Membership of Ubuntu GNOME

  • I have officially joined Ubuntu GNOME Team on 22-July-2013.
  • On 4-May-2016, I have stepped down and resigned from Ubuntu GNOME team.


  1. Ubuntu GNOME Leaders Board
  2. Founder and Team Leader of Ubuntu GNOME QA Team
  3. Founder and Team Leader of Ubuntu GNOME Communications Team
    1. Social Media Administrator (Facebook, Google+ and Twitter)
    2. Website Administrator
  4. Founder and Team Leader of Ubuntu GNOME Wiki and Documentation Team
  5. Founder and Team Leader of Ubuntu GNOME Brainstorming Team
  6. Founder of Ubuntu GNOME HR Team

Membership of GNOME Foundation

Short History

  • I am the Community Leader/Manager of Ubuntu GNOME or the Non-Technical Leader. I don't do codes nor artwork but I'm very much involved with everything else except codes and artworks Smile :)

Full History

The Full History of my involvement, contributions and activities with Ubuntu GNOME Team.


I have many achievements since I have joined and in very short period of time. To list the most important ones:

  1. Setting up Sub-Teams for Ubuntu GNOME.

  2. Brainstorming Team

  3. The completion of setting up a full team

  4. Setting up a whole new Wiki Area

  5. Ubuntu GNOME OneStopPage

  6. Growth with Social Media

  7. Simplifying Getting Involved Page

  8. Trusty Tahr Roadmap

  9. Played a major role to get the LTS Status for Ubuntu GNOME. Right from the beginning of Trusty Tahr Cycle, I did all what I could to help Ubuntu GNOME to be approved and get the LTS status for the Trusty Tahr Cycle.

  10. Cycle Assessment.

  11. Website Improvement.

  12. Ubuntu GNOME Team Structure.

  13. Needed Roles.

  14. And, the list is really long.

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