Summer of Documentation

Due to the success of the same effort that took place in 2009, the 2010 Summer of Documentation will attempt to be another effort by a handful of Ubuntu Forums BeginnersTeam members to help get the Community Docs up to date by working with the Ubuntu DocumentationTeam, particularly the Wiki Team.

Major Work

Quality Control

In 2008, the Documentation Team started implementing the Tag system on the Community Docs. Last year we finished the transition from the old Category system to using Tags (with the help of some who did not contribute directly to the Summer of Documentation). This new system makes it easier for users to track what pages need attention on the wiki, and what type of attention is required.

Orphaned Pages

The fact that the wiki is open for anybody to work on, pages can easily get isolated from the rest of the existing documentation. One of the tasks this summer will be to help setup links to and from Orphaned Pages, which are pages that aren't linked to from anywhere else inside the wiki.

Wiki Pages

Of course, a key component to getting the Community Docs up to date involved actually working on pages that were tagged for Cleanup and/or Expansion. These are pages that the BT members contributing to the SoD did heavy work on. It is by no means a complete list of the work done, but highlights some of this year's most visible achievements.

System Documentation

There was also some effort this year to work on System Documentation. Though we won't list specific items here this year, we expect that this is a field which BT Wiki Focus Group members will get more involved with in the future.


I would like to thank all the members of the Beginners Team who helped contribute to this project in any capacity - your dedication and commitment will make this year's SoD another success. The Beginners Team would also like to thank the Doc Team for supporting our efforts. Thank you.

The Ubuntu Beginners Team & zkriesse (UBT Wiki FG Lead)


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