James Vorderbruggen

About Me

I'm a new developer, and joined up with Ubuntu Gnome after the call for help on 14.04. My main skills are Java, HTML5, and CSS3. I've been exposed to quite a few things, but am looking to gain experience working as part of the Ubuntu community. The rest of my persona will unfold in my work, I'm sure.


I'm starting to become more involved in the developer community, and it's all thanks to Ubuntu GNOME and the family we all have here.

Ubuntu GNOME

Of course, the first project here has to be Ubuntu GNOME. Specifically, the Wiki and Documentation Team. We're small right now, but we're doing big things. So far, we've taken the project from one page to a mostly finished wiki presence in about 4 months. Not bad for three active members!

Presences Web Development

This one's a bit newer. I started it myself at the very beginning of 2014 with the intent of bringing the Ubuntu way of work into the realm of web development. It's a super young project with three members so far, but we're always looking to expand.

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