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About Me

  • I'm a curious philomath and teacher by nature. If I don't understand something and how it works, then I go on a mission to figure it out - and then I feel compelled to share it with others. I'm far from being a 'guru', but I believe that the best way to learn something is to teach it and help others.
  • When I was 12, I was introduced to programming - amusingly enough - by the 'owner' of an online wrestling role-playing group. We got into a conversation as to what it would take to create our own message board. He responded that it would take, "Perl/CGI, PHP, and Javascript" in the least. Now, I realized he forgot databases. >.<

  • Since then, I graduated in May, 09 with my B.S. in Computer Science with a primary focus in database, programming and development. I've been programming on and off since 1996 - more seriously since 2005. I've worked as a DBA for a small company and have been contracted by others to build/implement their databases.

Work Experience

  • Currently:

    • Freelance
  • Previously:

    • DBA
    • Web Developer


  • Languages (fluent)

    • HTML 4.01
    • Javascript
    • JQuery
    • PHP
    • Perl / CGI
    • C/C++
    • Python
    • Bash
  • Languages (semi-fluent)

    • AJAX
    • Java
    • .NET (ASP,VB,C#,J#)
    • AS3


  • IRC

    • Ubuntu Beginner's Team
    • Ubuntu Beginner's Development (FG Lead, Administrative Lead)
    • Ubuntu Beginner's Security
    • Ubuntu Beginner's IRC
  • Launchpad

  • LoCo

    • I'm a member of the Ohio LoCo. Until recently, I've been unable to play a very active role with events and such because there were never any loco events close enough for me to attend. With the advent of ReLoCo's (introduced by Paul Tagliamonte), the single, large loco of Ohio was split into smaller, 'sub-Locos' - making participating and attending events such as global bug jams and Ubuntu Hour a realistic endeavor, for me and for others in a similar situation.

  • Ubuntu Community

    • The community is by far one of the most crucial aspects surrounding Ubuntu and it's philosophy, in my opinion. Day in and day out, I'm trying to educate those I come in contact with - both professionally and personally - on the benefits of Ubuntu, Linux, and F/OSS. Though it may not be the right tool for the job in some cases, I find that I have still corrected a lot of inaccurate lines of thinking, i.e. that Ubuntu / Linux is only for geeks and hackers, etc. Simple misconceptions can play a large role in damaging the consensus and ideas surrounding an philosophy and product. It's become part of my mission to gain Ubuntu the exposure that it deserves, the recognition that it warrants, and the justification that it has earned.
  • Wiki


  • Whube

    • Tester / Developer

Future Involvement

  • Regularly, I'm found working and operating behind the scenes than on the front lines. In the future, I hope to get involved with being more of a contributor in code, documentation, quality control, and one day reach a point of being an Ubuntu Developer. My skills, creativity and drive are too combustible to remain contained. They have a purpose, so I intend to seek out that purpose and make the most of that purpose with the tools I have at my disposal.

Testimonials (Ubuntu Membership)

  • Hellow -- I have had the pleasure of working with Johnathon/digitalvectorz on the Ubuntu Beginners Team, and I have enjoyed every minute of it. He is a very helpful and productive member of the team. I wholeheartedly support his request for Ubuntu Membership.

  • stlsaint -- digitalvectorz is one of the main reasons i decided to continue further the use of ubuntu and my education as a whole. He has been a very influential person in me deciding to learn how to program and help ubuntu community. Is patience level is unmeasureable with new users who come asking for support. something i honestly can give a personal account on. He is more than willing to help anyone who comes for assistance and is a person i feel sets a great standard for myself and the community to follow.

  • paultag -- dvz- first wandered into my Ubuntu Development team quite a while ago. I began chatting with him, and found out he lived quite close to me, and became fast friends. I have worked with dvz almost every day since, and I am proud to call him a friend. He is allways willing his in outstanding work in the Ubuntu Beginner Team, Ohio LoCo, and the Community at large. I respect dvz-, and really support his application in every way that I can. Please consider his application favourably.

  • nhandler -- I also know Johnathon from the Ubuntu Beginners Team. His programming knowledge made him a perfect fit for the development focus group. Since then, he has done a terrific job of answering questions other users might have not only about programming, but about Ubuntu in general. He is smart and friendly, and is always looking for new ways he can put his skills to use to benefit the community. Although I would like to see him branch out and contribute as part of some other teams besides the Beginners Team, I am confident that he will do so soon enough. In the meantime, his contributions to Ubuntu have been substantial and sustained. He has my support for Ubuntu Membership. -- 2009-12-07 12:37:50

  • BodhiZazen -- dvz is awesome and I fully support ubuntu membership. dvz- is extremely --geeky-- knowledgeable and has been dedicated to bringing new users into the Ubuntu fold.

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