If you're looking for official logos or other marketing material, see the Resources page on our website.

Xubuntu marketing and promotion

Welcome to the Xubuntu Marketing wiki. This page is a starting point for all the marketing projects ongoing or planned in Xubuntu. To get involved, add your ideas to the Future ideas and get in touch with us at #xubuntu-devel on Freenode.


Marketing material – products and projects in progress

Web Admins

List of our official outlets around the web and administrator information

Marketing Audience

When we are creating our marketing strategies it's important to know what our target audience is. The following is a list of our current target audiences for marketing materials:

  • Current Xubuntu users who want to show off Xubuntu pride through products
  • Users who wish to explore alternatives to Unity
  • Attendees at tech conferences who may already use Linux but want to learn more about Ubuntu and the flavors
  • Visitors to Ubuntu booths at who want other options than default

Note: See Strategy Document for target audience for Xubuntu itself (not marketing)

Notes about licenses

Canonical IP

Any Xubuntu-branded product is OK according to Canonial Intellectual property right policy as long as we make no money from the products. In section 6, the trademark policy states:

  • "We share access rights owned by Canonical with the Ubuntu community for the purposes of discussion, development and advocacy. ... we therefore allow the use of Canonical IP in this context, as long as there is no commercial use."

Furthermore, we have received a confirmation from Michelle Canonical on 8/6/2012 that we are within the above criteria. However, we may not want to call our products "official", but instead refer them as "Xubuntu branded products".

Licensing of design proposals

Licensing for all design proposals must be free and modifiable. Whenever appropriate, please send the sources for the design proposals for modifications.