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||Age: || 23 || ||Age: || 27 ||
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== Introduction == === Ubuntu/Linux Software Involvement ===
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I love GTK+ programming, and very enthusiastic about GNOME and Linux.
I like solving problems, and providing software solutions to make life in linux easy.
[[DocumentTemplatesGenerator| GNOME Templates Generator]]
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I love to design attractive HIG compliant GUI interfaces and make them work seemlessly. I'm obsessed with GUI attractiveness and functionality, I try to learn the designs from Mac OSX, Windows Vista, and other OS's. But a too contemporary GUI design turn me off, KDE got lot's of things that a user don't really need. [[Optimization| Desktop Optimization]]
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== Software Design & Linux Involvement == [[SensibleDesktopProject| Sensible Desktop Project]]
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During mid college years (late 2003), I got involved as a VP-Internal on a student IT group called ite@ch. It was a blast, because my part was not VP stuff, but I'm on the technical stuff like software design, art and multimedia, the things that I enjoyed most. [[GnomeBlingManager| Gnome Bling Manager]]
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And later that year, I joined a web design comptetion, and won 2nd place. By the end of the year, we got financial problems, so I wasn't able to enroll. [[UbuntuCommonHooker| Ubuntu Common Hooker]]
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Being bored at home, I find a job, and worked as a Technical Consultant (Feb 2004), specializing for Linux and Open Source related technology.
During those times, I was introducing Fedora Core 1, MySQL Database, GTK+ and PHP for SME and Manufacturing businesses. A part of my job is integrating their business process from different department to an ERP system. I in-house-develop their ERP, POS systems and done some migration to Fedora Core 1. Working there is a blast, It's my first work, and I really enjoyed it. Then, classes starts again, this time, I have enough money to enroll, I endo my contract without renewing and continue studying.
[[UbuntuCommercialSupport| Ubuntu Commercial Support]]
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Then while I was studying in AMA Computer University, Makati. I worked as a Student Assistance in the IT department, where I deploy Fedora Core 2 servers (2004) to handle DHCP, Squid Proxy, tasks. And last year, the IT team and I deployed dual-boot Ubuntu 5.04 with Windows XP to 300 computers (2005). [[UbuntuHomeBackup| Ubuntu Home Backup]]
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In June 2006, I will migrate the database to Ubuntu Server, and Dapper Drake to more than 1000 computers. [[UbuntuLiveChatSupport|Ubuntu Live Chat Support]]
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As a college student, I worked on numerous thesis, software projects (for other kids, including professors). Some GTK+ based ported to Windows, some web based, some GTK+ in Fedora. [[SensibleIRCHandler|Sensible IRC Handler]]
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== Influences == == Motto ==
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I love nature, plants, minimalistic contemporary architectures. Alot of those things really affect my software design. I make changes, I make it all happen, I'm not afraid to fail, I decide things for better or for worst with the best of my abilities, with the most righteous way I know.
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== Relevant Links ==

[ My acoustic sessions, hear me sing, har har har har :-)]

[:UbuntuHomeBackup: Ubuntu Home Backup]

[:UbuntuLiveChatSupport:Ubuntu Live Chat Support]

[:SensibleIRCHandler:Sensible IRC Handler]

[ Fix scattered volume icons in Desktop, and some suggestions to Dapper.]

[:DapperArtUserProposals/LogoutLogo:Logo in Shutdown Dialog]

[:DapperArtUserProposals/ Splash Screens]

== About Me ==

I love [ kids], I always hang with them, I talk to
them a lot, you can see the wisdom in their words, [ honest],
[ simple], but very [ powerful]. It seems they got all the answers
in some questions, and sometimes, they are the only ones I
asked questions, because they give me honest answers, even
saying frugal, and hurtful words that can hurt, at least,
they are honest. their philosophy of life is so simple, it
amazes me!

I enjoy listening to Music, I consider myself an [ audiophile], I like high quality music, and only [ analog amplifiers like tube can produce], I like music by [ Ann Sally (Moon Dance)],[ Linda Rosenthal][ (Stradivarius)],[ Paul Simon], [ Livingston Taylor], [ John Lennon], [ Don Williams], [ John Mayer], [ Jason Mraz], [ Susan Wong], [ Snow Rose], [ Jheena Lodwick], Yongli Chang.

Music is the language of the soul, Music communicates directly through your emotions, through your heart, good music becomes an obsession for me, I think Music is one of the most wonderful things god had given us, it's an art that cannot be replaced.

And I love computers, I have a deep attachements with computers. I shared a lot of history with them, I grew up my childhood days with them, and I even got hard moments with them, I grew up with computers are my only friend, But I've learned eventually that there's other' faucet in life that can make me complete.

I like open source, because it's a very kind, and ethical system, like sharing codes, and giving away free time to develop a software, it's a world of sharing talents.

About me, I make changes, I make it all happen, I'm not affraid to fail, I decide things for better or for worst with the best of my abilities, with the most righteous way I know.

Contact Details:
== Contact Details ==
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 * SIP:
 * SMS: +63 915 7457547 (Globe Cellular), +63 922 9753124 (Sun Cellular)
 * Nick: joelbryan
 * Telephone Number: (63) +2 823-7441
 * SMS: +63 915 7457547

Personal Information


Joel Bryan Juliano





Ubuntu/Linux Software Involvement

GNOME Templates Generator

Desktop Optimization

Sensible Desktop Project

Gnome Bling Manager

Ubuntu Common Hooker

Ubuntu Commercial Support

Ubuntu Home Backup

Ubuntu Live Chat Support

Sensible IRC Handler


I make changes, I make it all happen, I'm not afraid to fail, I decide things for better or for worst with the best of my abilities, with the most righteous way I know.

Contact Details

  • E-mail & Google Talk: joelbryan.juliano _atsign_

  • SMS: +63 915 7457547


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