Countdown banners for Ubuntu 10.10

Post your ideas for a countdown banner here. Guidelines are:

  • width: 180px
  • height: 150px
  • optimized png, gif or jpg, or

  • iframe containing interactive content (using static html, css, js and images - no PHP)
  • no flash - must work perfectly with only free software

A successful implementation will countdown the days from the Beta to final release. This means 38 images numbered 38 - 1 plus one for day 0 that says "coming soon" and one more that says "it's here" (40 images total).

For reference see the JauntyCountdownBanners

Post your drafts and mock-ups here along with any extra information you feel is useful then send a message to the web presence team mailing list so we can discuss it.

A few of the best will be selected to be syndicated from and one of the best that harmonizes well with the Ubuntu website colors and look will be shown on the homepage.

Extra ideas

Last time we featured a Facebook block. If you have ideas for seeing this enhanced, please discuss them on the mailing list.

We've also produced animated iframe countdowns in the past - I think this would be awesome to do again.

And if you want, we can get really innovative - how about an Android widget? What other cool stuff can we do?


Post your mock-ups and ideas here. Make sure there's enough detail so that we can contact you!

Immanuel Peratoner's Design

Mark Shuttleworth announced that Ubuntu 10.10 will be "social from the start". I thought this can be very well represented by speech bubbles. Here are some versions with different shades. My personal favorite is the darkest variant.



Even darker

Draft for the "it's here" image

Contact information: Website

David Laurell's simple design

This design aims to be as simple and like the Ubuntu site's design as possible. Feel free to change it to your liking. It is rendered in a HTML5 canvas element so Javascript and a modern browser is needed to view it.

Because the banner is rendered by javascript, it works with any date before and after the release.

View it in action or embed it using this code:

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="180" height="150"></iframe>

Contact information:

Tom Marshall's Design

Inspired by Immanuel Peratoner's design, a circle of friends say the time remaining until release. I have made three variations:


Purple with orange


Contact information:

Adam Sawyers' Design

Created using some official graphics from the website and GIMP. I though it went very nicely with the official website's color scheme. I also have a .xcf file which I will upload if there is enough interest.

X days left

Coming soon

Contact information:

Cassidy James' 10.10 Calendar Design

My aim is for the countdown to look similar to a calendar and match the guidelines for Ubuntu's color scheme. Since I have it live now, it displays "Coming Soon" until the 38 day mark.

x days until 10.10

coming soon

It's here!

View it in action or embed it using this code:

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="180" height="150"></iframe>

Contact information:

Wonder Bread


Download GimpXfc Files

MrAndrejak's 10.10 Countdown Idea

From my 4+ years now of using Ubuntu as my only OS, one thing Ive come to the conclusion of is this... Ubuntu is fun! and I wanted to express that in my design idea. Hope everyone likes it!

and a more simple alt version of the last two...

Contact information: mrandrzejak [at] gmail [dot] com

Anthony Scarth's Design Idea

This is my concept for the Ubuntu 10.10 Countdown. It has a simple orange and white theme to integrate well with the main website. It is only an idea and can be adjusted if necessary. Feel free to comment on the designs, all feedback is much appreciated.



Alternative Designs


View It

Kyle Baker has very kindly made a script on his blog for the last two banners. Go check them out here!


maroubal2 [at] gmail [dot] com

Callum Saunders's Design

All images available in a tarball @

Dark Countdown

Keeping it simple and elegant. _

...days to go:


  • out now:
    • or

View It Now!

Embed Code

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="180" height="150"></iframe>



* It's the best!

Joern Konopka's Entry

One more can't hurt i think. The Banner received some eye-candy CSS Treatment which should be downgrading gracefully according to the Browser, please tell me if you see any Problems. You can check out a live demo right here here, fetch a Package here and see a Screenshot right here:


András Bognár's design


internauta2000 Design

This is my simple concept for the Ubuntu 10.10 Countdown.

Coming soon image option 1

or Coming soon image option 2

Days left image

It's here image option 1

or It's here image option 2

View Countdown Banner in action:

View Banner

or Embed using this code:

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="180" height="150"></iframe>

Contact information

Website - email

Goce Mitevski's Design

This concept promotes the latest Ubuntu release as an album release called "Maverick Meerkat" by Ubuntu as the artist.

days left image 10.10 Countdown/maverick-days-count.png

last day image 10.10 Countdown/maverick-last-day-count.png

coming soon image 10.10 Countdown/maverick-coming-soon.png

it's here image 10.10 Countdown/maverick-it's-here.png

Contact e-mail


Both designs on Launchpad

Thorsten Wilms | |





Will need some work to get the clone-trooper feel out.

Telecan Dan's Design


This design is inspired by the fact that Ubuntu gather people together. Every day people get together to form an Ubuntu logo. Finally all community get together to make possible the release of Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat.

Images are available here:

The Chain

In this design is represented a human chain that leads to final release of Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat.

Images are available here:

Contact info:

desgua's draft

My first idea:

This is another draft:

Yet another idea: (30 days left) (29 days left) (27 days left) (24 days left) (It's here)

The Perfect 10:

This is the year of the World Cup. Pelé is the greatest footballer of all time:é and he is the number 10 shirt.


Koichi Akabe's Design

This is my idea. The meerkat will meet some animals (Heron, Ibex, Jackalope, Koara and Lynx).



Martín Césare's Mockups

I've replaced my previous uploads with these 4 sets.

The first one has two color variations. I prefer the second one, but i know the colors are not so Ubuntu.


The second and third set are very orange! Both of them have a "progress bar" that changes as the days go by. Probably, my least favorites sets.


And my fourth mockup is based on the new Ubuntu Wallpaper. The idea behind this design was to replace the Ubuntu logo for the countdown, so I've chosen the official wallpaper for 10.10 and created a mini look-a-like for the banner. It shows a few problems with the lower "orange dot" (on the last two banners). This set was somehow inspired by the amazing set created by Alejandro Rojas (on this wiki, as well).

EDIT: it seems that this isn't the offical wallpaper for 10.10... yet? Smile :)


Contact Info: Website - Email

PS: didn't mention this before but everything was created using Inkscape.

Muscovy's Designs

Here's my designs. Like many other banners, an emphasis on social.

Source is attached for all designs.


muscovy_design2_30.png This one is a redesign of Adam Sawyer's.

muscovy_design3_30.png muscovy_design3_here.png

Perfect 10 Design

Somewhere I read a comment about Maverick being a "Perfect 10" and that phrase is the slogan of my design.




I'm flexible on the phasing but the phase "available in", "available soon", and "available now" added a consistency I liked.


Border-less Design

This design is targeted to a web site or blog with a white background and is based on a text-message concept featuring no borders.




Again, I'm flexible on the phasing. Smile :)


Quesh's Mockup

I suggest a cartoon bubble type speech-bubble as presented in the guidelines

without button

with button

soon, 125x125 for wordpress widget

contact :

blog :

Star Wars Mockup by daqwid2727

33 days left

coming soon

it's here

by daqwid2727

Contact: (best if I could speak Polish or alternatively in English)

Waqas Q's Ideas

Replaced the previous entries I made.



Ireneusz Imiolek's Ideas


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