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 * '''[[Xubuntu/Processes/Maintenance|Regular maintenance]]''' of assets (wiki, website)
 * '''[[Xubuntu/Processes/Daily|Process descriptions]]''' for other, more or less daily processes (meetings, mailing list moderation)
 * '''[[Xubuntu/Processes/Development|Development-related]]''' information
  * Xubuntu packageset, package translations, ...
 * '''[[Xubuntu/Processes/Daily|Process descriptions]]''' for other, more or less daily processes
  * Meetings, mailing list moderation, ...
 * '''[[Xubuntu/Processes/Maintenance|Regular maintenance]]''' of assets
  * Updating the wiki and website
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== Packages related to Xubuntu ==

=== Xubuntu packageset ===
The Xubuntu team maintains a certain subset of packages in the Ubuntu archive. The per-release packageset lists are available at [[]].

=== PPA's ===
The Xubuntu developers use several PPA's (personal package archives) for staging, testing and previewing new packages and package versions. These PPA's can be found under the [[LaunchpadHome:xubuntu-dev|~xubuntu-dev page at Launchpad]].

Currently, the official PPA's for development use are:

||<^ #eeeeee 20%> '''[[|Xubuntu Staging]]''' || This is a staging PPA for Xubuntu. The packages and package versions in this PPA are being prepared for inclusion in Xubuntu. The packages are uploaded for the convenience of people testing these new package versions and features. Some of them are daily builds used in testing. ||
||<^ #eeeeee> '''[[|Xubuntu Extras]]''' || This is a preview PPA for Xubuntu. The packages in this PPA are considered for inclusion in the Ubuntu repositories and/or Xubuntu at a later time. The packages are uploaded for the convenience of people willing to preview the new features. ||

== Package translations ==
These are the packages that the Xubuntu team considers important and should take a precedence when translating:

=== The packages only exist in Xubuntu ===
These packages only exist in Xubuntu, so their translation is up to the Xubuntu translators solely. These are of high importance for the Xubuntu team.

 * [[|Xubuntu Documentation]]
 * [[|Default settings for Xubuntu]]
 * [[|Ubiquity slideshow for Xubuntu]] (note that the link is ''release-specific'', always check you are translating the current development version)

=== (Mainly) built for/used by Xubuntu ===
These packages exist outside Xubuntu, but they are mainly built to fit a need in Xubuntu. Unless/until they are spread much wider than now (and have gathered the interest of other translation groups), the Xubuntu translators should take care of getting their translations.

 * [[|LightDM GTK+ Greeter]]
 * [[|Light Locker Settings UI]]
 * [[|Menulibre]]
 * [[|Mugshot]]

=== Used by and essential for Xubuntu ===
These packages are used by Xubuntu and provide essential features to the Xubuntu experience. when these are translated, the base system is immediately more usable for more people.

 * [[|Catfish]]
 * [[|Whiskermenu]]

Xubuntu Processes

This page describes processes for Xubuntu development. All the processes and schedules should be used as a guidelines: This page mostly exists for us to document what we do, not to tell us what to do. Minor issues and obvious shortcomings can be fixed without consulting, for larger-scale changes consult the team.

Additional information

In addition to the Xubuntu processes described below, there are several generic Ubuntu processes that are useful for the team and described elsewhere:

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