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Lubuntu KISS Project

Lubuntu is a Lightweight, Simple and Easy System which means, everything in this system is reflecting one simple fact, that is Lubuntu is Simple. So, we can say with confident that Lubuntu's Philosophy is KISS (Keep It Simple and Short).

Lately, Lubuntu Sub-Teams specifically and Lubuntu Team generally have some issues and at some point, there are some mess that should be cleaned up ASAP.

I just come up with an idea/project/suggestion, while I have started this blueprint to do a re-assessment for every sub-team, day after day, I felt there is something wrong that we seriously need to keep an eye on and act quickly before it is too late. Long Story Short, things inside Lubuntu Community are NOT Short NOR Simple. Therefore, in order to really reflect the feature of our system, we do need to organize ourselves first and then Keep Everything Simple and Short.

Lubuntu Wiki Area

Lubuntu Social Media Area

Lubuntu QA/Testing Area

Special Thanks

Although I had this idea in mind and I have already started two weeks ago until now to work on some Wiki Pages:

which look simple now IMHO but what inspired me to come up with this idea and implement it on all the other teams/area was:

So, I am thankful for both of them Smile :)

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