July 11, 2011 IRC Meeting

  • Attendees: jtatum, jagged, jledbetter
  • Announced Developer week going on
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June 6 2011 Meeting Agenda

May 2, 2011 IRC Meeting

  • Release parties? (jledbetter)
  • LoCo CD Distribution (End of Shipit) (lexvegas)

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April 4, 2011 IRC Meeting

  • Attendees: jtatum, dasnipa|arpy, Jagged, jledbetter, lexvegas
  • Chair: jledbetter (was running late so jtatum started meeting)
  • Nominations were opened from the floor. Jagged nominated jledbetter. So, jledbetter is now the lead.
  • Also discussed was the term: 4/4/2011 - 1/1/2012 or 4/4/2011 - 12.04 (synced to release cycle)
    • The votes were 4 in favor of release cycle (end 12.04) and no votes for ending January 2012
  • We also discussed global jam and release parties. No one was able to attend the global jam but there is interest in a release party. Perhaps online and some in person. More forthcoming on the mailing list.
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March 2011 Meeting Postponed

  • Meeting postponed until April in order to better discuss the leadership options.

February 7, 2011 IRC Meeting

  • Attendees: jledbetter, lexvegas, jtatum, Jagged
  • Jagged was running late so jledbetter started learning bot commands with jtatum's help
  • Revisit membership renewal results
    • It's set up to be yearly renewal
  • Discuss leadership options/elections
    • jledbetter will send out an email detailing nominations/elections by Wednesday
    • Voting will be done by launchpad poll
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December 6, 2010 IRC Meeting

  • Attendiees: dasnipa|arpy, Jagged, jledbetter, jtatum, jledbetter
  • Temporary VirginiaTeam administrators appointed:

    • Jagged, jtatum, jledbetter
  • Set new yearly renewal policy for the team
    • jtatum will investigate initiating a team-wide renewal
  • Leadership & Regional Representative discussion still tabled, pending renewal results

  • Jagged will tweak the bot code to suit further meetings
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November 1, 2010 IRC Meeting

  • Attendees: Jagged, jledbetter, tarvid, jtatum, zaythan, dotblank, tjkent, dasnipa|arpy
  • Talked about UDS and some of the news that came out of it like Unity as default and banshee.
  • Voted on adding reapproval process to membership.
    • [jtatum] will look into what we need to do to do that.
  • Tabled: discussion about regional reps until we have an idea of who is active.

October 5, 2010 IRC Meeting

  • Attendees: Jagged, jledbetter, tarvid, jtatum
  • Talked about Jagged's upcoming installfest at VT on October 17.
  • Chatted about what everyone is doing.
  • And after the log closed, we talked about changing the meeting time from Tuesday to Monday.
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July 6, 2010 IRC Meeting

Old Business

  • Ubuntu hour: Any one done this yet? Interested?
    • Definition given: Informal gathering in a public place. Ubuntu it up.
    • dasnipa would have them but small city. jtatum was going to have one in Norfolk but moved. Tarvid has occasional gatherings in Galax.
    • Idea: 10.04.1 is scheduled for release on July 29. Tarvid suggested a party. Offered to host it. Weekend. July 31? tarvid said that a couple come up from NC. dasnipa probably won't be able to make it. dotblank suggested getting RMLUG (Richmond-Metro Linux Users Group involved.

New Business

  • Quick review of SouthEast LinuxFest

    • Sessions ranging from Non-Technical User level to advanced. Ubucon, DrupalCamp. Summation:

    • Next LinuxFest folks were talking about is Ohio September 10-12, 2010

    • Idea for release party was surprisingly simple: Have a cake at a public place. Amber Graner had a session on organizing events and I figured a release party had to be a big planned thing but a cake at a public place sounds easy. I'm not sure if I'll still be in Virginia in October or I'd plan it.
    • maco, jtatum, jledbetter were there. 2 other virginians but they use slackware. Ubuntu table got a lot of traffic and gave away boxes of Lucid CDs. Ran out, Kubuntu went first.
    • dotblank is working on a way his phone can boot up computers with an iso file on an sd card. Also thinking about making an apps that generates a preseed file and creates a netinstall image. maco bought paper sleeves for cds so she can carry them in her purse.
    • jledbetter brought up that the next LinuxFest folks were talking about is Ohio September 10-12, 2010

    • dasnipa: Anyone make it to schmoocon

  • July 6: LoCo Council Health Check

    • LoCo Council Health Check session will be run on the 1st Tuesday of the month in #ubuntu-locoteams from 5-7pm (UTC)/6-8pm (BST)/ 1 pm EDT Meeting was. Minutes available here:

    • To become approved, we need to apply for it. Not sure if we have.

    • Who's going to work on getting us approved?
      • dasnipa and dotblank will research/formulate a plan to bring to us. Tarvid will do any official parts that he needs to do.
    • What's the benefit of being approved?
      • Conference packs, CDs on release, domain name. Sign of a healthy Loco.
  • July 10-11: Ubuntu User Days

    • starts: 9:30am UTC / 5:30am EDT
    • User Days was created to be a set of courses offered during a one day period to teach the beginning or intermediate Ubuntu user the basics to get them started with Ubuntu. User Days is a series of online courses where you can:
      • learn how to install Ubuntu
      • find equivalent programs in Ubuntu
      • learn how to get help
      • learn the basics of how to use Ubuntu
      • learn how to get involved in the community
  • July 12-16: Ubuntu Developer Week

    • starts: 4:00pm UTC / 12:00 pm EDT
    • Getting involved with Ubuntu development, becoming a Kubuntu Ninja,
    • Authoring Upstart jobs, Working With Translations, Having fun with Packaging QA
    • How Daily Builds work, Operation Cleansweep, Setting up a validation dashboard, Working with Merge Proposals, Working with Django, Adopting an Upstream, Forwarding Bugs and Patches Upstream
    • How to work with Debian, Ubuntu Server, Xubuntu and Edubuntu goodness, Kernel Triage
  • 100 Ubuntu Users Project Based loosely on the 100 Papercuts concept lead by David Siegel of the Design Team, this project aims to introduce Ubuntu to 100 new users in this cycle. Project team members and individuals are encouraged to each introduce Ubuntu to a new person and track that work on the team or personal wiki. For the first three individuals who introduce Ubuntu to 100 new users each, Dinda will send you an Ubuntu t-shirt!

    • dotblank had some great ideas about where to expose people to Ubuntu: libraries and computer shows. maco mentioned that computer people have heard about and formed opinions about Linux. Go for the "normal" people. Maybe offer as a community service installations of ubuntu software in computer labs.
  • #locoteams tag
    • Use #locoteams for all your microblogging needs.
  • Loco Admin now tarvid
  • Next meeting will be chaired by jtatum on Aug 3 @ 8:00 p.m.
  • Attendance:
    • Tarvid
    • Jtatum
    • Dasnipa
    • dotblank
    • maco
    • Othor
    • jledbetter (chair)
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May 4th, 2010 IRC Meeting

  • Subscribe to the forum to keep up with posts there
  • Ubuntu hour
  • Ubuntu 10.04 discussion
  • Ubuntu AntiVirus applications

  • IRC log

November 3rd Meeting Log

April 28 Meeting Log

Mar 03 Meeting Minutes

  • Agreed to conduct business at Mar 10 meeting.
  • Mostly chatter and laying preliminary groundwork for future VirginiaTeam events (primarily install fests).

  • Highly tentative plans for a Jaunty install fest on Saturday, Apr 25.
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Feb 24 Meeting Minutes

Feb 16 Meeting Minutes

  • Goals thus far include community organizing, CD distribution, advocating FOSS and Ubuntu, release parties, and working with local LUGs and PC shops
  • Meetings will take place every Tuesday at 7pm
  • The "business" meetings will take place on the first Tuesday of each month
  • Possible Release party events & other group events in the future

  • Definitely a priority to have CDs on hand, perhaps copies of windows versions of things as well
  • Logo chosen and now present on the wiki
  • dwidmann has been made the secretary
  • Regional reps have been selected for the Southwest, NVR, and Hampton Roads/Tidwater regions. We still need representation from; the Southside, Central, Northern, and Alleghany Highlands regions. If your interested please add your your name here

  • IRC log

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