2011-07-17 Meeting Minutes

The agenda is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings

Old Business

  • Charlie to dig for the xscreensaver updates, and put in an SRU - Carried Forward
  • micahg to find what Ubuntu-desktop does with java in restricted-extras - Carried Forward
  • GridCube to put together the "TOP 10" for Xubuntu

  • start ML discussion on panels, reviews of current panels, launchers on panels, etc - Carried Forward
  • All teams need to review website content - Carried Forward

Team updates

Packaging & Development

  • merge of the newer xfce4-indicator-plugin release that fixes transparency in progress
  • firefox beta 1 is in Oneiric, beta 2 should get in next week
  • pavucontrol and pastebinit need to be added to the defaults
  • look at the possibility of adding midori as a second browser

Bug Triage & Testing

Website & Marketing

  • beardygnome brought up the ability to add the Xfce news feed to the Xubuntu website.
    • This seems like a very good idea, since Xubuntu is based on Xfce, and it would help to keep us informed of any changes being planned.
  • All teams need to review website content
  • we're testing the imgcapt plugin, please contact knome for information


  • finished the compact xfwm4 theme (good as alternative for netbooks etc., 18px height instead of 24px)
  • added full support for compiz (emerald and metacity themes)
  • looking into gtk3 again in oneiric, will need to write a gtk3 specific version of the theme
  • there's a git-repo for greybird
  • can't themes be added to a ppa so when an update to the theme is done we can see it on the update manager?


  • We need someone that can go through the wiki documentation and update it.


  • The next meeting will be on Monday, 2011-07-25 at 19:00 UTC
  • Important dates coming up:

Any Other Business

  • running other distributions and answering help requests in #xubuntu
    • too many are now receiving answers of "I don't use Xubuntu, and can't really help with that"
    • Xubuntu users will now use !behelpful on a line by itself to help notify those individuals that their comments are not appropriate.
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Action items for the 2011-07-17 meeting

  • GridCube to put together a top 10 FAQ for the website

  • GridCube and Unit193 to get screenshots for the website

  • GridCube to start a review on the xubuntu-devel ML for gimp

Xubuntu Governance

2011-07-17 Meeting Log

Meeting started by charlie-tca at 22:01:18 UTC. The full logs are available at http://mootbot.libertus.co.uk/xubuntu-devel/2011/xubuntu-devel.2011-07-17-22.01.log.html

People present (lines said)

  • charlie-tca (168)
  • ochosi (62)
  • GridCube (44)

  • beardygnome (25)
  • micahg (18)
  • meetingology (12)
  • Unit193 (5)
  • mr_pouit (5)
  • ubottu (4)

Full Log

  • 22:01:18 <charlie-tca> #startmeeting

    22:01:18 <meetingology> Meeting started Sun Jul 17 22:01:18 2011 UTC. The chair is charlie-tca. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanBell.

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    22:01:50 <GridCube> Big Grin :)

    22:01:54 <charlie-tca> The full agenda for today's meeting is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings

    22:02:24 <charlie-tca> we will be following :

    22:02:25 <charlie-tca> * Old business

    22:02:28 <charlie-tca> * Team updates

    22:02:30 <charlie-tca> * Packaging & Development

    22:02:32 <charlie-tca> * Bug Triage & Testing

    22:02:34 <charlie-tca> * Website & Marketing

    22:02:36 <charlie-tca> * Artwork

    22:02:38 <charlie-tca> * Documentation

    22:02:40 <charlie-tca> * Announcements

    22:02:42 <charlie-tca> * Governance structure

    22:02:44 <charlie-tca> * Any Other Business

    22:02:52 <charlie-tca> and, in the interests of being common, we will try

    22:02:54 <charlie-tca> Reminder: please use ".." on separate line when you've finished typing. If someone wants to comment during the updates, please "o/", so we know to wait.

    22:02:56 <charlie-tca> again

    22:03:19 <charlie-tca> [topic] === Old Business ===

    22:03:19 <meetingology> TOPIC: === Old Business ===

    22:03:44 <charlie-tca> * micahg to find what Ubuntu-desktop does with java in restricted-extras - Carried Forward

    22:03:50 <charlie-tca> any change?

    22:04:01 <micahg> nope

    22:04:18 <charlie-tca> this week?

    22:04:43 <charlie-tca> GridCube: go ahead and put together your best effort top 10, please

    22:04:51 <micahg> charlie-tca: yes

    22:05:14 <GridCube> Smile :) ok will do it as soon as i get pass my exams

    22:05:15 <charlie-tca> [ACTION] GridCube to put together a top 10 FAQ for the website

    22:05:15 * meetingology GridCube to put together a top 10 FAQ for the website

    22:05:38 <charlie-tca> * start ML discussion on panels, reviews of current panels, launchers on panels, etc - Carried Forward

    22:05:39 <GridCube> (that be next week)

    22:05:49 <charlie-tca> any action of the reviews?

    22:06:04 <GridCube> charlie-tca, can i ask what "Carried Foward" means?

    22:06:25 <charlie-tca> means we did not do it yet

    22:06:33 <GridCube> oh, okay

    22:06:52 <charlie-tca> ochosi: go ahead and remove app finder from the launcher. Seems to be the only change I know of

    22:07:34 <charlie-tca> * All teams need to review website content - Carried Forward

    22:07:36 <charlie-tca> * insure http://xubuntu.org/contribute is up to date for each team

    22:07:38 <charlie-tca> * send updates to the xubuntu-devel mailing list

    22:07:40 <charlie-tca> * charlie-tca AT ubuntu DOT com

    22:07:42 <charlie-tca> * post them and give us the URL

    22:07:43 <ochosi> charlie-tca: what exactly do you mean?

    22:07:44 <charlie-tca> * submit a bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/xubuntu-website

    22:07:46 <charlie-tca> Have done all the reviews?

    22:08:11 <charlie-tca> you wanted a review of the launchers. Let's remove app finder from the launcher panel

    22:08:29 <ochosi> ah ok, well but you're aware of the fact that appfinder and xfrun will be merged?

    22:08:43 <ochosi> (or are already merged in fact iirc)

    22:08:44 <charlie-tca> I don't know if anyone else uses it, but I find snapshot to be most helpful in the panel

    22:09:01 <charlie-tca> what will that merge do?

    22:09:04 <ochosi> https://wiki.xfce.org/design/appfinder

    22:09:27 <charlie-tca> doesn't xfrun get run with Alt+F2?

    22:09:29 <ochosi> i know it's a bit of a long read

    22:09:36 <beardygnome> charlie-tca: what's snapshot? a screen capture app?

    22:09:41 <charlie-tca> yup

    22:09:48 <ochosi> yes, but now with alt+f2 you'll get something almost as cool as gnome-do

    22:10:06 <ochosi> you can start apps with autocomplete and you can expand the small launcher to get categories

    22:10:17 <charlie-tca> I have no idea what gnome-do is, so that didn't help

    22:10:26 <beardygnome> ochosi: that's coming in xfce 4.10 right?

    22:10:28 <ochosi> i already tried it here (think the separate git-branch recently got merged)

    22:10:38 <charlie-tca> how is that going to matter if application finder is in the launcher panel?

    22:10:57 <ochosi> beardygnome: well that's not really how xfce's release policy is working. they're doing individual components' releases now

    22:11:24 <beardygnome> so the merged app will be in 11.10?

    22:11:26 <ochosi> charlie-tca: it's just a bit of a different application now and i wanted to ask whether those doing the review where taking this into account, that's all

    22:11:33 <ochosi> beardygnome: that's what i'd assume

    22:12:08 <beardygnome> cool, i might then be able to ditch gnome-do....

    22:12:12 <charlie-tca> right now, to take a screenshot, you open Menu -> Accessories -> Screenshot. I find it much more convenient to click a launcher on my panels

    22:12:34 <beardygnome> charlie-tca: what about "Print Screen"?

    22:12:38 <charlie-tca> ochosi: you never sent the email to the ML for the review

    22:13:01 <charlie-tca> I can never remember the keypresses I want. I guess screenshot is fine the way it is

    22:13:15 <ochosi> charlie-tca: yeah sorry, forgot about that

    22:13:21 <charlie-tca> * start ML discussion on panels, reviews of current panels, launchers on panels, etc - Carried Forward

    22:13:33 <beardygnome> charlie-tca: "Print Screen" opens screenshot for me

    22:13:37 <charlie-tca> well, then we are doing the review, right/

    22:13:55 <beardygnome> which is quicker than a panel button imo

    22:14:18 <charlie-tca> without knowing all the ins and outs of the chagnes, and referring to something I never use, it is really hard to discuss intelligently.

    22:14:53 <charlie-tca> I do remember something about xfrun gonna be more like gnome-do, now. IT made as much sense then as it does now.

    22:15:06 <charlie-tca> without knowing gnome-do, that was a pretty worthless message to me

    22:15:30 <ochosi> charlie-tca: i don't mind if the majority thinks appfinder should be removed from there. i just wanted to let you know about the changes and if you (or those who are doing the review) want to know the details i guess it'd be best to read the wikipage i linked to

    22:15:35 <charlie-tca> any other changes we want to make to the panels?

    22:16:19 <charlie-tca> any questions so far?

    22:16:31 <charlie-tca> ochosi: sounds like it is all good

    22:16:38 <ochosi> k

    22:16:46 <charlie-tca> Has everyone reviewed the website?

    22:17:07 <GridCube> no, not really

    22:17:20 <beardygnome> charlie-tca: are there plans to add more news items?

    22:17:24 <charlie-tca> Let's get that done this week, please

    22:17:39 <charlie-tca> yes, if someone writes them, beardygnome

    22:18:07 <beardygnome> could we pull in news from xfce or ubuntu, for example?

    22:18:15 <charlie-tca> We would like all the content there now reviewed, to make sure it is up-to-date and pertinent

    22:18:47 <charlie-tca> We won't pull from Ubuntu, since that is alll on the planet feed already

    22:18:58 <charlie-tca> pleia2: around?

    22:19:05 <charlie-tca> knome: here?

    22:19:18 <GridCube> I wonder, would that "up to date" be LTS or 11.04?

    22:19:25 <charlie-tca> we will make a note to get an answer, beardygnome

    22:19:42 <charlie-tca> I think pulling from Xfce would be interesting, myself.

    22:19:49 <charlie-tca> both, GridCube

    22:20:05 <charlie-tca> They apply to different audiences, but both would be current

    22:20:06 <GridCube> ok

    22:20:16 <GridCube> that makes sense

    22:20:22 <Unit193> As has been noted, we need new screenshots for upgrades

    22:20:33 <GridCube> i still use 10.04

    22:20:42 <charlie-tca> Can anybody get us good screenshots?

    22:20:56 <charlie-tca> looking for a volunteer here...

    22:21:00 <GridCube> i can give you screenshot of 10.04 whit greybird

    22:21:04 <Unit193> I don't know about "good", but I can do one in a VM

    22:21:14 <ochosi> charlie-tca: what kind of screenshots do you want/need?

    22:21:14 <beardygnome> do they have to be stock xubuntu?

    22:21:27 <charlie-tca> yes, since that is the product

    22:21:54 <charlie-tca> ochosi: replace bluebird on the website?

    22:22:01 <GridCube> oh, whats the "stock" theme for 10.04?

    22:22:11 <GridCube> albatros?

    22:22:12 <ochosi> charlie-tca: where exactly?

    22:22:12 <charlie-tca> I don't know

    22:22:24 <charlie-tca> where ever pleia2 wants them

    22:22:32 <ochosi> hm, i think i already did that tbh

    22:22:39 <ochosi> greybird is on the front-page and the tour

    22:22:50 <ochosi> those are the screenshots that pleia2 requested back then

    22:22:51 <GridCube> i can do a few screenshots of 10.04 whit standard themes, and whit up to date greybird too

    22:22:56 <beardygnome> I could do some screenshots from a vm, but my installs are pretty customised

    22:23:33 <charlie-tca> Unit193: any idea?

    22:23:44 <ochosi> i just looked through the website a bit and i can

    22:23:51 <ochosi> 't find any not up-to-date screenshots

    22:24:11 <beardygnome> do you want comments to the ML?

    22:24:15 <charlie-tca> I think they removed a few, because they were so out of date, but I tend to stay away

    22:24:19 <charlie-tca> beardygnome: for?

    22:24:24 <charlie-tca> yes

    22:24:28 <beardygnome> the website?

    22:24:43 <Unit193> charlie-tca: http://xubuntu.org/getubuntu will tell you how to upgrade with old screenshots

    22:24:44 <charlie-tca> as posted above, I will put the ways to send comments in the minutes, too

    22:25:05 <charlie-tca> GridCube: apparently, not 10.04

    22:25:22 <charlie-tca> ochosi: note Unit193's comment?

    22:25:26 <ochosi> Unit193: hm, true. yeah i guess those should be replaced (even if it's not a usability isse)

    22:25:31 <GridCube> as said i can screenshot the update manager asking me to update to 10.10

    22:25:46 <charlie-tca> It does reflect on the project, overall, though.

    22:26:09 <Unit193> If you want 10.10 > 11.04, I can install it in a VM

    22:26:48 <charlie-tca> I think 10.10 to 11.04, since that is the current release

    22:27:06 <charlie-tca> or shoot both and let pleia2 decide what to use

    22:27:24 <charlie-tca> [ACTION] GridCube and Unit193 to get screenshots for the website

    22:27:24 * meetingology GridCube and Unit193 to get screenshots for the website

    22:27:41 <GridCube> oh, also im on a spaƱish setup :/ don't know if that changes things

    22:27:48 <charlie-tca> only the words

    22:27:58 <GridCube> oh, well then i will do it

    22:28:33 <charlie-tca> Any other discussion / questions on anything covered so far?

    22:28:34 <Unit193> Bug #784158

    22:28:36 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 784158 in Xubuntu Website "xubuntu.org/getubuntu has old screenshots" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/784158

    22:28:59 <GridCube> i want to ask something to ochosi regerding the themes

    22:29:20 <charlie-tca> old business or new?

    22:29:25 <GridCube> new

    22:29:34 <charlie-tca> let's hold it for artwork then, okay?

    22:29:37 <GridCube> ok

    22:29:56 <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] === Team updates ===

    22:29:56 <meetingology> TOPIC: === Team updates ===

    22:30:08 <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] Packaging and Development

    22:30:08 <meetingology> TOPIC: Packaging and Development

    22:30:15 <charlie-tca> mr_pouit: your turn, please

    22:30:29 <mr_pouit> eh, so nothing new this week

    22:30:44 <GridCube> o/

    22:30:45 <mr_pouit> waiting on some uploads to happen (x11-common)

    22:30:52 <charlie-tca> GridCube: go ahead

    22:31:07 <GridCube> can we change gimp to something smaller/simplier?

    22:31:13 <mr_pouit> (merge of the newer xfce4-indicator-plugin release that fixes transparency in progress)

    22:31:44 <charlie-tca> That's important!

    22:31:48 <ochosi> mr_pouit: i'm also looking forward to the new session-menu/action-buttons merge

    22:32:12 <charlie-tca> GridCube: you can send that one to the mailing list with suggestions as to what to use?

    22:32:23 <GridCube> oh okay

    22:32:33 <GridCube> i propose gnu paint

    22:33:07 <charlie-tca> ML - SUBJECT possible change from gimp

    22:33:16 <GridCube> Smile :)

    22:33:24 <charlie-tca> mr_pouit: go ahead

    22:34:37 <mr_pouit> sorry, that's all :p

    22:35:03 <charlie-tca> I will say thank you to both micahg and mr_pouit for all their work getting Oneiric together.

    22:35:13 <charlie-tca> This is going to a fun ride...

    22:35:14 <GridCube> Big Grin :) i second

    22:35:46 <micahg> mr_pouit: well, we're down to 1 rdepend on libnotify1, which should get sorted this week (transmission -> 2.32)

    22:36:01 <charlie-tca> Thank you, mr_pouit.

    22:36:10 <charlie-tca> any questions for development?

    22:36:46 <mr_pouit> micahg: yay Smile :)

    22:37:18 <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] Bug Triage & Testing

    22:37:18 <meetingology> TOPIC: Bug Triage & Testing

    22:37:33 <charlie-tca> Testing had a bad week, since there were images until Thursday

    22:37:51 <charlie-tca> We will try to pick up again this week

    22:38:38 <charlie-tca> I am going to skip Website and Marketing for now

    22:38:44 <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] Artwork

    22:38:44 <meetingology> TOPIC: Artwork

    22:38:55 <charlie-tca> ochosi: your the person!

    22:38:55 <ochosi> hmkay, guess it's my turn

    22:39:05 <ochosi> last week was pretty productive

    22:39:13 <ochosi> i tackled a few things on my todo-list

    22:39:17 <ochosi> mostly window-manager related

    22:39:44 <ochosi> * finished the compact xfwm4 theme (good as alternative for netbooks etc., 18px height instead of 24px)

    22:40:01 <ochosi> * added full support for compiz (emerald and metacity themes)

    22:40:23 <ochosi> i also looked into gtk3 again in oneiric, have a working install here now. but tbh it's still pretty much a mess

    22:40:34 <ochosi> the unico engine seems unfinished and buggy

    22:40:47 <ochosi> i guess i'll postpone doing a real gtk3 port of greybird to some later stage

    22:41:08 <charlie-tca> ochosi: nice news post

    22:41:17 <GridCube> Big Grin :) very nice indeed

    22:41:33 <ochosi> i also wrote a short blog article on shimmerproject.org

    22:41:51 <ochosi> if xubuntu.org gets easier to handle i can crosspost those kinds of articles there as well

    22:42:08 <charlie-tca> We still have hopes

    22:42:13 <ochosi> Smile :)

    22:42:16 <micahg> ochosi: keep in mind that ideally for release, we should have a GTK3 theme so that we have a uniform look for all the apps (GTK2 & GTK3)

    22:42:35 <ochosi> micahg: it's hard to not keep that in mind if you're really testing oneiric

    22:42:37 <charlie-tca> Will we have to ship two themes, then?

    22:42:50 <ochosi> charlie-tca: no, it'll all be in the greybird-folder/package

    22:43:04 <charlie-tca> we are washing out some of the plugins in the panel, now

    22:43:06 <micahg> charlie-tca: no, the desktop team has a gateway that can use a GTK3 theme in GTK2

    22:43:13 <ochosi> charlie-tca: but on a technical level, yes, it will be two different themes (doubling the maintenance work for me Sad :( )

    22:43:16 <charlie-tca> timer, clipman

    22:43:21 <micahg> ochosi: no, it shouldn't

    22:43:32 <ochosi> micahg: a gateway?

    22:43:39 <beardygnome> charlie-tca: washing out? 22:43:39 * micahg forgets what it's called

    22:43:50 <charlie-tca> making them invisible again, beardygnome

    22:44:01 <micahg> ochosi: some type of theme proxy

    22:44:14 <ochosi> micahg: well, let me know about this, it sounds interesting (but also a bit scary)

    22:44:16 <beardygnome> so they appear in the indicator plugin instead?

    22:44:26 <ochosi> micahg: can't really imagine something like this will 100% work

    22:44:29 <charlie-tca> they don't appear, just take up space

    22:44:53 <charlie-tca> ochosi: I did see something on that. I just don't remember where

    22:44:55 <micahg> ochosi: well, the desktop team needed it since not everything will be ported to GTK3

    22:45:15 <ochosi> micahg: but they have a working gtk2 theme which they're porting to gtk3, so they can easily ship both

    22:45:38 <micahg> ochosi: the plan is to have 1 GTK3 that GTK2&3 apps use last I checked

    22:46:03 <ochosi> micahg: ok, interesting. i can ask luca about that. at the moment they're still shipping both

    22:46:12 <charlie-tca> We are keeping in mind that we are staying in gtk2 for this release, right?

    22:46:29 <micahg> yes, but some of the shared desktop apps will be GTK3

    22:47:48 <ochosi> tbh if i have a working gtk2 theme and i port it to gtk3 i won't drop the working gtk2 theme for some "proxy"-solution, at least not in the short run

    22:48:02 <ochosi> it'll hardly look the same anyway

    22:48:03 <charlie-tca> Thank you

    22:48:10 <micahg> ochosi: it should look the same, that's the goal

    22:48:44 <ochosi> micahg: well unless it uses the pixmap engine it's hard to believe for me, but i'm open for good surprises Wink ;)

    22:49:05 <ochosi> but anyway, if anyone hears any details on this, please let me know

    22:49:18 <charlie-tca> okay, can we move on and discuss this when we get actual references to look at?

    22:49:32 <charlie-tca> GridCube: did you have a question about art?

    22:49:37 <GridCube> My question was this, can't themes be added to a ppa so when an update to the theme is done we can see it on the update manager?

    22:50:32 <charlie-tca> ochosi: ??

    22:50:51 <ochosi> sry, i'm back

    22:50:56 <charlie-tca> is it a lot of work adding themes to the ppa?

    22:51:13 <ochosi> yeah, well actually this is planned already

    22:51:18 <ochosi> mr_pouit ^ Wink ;)

    22:51:26 <GridCube> Big Grin :) oh okay

    22:51:33 <ochosi> it seems we just haven't gotten round to it

    22:51:49 <GridCube> and then what about my whislist bug 800918

    22:51:50 <ochosi> and when i say "we", i mean the "royal we" (== mr_pouit)

    22:51:50 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 800918 in xubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu) "Some wallpaper/backdrops ideas" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/800918

    22:52:18 <charlie-tca> We need to add these kind of bugs to the bug list

    22:52:43 <ochosi> GridCube: i read and second that bugreport, but i think it should be done upstream or at least in coop with upstream

    22:52:53 <ochosi> GridCube: and it needs a coder Smile :) (which i am not)

    22:53:08 <charlie-tca> Any bugs we want to be able to track easy, regardless of priority can be added to

    22:53:10 <charlie-tca> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Bugs/OneiricOcelot

    22:53:32 <GridCube> Big Grin :) well i just wanted to bring that up again

    22:53:44 <ochosi> k, one last word on artwork, then i'm done:

    22:53:47 <charlie-tca> mr_pouit has been busy just trying to get us sessions working

    22:53:57 <charlie-tca> ..

    22:54:37 <ochosi> it's possible that the gtk-theme will change again slightly as soon as i start to work seriously on the gtk3 port. in my opinion it's really important that they look the same, so it's possible i need to change some things again

    22:54:50 <ochosi> so please be open for discussion and friendly about it Wink ;)

    22:56:14 <charlie-tca> (..) ??

    22:56:18 <GridCube> Smile :)

    22:56:31 <ochosi> that's it. that's all Smile :)

    22:56:42 <charlie-tca> Thank you, ochosi

    22:56:54 <charlie-tca> You have been very busy this last week!

    22:57:10 <charlie-tca> Any other questions for Artwork?

    22:57:28 <GridCube> not from me

    22:57:38 <charlie-tca> [TOPIC]

    22:57:38 <meetingology> TOPIC:

    22:57:44 <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] Announcements

    22:57:44 <meetingology> TOPIC: Announcements

    22:58:03 <charlie-tca> I have a feew things here, so I will try to go too fast

    22:58:22 <charlie-tca> * The next meeting will be on Sunday, 2011-07-25 at 19:00 UTC

    22:58:24 <charlie-tca> * Important dates coming up:

    22:58:39 <charlie-tca> * 10.04.3 Release: July 21, 2011

    22:58:53 <charlie-tca> * 11.10 Alpha 3: August 4, 2011

    22:59:07 <charlie-tca> * 11.10 FeatureFreeze : August 11, 2011

    22:59:10 <beardygnome> charlie-tca: shouldn't the next meeting be on a monday?

    22:59:23 <charlie-tca> * 11.10 Release Date: October 13, 2011

    22:59:31 <beardygnome> i thought we were alternating?

    22:59:40 <micahg> 7-25 is a monday Smile :)

    22:59:42 <charlie-tca> That is monday

    23:00:13 <charlie-tca> * The next meeting will be on Monday, 2011-07-25 at 19:00 UTC

    23:00:17 <charlie-tca> * UDS-P will be in Orlando, Florida October 31 - Nov 4. Please apply for sponsorship by August 24.

    23:00:19 <charlie-tca> * UDS-P information at http://ubuntu-news.org/2011/07/15/ubuntu-developer-summit-sponsorship-now-open-2/

    23:00:48 <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] Any Other Business

    23:00:48 <meetingology> TOPIC: Any Other Business

    23:01:07 <charlie-tca> This is the chance to bring up all the stuff we haven't brought up yet Smile :)

    23:01:25 <GridCube> again, nothing from me

    23:01:38 <micahg> is Firefox 6 in oneiric interesting?

    23:01:41 <charlie-tca> I am seeing a rather disturbing thing happening in #xubuntu

    23:01:45 <charlie-tca> sure, micahg

    23:02:05 <micahg> beta 1 is in, beta 2 should get in next week

    23:02:08 <micahg> s/next/this/

    23:02:12 <GridCube> whats whit firefox numbering?

    23:02:26 <ochosi> charlie-tca: what are you seeing in #xubuntu?

    23:02:33 <charlie-tca> too many are now receiving answers of "I don't use Xubuntu, and can't really help with that"

    23:02:47 <micahg> GridCube: similar versioning to Chromium, major bump every 6 weeks

    23:02:55 <charlie-tca> If a user is coming to #xubuntu, they should expect to get xubuntu support.

    23:03:03 <micahg> charlie-tca: why are those people idling in #xubuntu then?

    23:03:12 <charlie-tca> any suggestions how to deal with this, other than flat out banning those users?

    23:03:24 <GridCube> yes i've seen that once or twice

    23:03:25 <charlie-tca> I am wondering the same things

    23:03:28 <beardygnome> o/

    23:03:34 <charlie-tca> go ahead

    23:03:39 <charlie-tca> beardygnome:

    23:03:47 <beardygnome> whenever some says that, we could ask them why they are in the channel

    23:04:13 <beardygnome> and suggest to them that it is not helpful to other users to state that they can't help

    23:04:21 <charlie-tca> good suggestion

    23:04:33 <beardygnome> they *may* have a valid reason for idling in the room

    23:04:35 <ochosi> charlie-tca: you could add a bot-action for that

    23:04:42 <charlie-tca> I would like to see the channel ops watching for that, also

    23:04:42 <ochosi> that would make it easier Wink ;)

    23:04:45 <GridCube> yes we could have an ubottu responce for that too

    23:04:51 <charlie-tca> good idea

    23:05:11 <beardygnome> they shouldn't get involved if they have nothing to add

    23:05:30 <GridCube> something like "if you are not an xubuntu user, please don't advertise it on this channel"?

    23:05:33 <charlie-tca> let's add one, since those users seem to speak up often now

    23:06:10 <charlie-tca> more like "Please do not disrupt the channel with off-topic subjects. If you are using Xubuntu, you are not helping this user." ?

    23:06:50 <charlie-tca> I don't really know how to word it, but I think it is quite serious.

    23:06:53 <GridCube> >if you are *not* using

    23:07:14 <GridCube> i agree charlie-tca

    23:07:16 <charlie-tca> well, yeah, *not*

    23:07:17 <beardygnome> +1

    23:08:02 <charlie-tca> Okay, name for that?

    23:08:10 <charlie-tca> maybe ! notxubuntu?

    23:08:23 <GridCube> maybe !nothelping

    23:08:32 <GridCube> because they are not

    23:08:33 <charlie-tca> sure, I like that

    23:08:36 <beardygnome> +1

    23:08:45 <charlie-tca> anyone else?

    23:09:19 <GridCube> nope

    23:09:19 <ochosi> yeah, just don't make it a very strong suggestion to shut up

    23:09:46 <charlie-tca> well, it gets them banned in #ubuntu

    23:10:04 <charlie-tca> !topic

    23:10:04 <ubottu> Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic

    23:10:14 <charlie-tca> I can't remember what it is now

    23:10:23 <charlie-tca> !offtopic

    23:10:23 <ubottu> #xubuntu is the Xubuntu support channel, #xubuntu-devel for discussion regarding development of Xubuntu, and #xubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!

    23:10:42 <charlie-tca> anyway, are we okay with the suggestion, then?

    23:10:55 <beardygnome> i am

    23:11:09 <charlie-tca> if they continue, I suggesting calling ops and having them removed for offtopic discussions, myself.

    23:12:07 <charlie-tca> Okay, then. Any other discussions?

    23:12:36 <charlie-tca> Thanks for attending the meeting.

    23:12:44 <GridCube> Smile :) thank you

    23:12:51 <charlie-tca> Your inputs are always welcome, whether in person or by email

    23:12:57 <charlie-tca> #endmeeting

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