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About Me

I am a college student who used to work on Ubuntu as a hobby. As my academic career has progressed, I have had to become inactive in the Ubuntu community to focus on classes and research. However, I still use Kubuntu and will continue to test software when possible.

Below is the work I have done in the past. If you have any questions regarding my past work, please feel free to email me.


The BugSquad team did a lot to get me involved with Ubuntu, and it is thanks to them that I became so involved in the community. My triaging has been put on hold, but I still really enjoy helping others learn how to triage and helping to streamline the learning process.


One of the main ways I contributed to the BugSquad was by mentoring. While no longer taking on students, I am more than willing to help answer any questions users may have related to triage.

Current students: (None)

Apport Hooks

In the past I started working on Apport Hooks. Originally I planned to get much more involved in this work, but that unfortunately was not able to happen. Now that my programming knowledge is at an intermediate level, writing Apport Hooks may be a priority should I become active in the community again at a later date.

Hooks I have written:

Beginners Team

For most users, the transition to Ubuntu is met with confusion and sometimes frustration. This is expected when switching to an entirely new OS, but it does not have to be that way. I helped the Beginners Team in hopes of helping new users adjust to the Ubuntu OS.

My involvement quickly shifted towards becoming a master and a mentor. By doing so, I hoped to help other users become familiar with the team and more active in the community. This initially took the form of helping with the Beginners Team specifically, but I was beginning to help more users who were interested in Bug Triage as well.

As Master:

  • Current padawans: (None)

As Mentor:

  • Current mentee: (None)

Wiki Focus Group

In the past I began working with the Wiki FG so I could help with documentation and become more acquainted with how the wiki is maintained. Part of that involvement was helping with the annual Summer of Documentation in 2010, which involved improving the BugSquad wiki pages.

My work on the the Ubuntu wiki includes the following:

IRC Focus Group

Since I was on IRC a lot due to my work with other teams, the majority of my contributions to the Beginners Team was on the #ubuntu-beginners channel. It was on that channel that I offered what help I could to new users whenever I was available.

Mozilla Team

I began working with the Mozilla Team in order to learn more about packaging and in hopes of helping to maintain some of the Mozilla software used in Ubuntu. Part of this was helping to transition from Firefox 3.7 to Firefox 4.0, and I was helping package Songbird, but that work had to be put on hold.


Chicago LoCo

For most of the year, I live in Chicago. During a previous global jam, I met up with Micah and we worked on Mozilla bugs. While currently inactive in the LoCo, hopefully sometime in the future I will be able to attend meetings once more.

Plans for the future

Due to time constraints, my current plans are simply to remain a *buntu user and to test software. In the future, it is possible that I will become active in the community again, but that will not be any time soon.

Ubuntu Classroom

During the Ubuntu User Day on July 10th, 2010, I led a session on "Using Launchpad." This work was part of my commitment to help new users who are transitioning to Ubuntu and want to become involved with the community.


Ubuntu Beginners Team Membership

As the Ubuntu Beginners Wiki FG Lead I've had the opportunity to work closely with Draycen...he's a very hard worker who is always willing to help in any capacity in the Ubuntu Beginners Channels, on the forums, and he also does very well with Wiki Editing. He has my full support for his application with the Ubuntu Beginners Team. zkriesse

Dray is hard working and a quick study. He is diligent and has been a great help with Mozilla Bugs and getting Songbird back into working shape. I believe he will be an asset to any team he applies himself to. -- micahg 2010-06-08 22:59:21

Ubuntu Membership

Although I have not had the opportunity to meet up with ddecator in person at an Ubuntu Chicago LoCo event, he has been a very active member in the LoCo mailing list and IRC channel. He is always helping to come up with new ideas. Even now, while he is back home in Michigan, he is still active in our IRC channel and attends or monthly IRC meetings. He is an active member of our LoCo, and I support his application for Ubuntu Membership. -- nhandler 2010-07-09 02:29:24

I've had a chance to watch ddecator from the times that he started working on bugs till now. He's very enthusiastic and always willing to help. Almost immediately after getting into Bug Control he offered to mentors others. When I wanted a few volunteers to help with apport hooks, ddecator was among the first few to join up and learn about them. I have also heard good things about his contributions to mozillateam packages. I support his membership application fully -- nigelbabu 2010-07-09 07:49:54

Draycen has been working on the BugSquad and BugControl team for a while now, he's really enthusiastic and always there to help new comers, he's also working on the BugSquad mentoring program and triaging a lot of bug reports specially on the Firefox side. I do support his membership application. -- pvillavi 2010-07-09

+1 with Pedro above; additionally, Dray and Mitch are really helping with the apport hooks (including a stacktrace cleaner, which they are writing now). Full support for his membership application. -- hggdh 2010-07-10

Since ddecator first started out, I've been waiting and waiting for this day. The day that I could give him a testimonial for Ubuntu Membership. I did not know whence that day would come but I knew that it'd come soon because dray has earned it. He's earned it beyond earning it...his work with the Firefox stuff has just been amazing and his Wiki skills?! OH MY GOSH!!! I could not have hoped for a better Wiki guy...he's an awesome guy, a great friend, and a superb contributor to the Ubuntu Community. I support his application for Ubuntu Membership 200%...GO DRAY!!!! zkriesse 2010-07-11

I first met Draycen through the Bug Squad. Since then I have had the pleasure of working on numerous projects with him. I now work with Dray on an almost daily basis in various teams & I have found him to always be willing to go the extra mile to help out with whatever he can. I unequivocally support his membership application. Mitch 2010-07-12

I've been working with Dray for several months now, first triaging Firefox bugs and now he is helping to maintain the Firefox daily builds. He is always trying to learn new things and I think he'd make a great candidate for Ubuntu membership. I see him contributing to the project for a long time. -- micahg 2010-07-14 03:52:11

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