the brazilian team. He has my entire support. -- RafaelProenca

I know Pretto only "online", but I know he is very active on the community. He's member of Planet Ubuntu-BR, translator and developer. -- Andre Noel

Pretto is a great friend, he also does a great job developing APTonCD, and contributing with Brazilian Translation Team. He has my full support to be an Ubuntu member. Alysson Neto

The contribution of Pretto to the Ubuntu and the Brazilian Translation Team is great. He help us with development, translations and user support. A real good member. -- Cropalato

Thank you for making the cool Ubuntu business card design available for all. I'm probably going to print them for myself! -- Russell John

I would like to say thank you to you all for the support.

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