Membership of Lubuntu Team

I have joined Lubuntu Team in 25-8-2011
I have resigned and disengaged myself from all Lubuntu Activities in 5-12-2013


Full History

The Full History of my involvement, contributions and activities with Lubuntu Team. I have joined Lubuntu Team in 25-8-2011 and I have resigned in 7-7-2013 from all my roles mentioned above except for Lubuntu Brainstorming Team. Two years, full of achievements and activities. Some of you may not know the fact that I was working with Lubuntu on volunteer basis but FULL TIME. Sometimes, I had to work almost daily from 10 hours - 16 hours. I was almost available online all the time except for the few hours I was sleeping in. Lubuntu was more than just a system. It is like my second home. Was in my heart and will forever be.

My Projects with Lubuntu Team

After two years with Lubuntu, from being a new beginner user who just started to use Linux for the very first time in his life to a Team Leader in a great and interesting project called Lubuntu; I have gained all the required skills and learned the needed experience to create projects and lead them as well. I've reached to my golden era with Lubuntu because sub-projects within the main project, IMHO, will make the main project stronger and much powerful.

WOW Lubuntu WOW Lubuntu is a project created by myself to enlighten the whole world with the power of Linux generally and Lubuntu specifically and tell the untold story about a unique system that could breathe a new life into an ancient machine instead of breathing the dust somewhere in the dark.

Lubuntu 101

From WOW Lubuntu, the inspiration to create more projects became stronger. Hence, another projects were born from WOW Lubuntu Smile :) Lubuntu 101 will focus on 3 types of people/users:

  1. Beginners to Lubuntu.
  2. Newcomers to Linux, those who never heard about Lubuntu nor tried it yet.
  3. Windows Users.

More details about Lubuntu 101 will be here

Start Ubuntu

This is by far, my biggest project and the most important one ever. Start Ubuntu is a huge project and a massive campaign that is aiming to reach to Microsoft Windows XP Users and offering them a modern, unique, stable, fast, powerful, highly customizable, active and amazing community based system, open-source, free Linux System which should replace their very old no longer supported system. Start Ubuntu is simply offering NOT ONLY one replacing for Windows XP, it is offering 8 options, 8 alternatives, 8 Operating Systems. For more details, HERE.

Other Activities

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