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Corinthia Hotel
Erzsébet körút 43-49
Budapest H-1073
Tel: +36 1 479 4000
Fax: +36 1 479 4333

- Check-in time: 15:00
- Check-out time: 11:00

Internet in the Bedroom

An account number and instructions will be provided when you check in.

Hotel form:

Please fill in the attached form

How to get there

Airport: Budapest International airport (http://www.bud.hu/english/) To get to the Hotel from the Airport people can take a shuttle bus that will drop them off right at the Corinthia (http://www.airportshuttle.hu/). The ticket costs 12Euros one way and 19Euros return and can be purchased at the airport directly. Journey time is approx. 45/50 min. Alternatively, if you are travelling with other 4-5 colleagues, you may be able to share a taxi van, which should costs approximately 40Euros.


Breakfast: Brasserie
Coffee breaks: Foyer
Lunch: Brasserie, Atrium I & II

Meeting and Meal Schedule

Breakfast: 6.30-8.45am
Meeting starts: 9am
Lunch: 1-2pm
Coffee breaks: 10.45-11am & 4.00-4.15pm
Meeting ends: 6pm

Meeting rooms

UDS will take place in the Hotel Conference Centre on the first floor

Plenary Submissions



Special Requirements

Ubuntu, Debian, and DEX

Either Jorge or whoever Jorge cons

Intro to Openstack, LXC openstack demo

Thierry Carrez/Chuck Short

Not on Monday and Not on Friday

WebLive and the magic behind it

Stéphane Graber

Just a projector and internet

Wine as a performance metric

Scott Ritchie

The usual

Building apps with Ubuntu One

Stuart Langridge

A very tiny model of Stonehenge lowered down from the ceiling

Delicious recipes

Martin Pool, Jelmer Vernooij, or Barry Warsaw

The future of the universe, continued


last slot on Monday, if possible

What’s wrong with UDS and how we can fix it


last slot on Friday, if possible

Common Printing Dialog - How to get it reality?

Till Kamppeter

Projector, not Monday

Printer driver auto-download

Till Kamppeter

Projector and Internet access, not Monday

Review of the Linaro Showcase

Michael Opdenacker


Evening programme

Monday, 9 May:
‘Meet & Greet’ Social Event, sponsored by Openstack and Freescale. Food will be provided during the event
Venue: Grand Ballroom
Time: 19:00

Tuesday 10 May:
The Linaro Technical Showcase - sponsored by IBM
Venue: Grand Ballroom
Time: 18:30

Friday, 13th May:
UDS party
Venue: Orfeum Club, Erzsébet körút 43-49 (same block as the hotel). Food will be provided during the event
Time: 19:00

Hotel facilities

Laundry Paid for. Please contact the hotel reception to arrange that.

Spa and gym Complimentary

What to do in Budapest

For some ideas of some cool things to do in Budapest, take a look at: http://tenthingstodo.topbudapest.org/ Some great sightseeing ideas can be found at: http://www.budapestinfo.hu/en/sightseeing_programmes/special_tours


Expenses should be claimed by Friday 15th June for people who have been sponsored by Canonical. Please ensure you keep all receipts for all transfers and anything else you are claiming for. There is no need to keep receipts for your per diem.

Per Diem

The per diem for dinner is 5,200 Forint and for lunch is 2,500 Forint. Both are claimable only when food is not provided by Canonical.

What to do in Budapest

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