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About Me

I am an enthusiastic Ubuntu user and contributor since 2007 (Gutsy). I currently live in France. I can program in Bash and C, and I like to help other Ubuntu users in my spare time. My other interests are family, friends, sports, travels. You can write me in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, or Japanese.

Contact Information


yannubuntu ATT gmail DOTT com

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I never use IM, I prefer mail and forum


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Future Goals

Time is limited, so I try to contribute as 'productively' as possible, by gathering everybody's experience/solutions/workarounds into the Wikis and the Boot-Repair application when possible, in order to avoid repeating the same thing 100x on the forums.


  • You've been a leading contributor to the French translation of SpreadUbuntu, and do a great job finding materials to add to the marketing material repository. - edb82189

  • Your application Boot-Repair was an "Ubuntu-saver" for me and lot of people where I suggested it. I see you constantly participating and helping others in UbuntuForums.org to overcome and solve problems , especially in boot-issues. I believe that YannBuntu would be a valuable addition to the Ubuntu community as an Ubuntu member. - NikTh

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