Dariusz Panasiuk aka loczek

I am 33 years old Open Source enthusiast. My first contact with Linux was at Bialystok University in Poland during my studies. All began when I installed RH7 on my Toshiba P2 laptop to write my final project. Now I am working with Linux servers and encouraging others to move to open source. In spare time helping people to migrate to open operating system.

Polish Open Source Translators

laptop testing team

Contributed articles:

Ubuntu Laptop Keycodes

  • showkey - examine the scan codes and keycodes sent by the keyboard

xev | grep -A2 --line-buffered '^KeyRelease' | sed -n '/keycode /s/^.*keycode \([0-9]*\).* (.*, \(.*\)).*$/\1 \2/p'

test 3D graphic

  • run glxgears or chromium-bsu

To file new bug run: ubuntu-bug

Laptop testing tracker

ubuntu friendly

linux laptop wiki


public notepad / paste bin

Hardware submission:

diagnostic: apt-cache policy checkbox

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