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||<rowstyle="background-color: #fafafa;"> T – 3 || Start testing (Short for alpha, Long for others) || ||<rowstyle="background-color: #fafafa;"> T – 3 || Start testing ||

The Xubuntu release process

To be carried out by the Xubuntu Release Manager, with support from the Xubuntu Development Team and advice from the Ubuntu release team.

The goal of this process is to ensure that all ISOs are suitable for release.



T – 14

Notifications of freezes
Reminder for Top 10 FAQ (Final)

T – 7

Gather people for milestone testing
Start preparing release notes and article

T – 5

Smoketest images

T – 3

Start testing

T – 1

Update release notes in the wiki (check schedule from release team)

Release Day

Review release notes
Publish release notes and article
Update the website (/getxubuntu, /help)

T + 7

Review this page

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